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Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 18 - Review: "The Possum"

Leslie Knope may be no closer to becoming President or wearing her beautiful blue hat after this week, but at least Leslie proved she could hold her ground against the wrongful death of a possum. When Leslie was tasked with capturing "The Possum," better known as Fairway Frank, we were at first confused why she'd take along everyone's favorite shoe shiner, but soon Andy proved the most valuable member of the team when he thought to himself, "don't think." We loved everything about the silly possum plot line from Tom becoming obsessed with golf... clothes to April sitting on the couch watching television with the possum asking him if he knew the meerkats. In the B story, our unhealthy obsession with Ron Swanson only continues to grow as we learned he's an amazing carpenter that can build a canoe like no either, even if he does violate a few codes along the way. To Read More Click here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Parks and Recreation' Season 2, Episode 18 recap: Andy Dwyer, I would tackle an opossum for you...

Any show that can work a canoe, a possum, and self-inflicted bicep kisses into a single episode immediately earns my seal of approval. Throw in a Tiger Woods joke and some possum tackling and you have one of the greatest episodes of Parks and Recreation ever. Not to mention some of April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy's (Chris Pratt) best work on the show to date. Now, the episode was too funny for me to grapple over the difference between an 'opossum' and a 'possum' (for the record, the episode title is 'The Possum'). So, I'm going to leave that for zoologists to discuss and focus on Fairway Frank, menace to Pawnee golfers/biter of public official's dogs/the subject of last night's episode. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now