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'Outlander' Producer Defends Latest Book Changes: "It Will Cause a Lot of Talk"

"We knew this was going to be a big shock to the audience," executive producer Toni Graphia tells THR of the latest deviations from Diana Gabaldon's novel.   ...Read More...

Outlander Comes to Grips with Post-Reunion Reality

Buh bye print shop! After all that fuss over the big "print shop reunion," it was a little bit sad to see the place go up in smoke tonight, all because Jamie's been up to some...   ...Read More...

Why 'Outlander' Made That Huge Departure From the Books

Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts tells THR why that change was made and breaks down "one of our biggest undertakings as a show" from Sunday's episode.   ...Read More...

Outlander Star Breaks Down Jamie's Confession, AKA 'The Biggest Departure We Made This Season'

Warning: This post about Outlanders print shop episode contains mild spoilers for possible upcoming events in Season 3. Even if youve committed Diana Gabaldons Outlander novel series to memory, there was a moment in Sundays episode that likely surprised you because its a pretty large change from the books. The A. Malcolm found Jamie []

'Outlander': Inside the Making of the Iconic Print Shop Reunion

"Most scripts we have a certain page count you want to stay around," executive producer Matthew B. Roberts tells THR. "I didn't stick to a page count. I just let the reunion happen where it ended is where it ended."   ...Read More...

Outlander Stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan on Claire and Jaime's Big Reunion

When they are reunited, its probably the point when they are least prepared for it.   ...Read More...

Outlander Boss Breaks Down Bringing Jamie and Claire's Reunion to Life

  Outlander is officially done teasing its fans: Jamie ( Sam Heughan ) and Claire ( Caitriona Balfe ) finally reunited during Sunday's extra-long episode, and it was glorious. It took a minute to get to the good stuff though. "A. Malcolm," written by Matthew Roberts, began by showing fans what Jamie's   ...Read More...

Outlander Reunion: Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan on Jamie and Claire's 'Naked, Vulnerable' Homecoming

Warning: This post contains big spoilers from SundaysOutlander. Proceed accordingly. Send Geordie out for some ash and steady your alepots, Outlander fans: We need to talk about Sundays episode. The seasons sixth installment chronicled Jamie and Claire Frasers reunion after decades (and the previous five episodes) apart. The bittersweet, sexy homecoming at Alexander Malcolms Edinburgh []

Outlander's Romantic Reunion Unfolds in New Print Shop Episode Photos

If you dinna think you can stand the wait until Sunday, whenOutlander finally brings Claire and Jamie back together, may we interest you in a few very hot intriguing photos from the long-awaited episode? The Frasers reunion, which started in Episode 5 but went on hold when Jamie fainted (and the series took a week []

Outlander's Caitriona Balfe Addresses Claire and Jamie's Verra Minimal Aging

Before this past SundaysOutlander, the last timeClaire and Jamie Fraser saw each other, they were in their 20s. After roughly two decades apart, they reunited (or at least started to) at the end of Episode 5 looking much like they had on the eve of the Battle of Culloden, despite the intervening years. And that, []