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Outlander: Huge Sacrifices Put Jamie and Claire Even Further Apart

  [The following contains spoilers for Sunday's Outlander episode, "Surrender"! Read at your own risk] The reunion clock is still ticking down on Outlander , but Sunday's episode managed to drive Jamie ( Sam Heughan ) and Claire ( Caitriona Balfe ) even further apart than they already were.   ...Read More... //

The Outlander Family Tree: A Guide to the Major Clans

A whos who of the Frasers, the MacKenzies, and the Randalls.   ...Read More... //

Outlander: Meet the Dunbonnet, Wave Goodbye to the Dunbonnet

Ah, the dunbonnet. Such a funny name for such a funny-looking guy, who's apparently the most dangerous traitor that Scotland has to offer. Poor Jamie spent tonight's episode of...   ...Read More... //

Outlander: Here's Why Jamie Isn't Wearing His Sexy Kilt This Season

  There are a number of good reasons to love Outlander : the romance; the idyllic, dreamy landscapes; Sam Heughan 's bulging muscles. But the series is down one very important reason in Season 3: hot dudes in kilts. When we first see Jamie (Heughan) in Sunday's "Surrender," six years have passed   ...Read More... ...   //

Outlander actress did not enjoy filming with a five-foot python

Caitriona Balfe has dealt with some slippery talent in her career, but nothing prepared her for the sinuous charm of Scar, the five-foot python. The Irish actress and her one-time serpentine costar met on the set of Balfes Starz show Outlander, in which she plays headstrong heroine, Claire. Theres a great scene where Scar slithers...  ...Read More... //

Outlander Mega Buzz: Can Claire and Frank Make It Work?

It honestly looked like Frank ( Tobias Menzies ) and Claire ( Caitriona Balfe ) were going to give it a decent go in the Season 3 premiere of  Outlander . Then a nurse invited the Jamie ( Sam Heughan ) sized-elephant back into their marriage when she asked where Brianna got her red hair from. It's not going to get better from there, folks. "I just feel like we wanted to chart the trajectory of a marriage and it's a dissolution of a marriage. Also, we see Claire realizing that this is going to be a marriage of convenience," executive producer Maril Davis tells TV Guide.   ...Read More... //

Outlander: Jamie and Claire's Best Moments

  [Warning: This post and video contain spoilers from the first two seasons of Outlander .] Outlander is back, but our favorite couple is not. We can breathe a sigh of relief that Jamie ( Sam Heughan ) has survived the Battle of Culloden, but there's still a while to go before we'll see the hunky Scotsman   ...Read More... //

Outlander's Caitriona Balfe Breaks Down Claire's Premiere Heartbreak: 'She's Still in the Depths of Grief'

Outlanders Caitriona Balfe knows you wanted to witness Claire Fraser Randall put a patronizing mansplainer in his place in Sundays season premiere. She did, too. But, as the actress explains to TVLine, poor Claires heart just wasna in it. Even though some time has passed since Claire was ripped away from Jamie and the 1700s, [] //

Outlander Premiere: Everything's Terrible But We're All Still Alive

Anyone else feel like you've been having trouble breathing for the past hour? Tonight's Outlander premiere was all about breathing, in a way. Jamie's (Sam Heughan) labored...   ...Read More... //

Everything You Want to Know About Outlander's Lord John Grey

Lord John is the key to season three and beyond.   ...Read More... //