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'Parks and Recreation' finds its Tammy I: Patricia Clarkson

When Zap2it spoke with "Parks and Recreation" co-creator Michael Schur about the show's Emmy nomination for best comedy, we also talked a little about the coming season.More specifically, we asked about Tammy I -- Ron's (Nick Offerman) first ex-wife, whose presence was teased in last season's finale -- and whether they were looking for someone to fill the then-vacant role who fits Ron's stated physical type: "pretty, dark-haired women.""That was in our mind," Schur said at the time. "... A lot of factors had to come into play. A lot of things were hinted at -- it's someone who really terrifies the second Tammy [Megan Mullally], so it can't be a diminutive, blonde-haired lady, probably."The "probably" is the key part of that last sentence, because "Parks and Rec" has cast diminutive, blonde-haired Patricia Clarkson to play the part, TVLine reports.Clarkson, a two-time Emmy winner (for "Six Feet Under") and Oscar nominee (for "Pieces of April"),... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/07/parks-and-recreation-finds-its-tammy-i-patricia-clarkson.html

Emmys 2011: 'Parks and Recreation' co-creator Michael Schur trying not to panic

The outstanding comedy series Emmy nomination for "Parks and Recreation" on Thursday (July 14) capped what co-creator Michael Schur calls "a weird and twisty year for us."Now, Schur has two months to spend preparing to fend off a potential panic attack at the awards. More on that in a second; first, the "weird and twisty" part.Season 3 of "Parks and Rec" began production right after Season 2 ended last spring to accommodate star (and Emmy nominee) Amy Poehler's pregnancy. "We shot the extra episodes, then she had the baby, then we moved to midseason and the season was cut short," Schur tells Zap2it. "We kind of made the season a little bit in the dark about what the future of the show was, so it was just a nice P.S. to the whole season that people liked it."Now, about the panicky part: During his time on "The Office," Schur was twice nominated for outstanding writing... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/07/emmys-2011-parks-and-recreation-co-creator-michael-schur-trying-not-to-panic.html

Emmys 2011: Watch Clips of the Best Comedy Series Nominees Here (VIDEO)

The 2011 Emmy nominations were announced today, and that's all anyone in the TV world can talk about. Of course our readers know how much we love to analyze everything TV (see our Best Drama Nominees video playlist and critic Mo Ryan's take), but sometimes clips speak louder than words. So we've rounded up the best moments of each of the nominated shows to give you a better idea of the competition's playing field. //www.aoltv.com/2011/07/14/emmys-2011-tvr-clips-best-comedy-series-nominees/

Parks and Rec Boss on the Show's First Comedy Series Emmy Nom, and What Ron Swanson Would Say

What would Ron Swanson say about Parks and Recreation's first nomination for best comedy? "All he knows is that Julia Roberts is that toothy girl from Mystic Pizza , so he probably would be completely unaware of what's happening," says Parks boss Mike Schur. "He's not very hard-wired into the Hollywood scene. I do think he would be very secretly happy for Leslie Knope." But Schur and star Amy Poehler were plenty happy to be recognized after three rocky seasons on-air. "I think she and I both felt like //www.tvguide.com/News/Parks-Recreation-Emmy-Ron-Swanson-1035255.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Emmys 2011: Amy Poehler talks about 'Parks and Recreation's outstanding comedy nomination

For the second year in a row, Amy Poehler is an Emmy nominee for her work on "Parks and Recreation." But she's much less excited about that than about the fact that the show itself was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. I got on the phone with Poehler for a few minutes to talk about the nominations, about co-star Nick Offerman being snubbed again, and what her unconventional plan is to win the darned trophy this year.   Read More... //www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/emmys-2011-amy-poehler-talks-about-parks-and-recreations-outstanding-comedy-nomination

Emmys 2011: 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Friday Night Lights' signal more good than bad

