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Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence will play two vastly different Chicago lawyers who are brought together by circumstance. Marcus Jackson (Lawrence) is a kind community activist who's going through a heartbreaking divorce. Allen Braddock (Grammer) is an elitist lawyer who's just been fired from his father's firm. But after meeting in court, the pair develop a strong partnership and friendship.
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Sep 12, 2015 12:53AM EDT

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Oh Dear!!
This show is really bad.
Where do I even start to describe how badly this show fails? The flaws are way too numerous to list.
To start with the acting is bad. Kelsey Grammar and Martin Lawrence seem to be uncomfortable with there own characters, which makes the interaction between them unsettling to watch.
They are trying hard to find laughs in a poorly written script and their lack of chemistry means the timings are all off when it comes to delivering the punchlines.
The result is a load of pointless drivel.
I watched the pilot and could not believe some executive had actually ordered a series just based on that. So I gave it another chance and watched episode2.
There was no improvement.
I could not relate to, or even empathise with, any of the characters which is a prerequisite for a comedy.
The final straw was the total lack of laughs. I switched of part way through episode 3 and was not surprised when it was cancelled.
Give this a miss and go watch Frasier or Cheers instead.


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