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New Outlander Promo Puts Everyone In Danger

We just cannot wait for Outlander to return. We've still got three weeks to go before the rest of season one airs, but now we have a short glimpse at it. And things seem to be going quite poorly for everyone in this trailer.   Read More.... //

Outlander Releases Black Jacked-Up Season 1B Posters

Its the Frasers vs. Black Jack Randall whenStarzs Outlander returns this April and some newly released posters touting the midseason premiere show the fight from both sides. On Wednesday, the premium cablerreleased the two posters below both a spin on the series original key art. VIDEOOutlander: How Caitriona Balfe Nabbed Her Role With [] //

Outlander Video: How Caitriona Balfe Nabbed Her Role With One Line

Stop! Help! Hes going over! Caitriona Balfe didnt know it at the time, but the way she uttered those five wordsduring herOutlander audition guaranteed that shed eventually make the journey through the mysticalstanding stones. This exclusive sneak peek at the Starz series casting process tells the story. VIDEOOutlanderTrailer: Black Jack Is Not Quite Finished With []   Read More... //

'Outlander' Season 2: When are they going to cast Roger and Brianna?

From our friends at Hypable."Outlander" is absolutely the smash hit of the season for Starz, so when will Season 2 casting be announced?Ever since it was announced that "Outlander" was greenlit for a second season, fans have been fantasy casting for Season 2. No date has yet been set in stone for the start of the second season, but the creative team is currently in preparation with filming to begin sometime this spring in Scotland.As executive producer Ron Moore has previously announced, Season 2 will cover all of book number 2, "Dragonfly in Amber," in Diana Gabladon's currently 8-book and counting series.Fans have been most anxious to know who will play two pivotal roles in Season 2 and beyond. Those roles are the adult version of Roger Wakefield, and Brianna Randall. Less discussed, but just as important, is the role of Lord John Grey, that should also be announced in the near future.In response to... //

'Outlander' sneak peek: Claire becomes 'honest with Jamie'

The moment everyone is waiting for on "Outlander" seems to be coming up when the back half of Season 1 premieres on April 4. Claire has been keeping her big secret-- she's from the future! --from her now-husband Jamie for eight episodes and according to star Caitriona Balfe honesty lies ahead."Claire has to become very honest with herself and honest with Jamie," she says in the above sneak peek video. "You're just going to really love seeing what it means for the two of them to stay together rather than get together."Beyond Claire and Jamie's love story, showrunner Ron Moore says some "dark" stuff lies ahead for the couple and Black Jack Randall. "The relationship between Jamie and Black Jack is really strong," Sam Heughan says. "Ultimately there's some kind of strange, twisted respect."Moore says the second half of the season is about "fallout and repercussions," which explains why there are shots of Geillis in... //

Outlander Sneak Peek: First Minute of Midseason Premiere Tells Jamie's Story

Claire takes a breather in Outlanders upcomingmidseason premiere and a sneak peek at the episode gives us Jamies take on events. Starz aired the first minute of the hour which bows Saturday, April 4 at 9/8c beforeBlack Sails season premiere on Saturday. The midseason premiere (and only the midseason premiere)will be told from [] //

Outlander Sneak Peek: Jamie and Claire Weather Tough (and Naked!) Times Ahead

  Mr. and Mrs. Fraser have had the worst honeymoon ever, and it's not going to get better. Yep, sadly among all the sweet moments between Claire and Jamie, there's still plenty of bloodshed, whipping and redcoats causing trouble. And Geillis () certainly suspects something is up with Claire.   Read More... //

'Outlander': Ron Moore teases 'surprises and twists' for Season 2

"Outlander" fans are currently going through the "Outlander drought" ... or as it's better known, the "#Droughtlander." But they're already starting to think (dream?) about Season 2, based on the second of the series, "Dragonfly in Amber."Who will be playing some important roles in Season 2, and how will the "Dragonfly in Amber" season flow?Zap2itspoke withexecutive producer Ron Moore about plans for Season 2 at the winter TV press tour.While Season 1 has, so far, followed Diana Gabaldon's book "Outlander" pretty faithfully, Moore says things may be a little different in Season 2.Asked if he plans are to follow the structure of "Dragonfly in Amber" as he has with "Outlander," Moore replies, "To an extent. We are playing around with the structure of it, the surprise of it. And we have some ideas for some twists that we think would surprise even the readers of the books."RELATED: Here's what the 'Outlander' People's Choice Award speech... //

On the Set of Outlander: How Well Do the Stars Know Scottish Culture?

  Starz's Outlander films and takes place in Scotland, but how well do the stars really know the culture? During our trip to the show's set, we tested Caitriona Balfe , Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies on all things Scottish, from the laws of whiskey to famous Scottish rock stars and everything in between. How well did they do? Watch:   Read More...     //

Starz Releases New Video and Image from "Outlander"

The release is part of Starz's 25 Days of #OutlanderOfferings that has been giving fans something extra special for the holidays to get them through the #Droughtlander.   Read More... //