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Don't Get Your Hopes Up for a Party Down Revival

  Starz's cult comedy Party Down lasted two wonderful seasons before joining the ranks of other fantastic-but-canceled comedies, partly because Starz was still a fledgling network back in 2009 when Party Down premiered and partly because we can't have nice things. But now Starz is building up its  ....Read More... //

Reunite with Starz' Cult Favorite Original Series "Party Down" and "Spartacus" with a #ThrowbackThanksgiving Weekend Marathon

Said stunt begins with the full first season of "Party Down" on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24 at 7:00/6:00c. ...Read More... //

This Party Down Season 2 Blooper Reel Will Give You the Feels

  Are we having fun yet? Absolutely, because we just watched our favorite cater-waiters engage in some off-script shenanigans in this blooper reel from season two of Party Down , released today to coincide with the Hulu arrival of the funniest comedy series of all time involving characters wearing pink bow-ties. As you prepare to get excited for another excuse to binge all 20 episodes again, ponder this: Soup R Crackers still doesnt exist in the real world. How is that possible?   Read More...   //

Is the Party Down Movie Happening? Martin Starr Reveals... — Exclusive

Since Party Downended in 2010, fans have been rallying for a movie or another season of the cult favorite. There has been buzz about a script being written — especially since Rob Thomas (who also created Veronica Mars) is the mastermind behind it — but unfortunately, nothing is set in stone... yet. So, when Wetpaint and Celebified sat down with the cast of Adult Swim'sNTSF: SD: SUV at ATX Television Festival, we had to ask Martin Starr about the show's future.While NTSFcreator/co-star Paul... //

'Party Down's' Ken Marino to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot 'The Gates'

"The Last Airbender's' Aasif Mandvi also joins the cast of the British adaptation featuring Kathleen Rose Perkins. //

Lizzy Caplan Can't Disprove the Party Down Movie's Existence

Word circled in January that a Party Down movie might film in spring or summer of this year. While being grilled on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast about Megan Mullally's recent mention of the project, Lizzy Caplan had the following to add:  "She likes to do that lately. She's not supposed to be saying that. We're hoping that the Party Down movie happens. I don't see why it wouldn't b ut there's no — nothing is set in stone." Caplan went on to say the movie's happening, and we went on to be confused. //

'The Exes': 'Party Down's' Ken Marino Checks In (Exclusive Video)

  When Holly's ex-fiancé comes to town on Wednesday's season finale of TV Land's  The Exes , she'll call on her friends/tenants for moral (and awkward) support. Party Down 's  Ken Marino  guest stars as Brad, Holly's ( Kristen Johnson ) former cheating fiancé who shows up for the first time since they broke up and has her scrambling to prove to him that she's moved on. Read More... //

'Party Down' movie will film in the summer, Megan Mullally says

Rumors about a movie based on the cult comedy "Party Down" have been circulating for the better part of a year now. According to one of the show's stars, the project is more than just a rumor."It's going to be shot in late spring or early summer," Megan Mullally said Sunday (Jan. 8) during FOX's day at the TV critics' press tour (she's a new regular on the network's comedy "Breaking In"). It was kind of a big day for film news at the press tour, as Kiefer Sutherland also briefly discussed the status of the "24" movie.Mullally says she's not entirely sure what the movie's story will be -- series co-creator John Enbom is writing it -- but it's her understanding it will be set not long after the end of the series. "I know all the people from my season are in it, and Jane [Lynch] might be in it -- I don't... //

'Whitney' Enlists 'Party Down' Star

Ken Marino  is heading to NBC’s Whitney . The  Party Down  star has booked a guest turn in an upcoming episode of NBC’s freshman comedy series,  The Hollywood Reporter  has confirmed. Marino, who plays Dr. Glenn Richie on Adult Swim’s  Childrens Hospital , will play Andy’s ( Chris D’Elia ) older brother on the series loosely based on the life of stand-up comic  Whitney Cummings . Read More... //

'Party Down' Reunion: Watch the Awesome 'Childrens Hospital' Clip (VIDEO)

Thank you, TV gods. Well, really, thank you Rob Corddry and 'Children's Hospital' for giving us this very brief, but still awesome, 'Party Down' reunion. In the brief clip -- thanks to our buds at Vulture for bringing it to our attention -- the gang is back together to cater a bar mitzvah at the hospital. Ken Marino and Megan Mullally both play characters on 'Children's Hospital,' but reprise their 'Party Down' roles of Ron and Lydia. Missing from the clip? Adam Scott's Henry. We can only hope that means he got the part he auditioned for at the end of Season 2 and is currently a successful actor. Watch the clip below. RIP 'Party Down.' //