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Will There Be a 'Party Down' Movie? Co-Creator is 'Hopeful'

A 'Party Down' movie has been talked about for months, but now series co-creator Rob Thomas is saying there are talks going on to reunite the cast on the big screen. "People are talking to us about doing a Party Down movie, and we are pretty far down the deal-making process with that," Thomas said during the 'Party Down' marathon event at the Alamo Drafthouse. "We're hopeful that there will be a 'Party Down' movie. Ideally, if it works out, we could be shooting in television hiatus time next spring," he said. "So hopefully that deal will close, and we'll all tweet about it when it does." 'Party Down' isn't the only Thomas creation with a long-rumored flick in the works. You all remember the saga known as the 'Veronica Mars' movie? //

Rob Corddry Talks 'Childrens Hospital,' 'Little In Common' & a 'Party Down' Reunion

Are you still not watching 'Childrens Hospital'? Seriously, how many times do we need to have this conversation? The show's third season is now in full swing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (Thursdays at midnight), and it continues to be 15 minutes of funny each week that I truly look forward to. From the brilliantly warped mind of funnyman Rob Corddry, the former Web series-turned-live-action Adult Swim darling consistently brings the laughs, the beyond random plot lines and a cast that would look right at home in a big budget Hollywood blockbuster. Read More... //

The Digital Party Begins Early For Party Down

While the news shouldn't have surprised anyone, it was still sad to hear that Starz had put an end to the hilarious catering shenanigans of Party Down. However, it has been reported that the show's final ten episodes will be available for digital download on August 24, so you won't have to wait much longer to get back into the Party and own it. iTunes, Amazon and Xbox will have the episodes to download for $1.99 each. Yes, the series finale aired just two months ago. "It's the earliest we've ever gone out (for sale) with a show," says Starz digital media exec Marc DeBevoise. "Our goal is to get out there as fast as possible to the rabid fans." Additionally, the season two DVD will be released a month later on September 28, and it is available to pre-order now. DeBevoise also said that streaming episodes will be back on Netflix and other digital platforms sometime near the end of the year. Source Here

Co-Creator Rob Thomas, Famous Fans React to 'Party Down' Cancellation

The party may have just ended, but that hasn't stopped fans from speaking out and lamenting the loss of 'Party Down.' While it may not have had huge ratings, those that did tune in for 'Party Down' were loyal and the series creators and stars knew that. "We wish we were making more episodes," series co-creator Rob Thomas wrote in an e-mail to TV Squad. "We had a great time doing the show, and we were very proud of it. I've never seen a cast as eager to work on something as I did with 'Party Down.' You hear the phrase, 'labor of love' thrown around all the time in this business, but if you knew how far everyone involved was working below their rates, you'd understand that 'Party Down' is one place 'labor of love' was truly applicable." Thomas is no stranger to cult-hits though, he also created 'Veronica Mars.' Check out what other famous fans had to say via Twitter about the loss of this comedy gem. To Read More Click Here .

R.I.P. Party Down and Gravity

Just in from EW's Michael Ausiello: Starz has pulled the plug on Party Down and Gravity. "After careful consideration, we've decided not to continue on with subsequent seasons of Party Down and Gravity, " says Stephan Shelanski, executive vice president of programming for Starz Entertainment. "We're grateful to everyone involved in the shows, and are proud to have had them on the channel. Starz remains committed to aggressively expanding our original programming lineup." Source

TV Tonight: What's On Friday 6/25

You may have more important things to do this Friday night than sit at home and watch TV (nonsense!), but you don't want to miss the season finale of Party Down (possibly series finale -- say it ain't so!). See what else is new tonight: 8/7c Friday Night Lights on NBC Wife Swap on ABC 9/8c Flashpoint on CBS Whale Wars on Animal Planet 10/9c Miami Medical on CBS Party Down on Starz -- season finale 10:30/9:30c Gravity on Starz

4 Reasons to Watch Jane Lynch's Return to 'Party Down'

It's a homecoming for one of TV's funniest ladies when Glee star Jane Lynch returns to the Starz comedy Party Down in tonight's season 2 finale at 10pm. In the first season of the show about a Hollywood catering company Lynch played Constance Carmell, an aging actress woefully out of touch with reality. Lynch left the show to star on Glee but returns as the central figure in the season 2 finale, "Constance Carmell Wedding." As the title suggests, her character is getting married and she hires her old company to cater the affair. Whether you're a fan of Party Down or even if you've never seen it, this is definitely a show to watch, and here are just four reasons to check it out. To Read More Click Here .

PARTY DOWN â??Constance Carmell Weddingâ? Season 2 Episode 10 (Finale) - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the season finale of the Starz series PARTY DOWN titled “Constance Carmell Wedding” Season 2 Episode 10 which airs Friday June 25 2010 10 PM E/T. Episode Synopsis: Constance is getting married, and she’s hired all of her best Party Down friends to make sure they attend. Roman takes an unplanned “trip,” that helps him understand everything and Ron, guided by Constance’s wisdom to “follow your heart,” makes a desperate bid for the love Danielle, even though it may mean losing the job of his dreams, operations manager for Party Down. Plus Karma Rocket performs live! Source & Preview

Jane Lynch Rejoins the Party

Now that she's hung up her tracksuits for the season, Glee's Jane Lynch makes a return visit to Party Down as cater-waiter Constance Carmell in Friday's season finale (10/9c, Starz). As Sue Sylvester herself would say, outstanding. To Read More Click Here .

TV Tonight: What's On Friday 6/18

TV tonight includes a new (for NBC) episode of Friday Night Lights , as well as the second-to-last episode (possibly ever ) of Party Down on Starz ! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c Friday Night Lights on NBC 9/8c Whale Wars on Animal Planet 10/9c Miami Medical on CBS Party Down on Starz 10:30/9:30c Gravity on Starz