Review of Pan Am

60 minutes

The new series is an original concept; so don’t expect to see any conmen or FBI agents chasing people. Pan Am is about the stewardesses and pilots of Pan Am during the “Jet Age.” The images, videos, and synopsis of the show certainly ascertain that the aesthetic will be maintained. The real question is how the tone of the time will be handled. While some may see this age in our country’s history as sexy and stylistic, it was just as much a time of sexism and misogynistic policies. We’ve begun to see, through Mad Men, how society begins to slowly change from the perspective of Madison Ave; will Pan Am tell that story from 30,000 feet?
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Sep 8, 2015 2:57PM EDT

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Why did this stop? i liked it so much. The old fashion and hairstyles, the handsome guys and the romantic touch to it. :(


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