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Parks and Recreation - 'Meet N Greet' Recap

Man, oh, man another "Parks and Rec" Halloween episode. Some people get excited about Christmas specials, I get excited about Halloween episodes. While "Meet N Greet" has some pretty fun moments, i... //www.starpulse.com/news/Kris_King/2011/10/29/parks_and_recreation_meet_n_greet_rec

Parks and Recreation Recap: The Nipple King

Halloween must be like Christmas to TV comedy writers. The Simpsons have made a 23-year franchise out of it, and even relative newbies like Parks and Recreation froth at the chance to get their characters drunk and in a goofy, yet personality-appropriate costume without any pretense. Of course Andy is UFC legend Chuck Liddell, right down to the Mohawk bald wig. Of course April is a sumo wrestler who’s lost the weight. Of course Chris is Sherlock Treager, trading his literary hero’s British pastiness for physical perfection. Of course Donna is a slutty cop and Jerry is Mr. Potato Head. Of course Ron Swanson is a pirate, same as last year, because that is his Halloween costume. And of course, genetically nonconfrontational Ben is annoyed by the ruckus at April and Andy’s party and just wants to work/mope quietly in his room. (Also: shout-out creepy, lurking Orin.) Read More... //nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/10/parks_and_recreation_recap_the_7.html

Parks and Recreation Review: When Chuck Liddell Attacks!

Can we do this every week? Parks and Recreation is on a roll of awesome hilariousness. " Meet N Greet " afforded some much needed character growth to Tom. He’s by far the least likable character for me, and anything that gives him any shred of dignity is greatly appreciated. Obviously, something was going on when Tom received that panicked call from Jean-Ralphio and Entertainment 720 (which is still the worst name ever) going bankrupt was no surprise. But that did bring us to the party to end all parties. Tom literally thought of every possible surface he could plaster his face on and I loved it all: cakes, floor mats, posters, pamphlets. Which are butthead moves considering it was Leslie's party. Man, what a dick, huh? Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/10/parks-and-recreation-review-meet-n-greet/

'Parks and Recreation' recap: Fright Night, Fight Night

Halloween in Pawnee – also known as Trick or Treat Yo Self  – was a grab bag of sorts, with most of the goodies inside "Meet N Greet" turning out to be quite tasty: A sweet-filled moment here, a switcheroo there, and, of course, a genuine horror show (at least for Jerry). Let’s get those salty fingers scrolling down the screen and break down the fifth episode of this season. It was bound to happen. Tom Haverford was headed for a fall: No douche who thinks he has it in the bag is going to get what he wants without a lot of T-Pain and suffering. As we remember, the cartoonish Tom suddenly became real, redeemable, and vulnerable when his green card marriage fell apart. And here again, as he came to terms with the fact that he’d run his dream media business, E720, into the ground, his humanity bubbled to the surface of the hot tub. (Holy crap was that a long limo.) Read More... //tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/parks-and-recreation-season-4-episode-5/

'Parks and Recreation' - 'Meet N Greet': Halloween headlock

A review of tonight's  "Parks and Recreation" coming up just as soon as I quote Mary Pickford(*)...  (*) And, yes, I went with that only because of the unexpected chance to do  two different Mary Pickford intros  in one week.  A few weeks ago, I talked about how "Parks and Recreation" handles the usually difficult task of mining comedy about how its characters are really good at things. When it comes to Leslie Knope, the feat is even more impressive than that: "Parks and Recreation" continually generates comedy and story out of how its main character is really  good , period.  Leslie's not perfect. She's exploited her power in the past (getting the rec center teachers to work at her house party) and skirted or violated rules (dating Ben when she wasn't supposed to), but she is fundamentally one of kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings I've ever seen at the center of a TV show(**), and the show has never seemed dull as a result of that. Read More... //www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/parks-and-recreation-meet-n-greet-halloween-headlock

'Parks And Recreation' - 'Pawnee Rangers' Recap

This week we mainly follow the conflict between Pawnee’s two competing youth groups: the bleak, all boys survivalist group the Pawnee Rangers, led by Ron Swanson, and its all-girl antithesis the Pa... //www.starpulse.com/news/Kris_King/2011/10/14/parks_and_recreation_pawnee_rangers_r