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First Look: Disney XD's Pair of Kings Launches Its Third Season

Disney XD's Pair of Kings is back for a third season on June 18 (8:30/7:30c) with the premiere episode, "The New King Part One: Destiny's Child." Like the title suggests, the premiere is all about the arrival of Adam Hicks ( Zeke and Luther ) to the island of Kinkow. //

Pair of Kings Star Mitchel Musso Arrested for DUI

Pair of Kings star Mitchel Musso was arrested and booked Monday on suspicion of DUI, TMZ reports. Musso, 20, was pulled over in the wee hours of the morning when he failed to slow down for traffic cops. He was approached by the police who then smelled alcohol and proceeded to give him a field sobriety test and breathalyzer. Musso blew above the legal limit of .08. His bail was set at $5,000. //

Interview: PAIR OF KINGS’ Kelsey Chow Talks Fight Scenes, Spider-Man and True Blood

We had the opportunity to chat with the  extremely delightful and charming Kelsey Chow who plays Mikayla Mikula in Disney XD ’s hit series " Pair of Kings " which stars Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw. Kelsey took some time out of her busy school/work schedule to open up about a myriad of topics including how it feels to be in the sophomore season of the show , the potential for a third season for Pair of Kings  and being in the upcoming blockbuster movie "The Amazing Spider-Man" starring Andrew Garfield. Check out what Kelsey had to say below and also don’t forget to catch her on Pair of Kings which airs Mondays 8:00 PM et/pt on Disney XD. Read More... //

Interview: Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw For PAIR OF KINGS

Wondering what’s coming up in Season 2 of Disney XD ’s  PAIR OF KINGS ? Daemon’s TV was there when Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw sat down to answer a few questions about the series. For those who don’t know,  Pair of Kings  is live-action comedy series, which follows fraternal twins,Brady  (Mitchel Musso) and Boomer (Doc Shaw), who find out they are successors to the throne of the island of Kinkow and move there to claim their throne as joint Kings, while trying not to cause havoc at every turn. The new season  premieres tonight, June 13, at 8pm on Disney XD. Read More...

Pair of Kings Video: Mitchel Musso Previews Season 2 Romance and Action

Pair of Kings  has returned for Season 2 and it's more intense than ever star Mitchel Musso says.  "We're doing a lot of action," Musso tells "Lots of explosions, fire ... and it brings you into this world of Kinkow." Read More... //

VIDEO: Pair of Kings' Ryan Ochoa Shares His Dream Guest-Star

For Ryan Ochoa, the best part of acting on Disney XD's Pair of Kings is being the only kid on set. "I'm like the little brother," he says. "We're really close, one big family." In the video below, the 14-year-old actor tells us about his character Lanny, the mischievous cousin to the twin kings, Brady (Mitchel Musso) and Boomer (Doc Shaw), and shares who he'd love to have guest-star on the show. Plus: What's in store for upcoming episodes? Ochoa gives us a sneak peak. Source & Video