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OUTSOURCED “Todd’s Holi War” Review

OUTSOURCED "Todd’s Holi War" Season 1  Episode  17 -  After a few weeks of repeat episodes, OUTSOURCED  was new this week with "Todd’s Holi War". During a horrible heat wave in India, Todd and the rest of the call center are forced to suffer when the tech support company in the building hijacks their air conditioning. The employees (and manager) of the company are just downright unpleasant people, and won’t listen when Todd attempts to work things out peacefully. After sabotaging the entire call center’s computer system, Todd decides to take matters into his own hands and declares a war of sorts on the other company. Read More... //

OUTSOURCED “Guess Who’s Coming To Delhi” Review

OUTSOURCED "Guess Who’s Coming to Delhi" Season 1 Episode 15 - I love Charlie and I love Gupta. So all in all, this episode of OUTSOURCED was wonderful for me. When Todd discovers that his boss Jerry is in India to check on his management of the call center, he tries to kick everyone into gear to impress the higher up. Little does he know that impressing Jerry won’t be that difficult – it looks likes Jerry is only there to drink, party, and hit on Madhuri, Asha, and Santosh. This sort of puts a damper on Todd’s plans. Tonya’s mother is in town, and they were all set to meet for dinner, but Jerry’s extra curricular activities stop him from meeting anyone anywhere. On the flip side of this, Rajiv is in his element attempting to impress Jerry (he decked out his desk in red, white, and blue). It helps that he thinks he’ll be able to convince Jerry to get rid of Todd; and anything where Rajiv is kissing management butt is funny. Read More... //

OUTSOURCED “The Todd Couple” Review

OUTSOURCED "The Todd Couple" Season 1 Episode 14 - Since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, all shows are doing their lovey-dovey episodes, and OUTSOURCED was no exception! Although I do appreciate that "The Todd Couple" didn’t overdo the holiday – there were still hints of romance in the air. Primarily this week’s episode of Outsourced focused more on Gupta’s anger management issues in the call center. After noticing that Gupta loses his temper on the phones, Todd decides to try an anger management video on the call center to stress the importance of customer service. Read More... //

OUTSOURCED “Training Day” Review

OUTSOUCRED "Training Day" Season 1 Episode 13 - This week on OUTSOURCED , Todd decides to take the team on a retreat to work on morale and to have everyone work as a team. His intentions are good, but the gang doesn’t end up getting to the retreat thanks to a broken down train. Not that that stops Todd; he decides to have everyone work on their exercises anyway… but instead of boosting morale, it turns into a venting fest where everyone unleashes all of their problems about their co-workers. Meanwhile, back in town, Tonya decides to take it upon herself to help Charlie find a date. She starts by trying to explain to Charlie that women need a little finesse, and that Charlie is just a little too… straight forward. He agrees, and once Tonya equates dating to hunting, Charlie is home free. Read More... //

OUTSOURCED “Sari Charlie” Review

OUTSOURCED "Sari Charlie" Season 1 Episode 12 - What I love most about OUTSOURCED is that it continues to be consistently funny. This week "Sari Charlie" had a more serious tone to it (as serious as Outsourced can be), but it still managed to pull through the humor that I’ve grown to love about this show. We all know that Charlie has a massive crush on Tonya, and this week, Charlie finally realizes that Tonya is seeing another man. he just doesn’t know that it happens to be Todd. This leaves Todd facing the dilemma of how to tell his best friend that he’s been sleeping with the girl of his dreams… only to find out that he might not be the only one Tonya is seeing. Read More... //

OUTSOURCED “”A Sitar Is Born” Review

OUTSOURCED "A Sitar Is Born" Season 1 Episode 11 – I continue to love OUTSOURCED . Maybe love isn’t even the word. I continue to adore Outsourced . I didn’t realize how much I actually missed the show until the return yesterday. In "A Sitar is Born", Todd overheard Madhuri singing in the office and attempts to get her to join a talent contest… in a round about way. By dropping hits that he knows people in the office have talent, offering to pay the entrance fee to the contest, and accompany said person on the guitar, Todd’s hints lead Gupta to believe that he’s referring to him. Gupta, who already has dreams of becoming a big Bollywood Star, quickly agrees, and Todd’s plan of having Madhuri sing are out the window. She does, however, accompany Gupta on the keyboard (I think? I’m unsure of what that instrument was. it was a hybrid keyboard/accordion looking thing. Forgive my ignorance!). Along with Todd on the guitar, they do a rendition of The Bangle’s "Eternal Flame" – complete with a sparkler as a visual aid. Read More... //

Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 10 - Homesick to my Stomach

