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Parenthood Finale Postmortem: Jason Katims on the "Brutally Sad" Goodbye and That Surprising Cameo

  [Warning: This article contains major spoilers about Thursday's series finale of Parenthood . Read at your own risk (and with tissues)!] Tear-filled eyes. Broken heart. And now we've officially lost Parenthood . The Bravermans said goodbye on Thursday with - no spoiler alert needed here - an equally   Read More... ...   //

Parenthoods Jason Katims On Tear-Jerking Series Finale: I Didnt Want It To Be Sad

SPOILER ALERT:This story contains details of tonight's Parenthood finale. Kleenex sales are bound to slide in the near future, as fans of NBC 's Parenthood cried their last tears tonight during the finale "May God Bless and Keep You Always," written by the shows executive producer Jason Katims and directed by Lawrence Trilling.   Read More... //

Parenthood Series Finale Review: May You Stay Forever Young

The finale wasn't perfect, but I'm still really gonna miss this show.   Read More... //

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 13 Review: May God Bless and Keep You Always

Pulling off a finale full of happy endings abutted by the death of a beloved character seems impossible, but not when it's in capable hands of Jason Katims. It was never going to be easy to say goodbye to the Bravermans, and unless you're some kind of a monster, tears were shed while watching Parenthood Season 6 Episode 13 . But the pain was less evident after an hour spent shoring up the peaceful future of the family we've come to know and love.   Read More... //

'Parenthood' Series Finale Recap: Saying Goodbye to the Bravermans

The series finale of Parenthood is finally upon us. Hard to believe it's really over. It's time to say goodbye to the Bravermans, but at least we get to see a wedding before they go.   Read More... //

Series finale review: 'Parenthood' - 'May God Bless and Keep You Always'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the series finale of NBC's "Parenthood," in which Hank and Sarah wed, and the Bravermans play one last ballgame.   Read More... //

'Parenthood' Series Finale: Inside the Flash-Forward Surprise

The epic guest star talks with THR about how the sweet ending happened.   Read More... //

Parenthood Series Finale Cry-Cap: Teary Eyes, Full Hearts

  If youre just joining this recap, you may have very recently finished watching the final episode of Parenthood the very, very last one ever . You probably need a minute to recover. Take that minute. Wipe away the ludicrously large tears still streaming down those cheeks. Breathe.   Okay. Now lets talk. Oh, wait, were still crying. It really is hard to stop, isnt it? Most fans probably came to this episode pretty, shall we say, lubed up in advance. Most of us were well prepared to spend an hour wailing over the loss of our Bravermans while tossing Kleenexes haphazardly around the room just like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally . We probably would have bawled like wee babes if the entire episode had turned out to be an hour-long installment of Behind the Music: The Ashes of Rome Story . Fortunately for humanity, that is not what happened. This Parenthood finaletitled May God Bless and Keep You Always, just like the first line of the shows theme song, Forever Youngunfolds in a way that justifies every tear (and there were a lot of em) shed while watching.   Read More... //

Parenthood Cry-cap: Round and Round in a Circle Game

  Zeek Braverman is going to die before the conclusion of next weeks Parenthood series finale. That much seems clear after this weeks episode, in which the Braverman family patriarch announces that he plans to avoid additional surgery and simply live his life until his heart will no longer allow it. And yet, after watching this penultimate Parenthood , I'm pretty sure that his death is something the show will not delve into very deeply. Its possible we wont even see a single minute of his funeral.   Theres only an hour of Braverman drama to go, and we already know that hour will include the wedding of Sarah Braverman and Hank Rizzoli, setting us up for a finale that (fingers crossed) will be just as rich, lovely, and emotional as the season-three ender that centered around the CrosbyJasmine nuptials. So it seems unlikely that Jason Katims and the writers will wage a full-fledged funeral, on top of a wedding, within a single episode. That would be too much plot to cover. Plus, while I am very eager to turn a microscope on the Bravermans for at least 72 hours as they cope with such a difficult loss, to do so really wouldnt be in keeping with the spirit of Parenthood . This series has always been an 87-hankie affair, yes, but its not a tragedy. It will go out with smiles through tears, not by getting mired too much in somberness and death. (I also feel fairly certain POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT that it will end with everyone playing baseball on the field where Zeeks ashes are buried, mainly because Lauren Graham said earlier this week on Late Night With Seth Meyers that the whole cast shot one of the final scenes on a baseball field.)   Read More... //

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 12 Review: We Made it Through the Night

Zeek has decided to enjoy the end of his life to the best of his ability without further endangering it by way of medical treatment. It's easy to accept his decision once you see crocodile tears forming in the eyes of Craig T. Nelson. To think after Parenthood Season 6 Episode 12 we'll only see Papa Braverman rule over his clan for another 42 more minutes is pain enough.   Read More... //