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Outrageous Fortune (NZ)

Outrageous Fortune follows the trials and tribulations of the West family as they try and go straight after a life of petty crime. It's a daily struggle as they discover that living life the right way isn't always easy or rewarding, and that it's a constant struggle to deny your true nature. There's father and husband Wolf, who has just been sentenced to time in jail and Cheryl, his long suffering wife who tries to keep the family together and obeying instead of breaking the law. Then there's the kids. Twins Jethro and Van who are identical in looks, yet chalk and cheese in the brains department; 18 year old Pascalle dreams of being a model and 15 year old Loretta is a social outcast who loves films and is smarter than she makes out. The family is joined by Wolf's father, Grandpa Ted West, who plays up his old age to annoy people and get away with all kinds of mischief.