The glass half-empty view of the 2011 Emmy nominations ( the full list is here ): NBC's ridiculous "Harry's Law" now has as many nominations as "The Wire" ever got, and AMC's maddening "The Killing" now has three times as many nominations as "The Wire" ever got, while NBC's audacious, hilarious "Community" didn't get a single nomination for the second year in a row. The glass half-full view of the 2011 Emmy nominations: "Friday Night Lights" and "Parks and Recreation" (aka the best drama and comedy on network TV)  were nominated for best drama and comedy, all the "Justified" castmembers who should have been nominated were (even though FX has an uneven track record with the Emmys), and Louis C.K. somehow got nominated for acting, writing and editing (albeit not all for the same show).   Read More... //www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/emmys-2011-parks-and-recreation-friday-night-lights-signal-more-good-than-bad

'Parks and Recreation': Tammy I is coming -- who should play her?

Good news for "Parks and Recreation" fans, potentially bad news for "Parks and Recreation" characters: We will meet Tammy I early in the coming season.Among other revelations in co-creator Mike Schur's interview with TV Guide -- including a story arc for Ron Swanson's (Nick Offerman) facial hair -- was this one: Ron's first ex will be making an appearance "very early" in Season 4."Probably not in the first episode, but mostly likely in the second," Schur says. "We're working on casting her as we speak."The show offered the briefest glimpse of Tammy I in its season finale in May, and we know from that episode that she scares the bejesus out of Tammy II (Megan Mullally), Donna (Retta) and presumably most of the rest of the characters. Offerman has suggested Oprah Winfrey for the part, and while we'd love that, we don't quite see it happening.So who should get the role? Who has both the... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/07/parks-and-recreation-tammy-i-is-coming----who-should-play-her.html

Parks and Recreation Scoop: Ron's Facial Hair, Tammy 1, Leslie's Big Decision and More!

Will Leslie choose her career or love? Has Tom left City Hall for good? Will Ron's eyebrows ever grow back? Last season's finale of Parks and Recreation was packed with more cliff-hangers than a whole season of The Killing ! Executive producer Mike Schur says the good news is that for the past month, he and the show's writing staff have been coming up with answers — and he was only too willing to share! The bad news is..... //www.tvguide.com/News/Parks-Recreation-Season4-Scoop-Mike-Schur-1035173.aspx?rss=breakingnews

'Parks and Recreation' presents Ron Swanson's finest food moments

Sadly, the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Ron Swanson's All of the Bacon and Eggs You Have is not real. Sadder still, a new season of "Parks and Recreation" is still two months and change in the future.Fortunately, we have this little Swanson snack to tide us over: NBC has compiled Ron's (Nick Offerman) finest food-related moments into a nearly seven-minute video. You'll see everything from our initial introduction to Ron's love of breakfast food to his "turf and turf" creation to the scene (from last season's "Indianapolis" episode) that inspired the fake Ben & Jerry's flavor.You had us at "meat tornado," Ron. Here's the video:... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/07/parks-and-recreation-presents-ron-swansons-finest-food-moments.html

'Parks and Recreation': Oprah, Helen Mirren and More 'Tammy 1' Casting Ideas from Megan Mullally

Oh, what life must be like in the Nick Offerman/Megan Mullally house. He, the mustachioed stallion who plays the iconic Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation . She, his real-life wife who plays his ex, Tammy 2, from time to (insane) time. Even if they're not leaving greasy footprints on the ceiling, getting midnight tattoos and ending up in jail together, I bet they have so much fun. Like when they're dream-casting their TV show together! In the season 3 finale of Parks and Recreation , Mullally's character reappeared just in time to get word from Donna that Ron's first wife, "Tammy 1," was literally in the building. That was enough to send Tammy 2, who herself is a frighteningly unhinged woman, sprinting away in fear. The P&R audience caught a glimpse of the first wife's errant elbow through a window, left to wonder as one of the show's many finale cliffhangers: "Who is Tammy 1?" Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/parks-and-recreation/parks-and-recreation-oprah-hel-40847.aspx