. Todd's excited: his air-shipped box of genuine St. Louis-style barbeque ribs has arrived. The curious call center team gathers around as their boss tears open the box only to discover the meat's teeming with cockroaches. Some of the cockroaches take wing, with one landing on Rajiv and crawling up his shirtsleeve and onto his back. Trying to squash the bug, the call center team takes gleeful turns swatting Rajiv. Tonya's used her airline connections to get Todd a discount ticket back to the U.S. for the holidays. Todd's touched, but feels it might be too large of a gesture for where they are in their relationship. But Tonya insists. With the holidays approaching, Todd's definitely been feeling more homesick. He tunes in to a webcam call with his friends back home who are preparing to watch football. With the team looking on, Todd explains some of the peculiarities of American football fandom - like painting your team's colors and logo on your naked chest. He makes a plan with Charlie to go watch the game at a local bar. Rajiv's increasingly irritated with the call center team. Todd's lax attitude and style is making them soft; they're personalizing their workspaces and acting unprofessionally. He starts a lecture on workplace comportment and attire just as Todd breezes in wearing his Kansas City Chiefs jersey. Todd rejects Rajiv's ideas, telling him the team's workplace attire is just fine for people working the phones. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 9 - Temporary Monsanity

Thanksgiving is a new concept for the call center team, and it's Todd's job to help them understand it. Dressed in a pilgrim's hat, Gupta gets it, proclaiming himself an Indian and a pilgrim. But others are less clear. Rajiv gives his colonial twist on history as Todd tries to explain how the pilgrims and Indians shared their first celebratory meal together. Showcasing his habitual insensitivity, Todd parenthetically explains that in America, the natives now prefer to be called Native Americans. Why? Todd responds, "They find the term 'Indian' derogatory." Todd explains the potential of Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving can be huge for a retailer like Mid America Novelties. He tries to rally the team, but Rajiv thinks he's not pushing hard enough. There's a sales incentive, Rajiv reminds Todd: Rajiv could win a new TV, while Todd could win a trip to Hawaii. Todd scoffs. The sales incentives are usually impossible to hit. But Rajiv insists, telling the workers that if they hit the mark, they will all receive healthcare for themselves and their families for a full year. The team gets to work. In the canteen, Tonya sneaks up on Todd and slaps him on the behind. They're playful lovers looking forward to tonight's date. But as Charlie enters, Todd's concerned: he hasn't told Charlie about his relationship with Tonya. Charlie is seriously interested in Tonya and Todd can't bring himself to break his friend's heart. Charlie warns them both that there's a monsoon approaching; he's hunkering down in his office. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 8 - Home for the Diwalidays

Todd walks the streets of Mumbai, amazed at colorful Diwali plays everywhere. He sees a resplendent Manmeet who explains it's the biggest holiday of the year, celebrating the triumph of good over evil in an elaborate series of festivals. Meanwhile, Rajiv is haggling with a street-side sari vendor. Diwali is also a celebration of gift-giving and he's driving a hard bargain to get his beloved Vimi a beautiful garment. Todd and Madhuri look on in shock and respect at his negotiating skills. The office staff is bedecked in their Diwali best. Madhuri gives Todd a present: some fresh homemade barfi, a sort of cake. Office workers are decorating, including the hanging of an ancient Hindu symbol: the swastika. Todd is appalled. But Rajiv explains it's an ancient Sanskrit design designating good luck. Todd's enlightened, but still doesn't want it above his desk. The call center team is excited by the prospect of the holiday. Asha will be having dinner with her potential future husband's family for the first time. But Todd's caught off guard and explains that it's not a holiday in America. The calls must still get answered. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Outsourced: Season 1, Episode 7 - Truly, Madly, Pradeeply

Manmeet and Gupta are enjoying the latest product sample shipment: water pistols. As they reminisce about their childhoods, they find a slingshot-style water balloon launcher. They're unsure what it is, but Charlie happens by and explains it straddles the line between toy and weapon - like a .22 rifle. They take it to the street and begin a watery aerial assault. They're having great fun, until Charlie misfires a balloon and takes it full-on in the crotch. Todd finds Charlie on the street, excited to tell him the news: he kissed Asha! But Charlie already knows. He plays Todd's drunken phone messages back for him. Rajiv comes barreling through in pursuit of Gupta, whom he spies partaking of "paan" - an addictive tobacco mixture sold by street vendors. Rajiv tells Todd that Gupta's wasting company time coming out to the street every 10 minutes to spit. Todd confronts Gupta about his habit, but Gupta swallows the paan - and violently vomits shortly thereafter. Todd walks down the street with his call center team. They explain to Todd how excited they are about the Bollywood sing-along concert for that night. Gupta and Manmeet explain the nature of these shows: movie stars sing along to famous hits from their movies. Madhuri asks Todd if she may leave work early so she can go to the show. Even though she doesn't have a ticket, she wants to go and just feel the vibe. To Read More Click Here.