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Recap Passions: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Theresa and Pilar have escaped Juanita's compound and run for their lives. Juanita is furious, demanding her goons find the women right away, dead or alive, as the two find their way to the wharf, looking for some way to escape! Meanwhile, Ethan gets a mysterious call from Mexico telling him that Theresa and Pilar are there and in grave danger. Gwen and Rebecca are shocked to learn Theresa is in Mexico and try to stop Ethan from going to rescue them, fearing he will learn their secret -- that they have been blackmailing Theresa and Pilar. It looks like Viki has stabbed Ethan but it turns out she actually gave Rebecca a minor wound. Viki races upstairs, vowing to take care of Ethan as soon as she gets her chance. Julian, Sam and Ethan search the mansion for the attacker and find a trail of blood leading right to Viki's bedroom. Tabitha relieves her stress with a chocolate binge as Miguel continues his magic ban. Noah pleads his innocence to a disbelieving Luis and Paloma, nothing is going on between him and Fancy! To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Both Paloma and Luis think that a few people are acting out of character, so it's very unlikely that Theresa has a new man. Luis uses Fancy as an example of someone who is behaving out of character in that one minute she is calm, and in the next minute she is irrational. Paloma suggests to Luis that Fancy might have a brain tumor, and that would explain her mood swings. Since Fancy won't talk to Luis, he doesn't know how to talk her into getting a brain scan. Down on the wharf, Pretty continues to control the device in Fancy's brain, and Fancy is trying her best to seduce Noah, but Noah tells her that he is engaged to be married to Paloma and cannot behave in such a manner. Noah questions Fancy's behavior, and Fancy wants to know why Noah is such a prude. Pretty thinks that she deserves to be with Luis, so she turns up the device in hopes that Fancy will become a total sleaze. Fancy is ravenous and cannot keep her hands off Noah. Noah forcefully tells her to stop because this is not like her and that she is in love with Luis and he is in love with Paloma. Pretty calls Luis and points him in the direction of the wharf because she wants him to see Fancy kissing Noah. Paloma and Luis see Fancy kissing Noah passionately while Pretty is in the dark smiling. Paloma tells Noah that she cannot believe what she is seeing, and Noah tells her that he can explain. Paloma tells him that it won't work this time and that she will never forgive him. She runs off with Noah pursuing her. Luis asks Fancy to explain herself, but she doesn't have an answer. Meanwhile, Pretty tries to change the frequency of the device, but the knob falls out. She recovers it and turns the dial to "sleaze." Fancy then starts to kiss Luis passionately as if nothing else has happened. Luis is shocked at Fancy's behavior. Pretty changes the frequency, and this time, Fancy is angry at Luis. She lashes out at him then walks away. Noah catches up with Paloma and tries to explain things to her, but she doesn't want to believe him and tells him that she never wants to see him again. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Monday, January 28, 2008

Kay and the gang are finally compromising on having a double wedding. Upstairs in Maria's room, Tabitha is very close to Miguel's letter that Endora has hidden in the doll, and she suspects that something is amiss with Endora's behavior. She asks Endora if she is lying to her mommy. Tabitha picks up the doll and notices that the head is loose but does not sense the letter inside. Endora remains quiet. Tabitha concludes that one of Endora's friends broke the doll and tries to fix it. Endora lies to Tabitha by agreeing with her. Tabitha goes downstairs to keep an eye on Kay and the gang. She wishes them well on their wedding plans and tells them that she hopes they beat the odds. The date that was set for the wedding is off because the church is booked up, so Tabitha offers to use magic. Miguel tells her that she is not to use magic. Soon after that, Noah and Paloma see a bat flying over their heads and wonder what's going on. Miguel reminds Tabitha about not practicing magic, but it's not her this time. It's Endora. Kay and Tabitha pretend that it's a remote controlled toy and ask Endora to use a remote and pretend to make it stop. She does, and everything goes back to normal again for now. Paloma suggests postponing the wedding for a year or calling it off altogether. Endora uses magic and causes the phone to ring, and Kay gets a message telling her that the church finally has an opening. Miguel asks Kay if she and Tabitha have anything to do with it, and they both deny it, but Miguel refuses to believe them. Kay volunteers to take a test, and Tabitha agrees because she has nothing to hide, but Endora doesn't want to take the test because she does have something to hide. Tabitha states that she would not use the device on Endora, so she is off the hook for the test. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sheridan tells Luis that under no terms should Fancy be around Marty, because she does not want a repeat of Fancy's cruel behavior. She thinks that Fancy is too unstable for Marty, and Luis agrees. Tabitha continues to look for the letter Miguel has that exposes her as a witch, but she is unaware that Endora has found it. Tabitha wants to destroy Miguel upon finding the letter, but Endora is not having it, so she hides the letter from Tabitha. Miguel saved her from the pits of hell, and she is indebted to him for that. Meanwhile, Kay, Paloma, Noah, and Miguel are downstairs planning their double wedding, but they can't seem to agree on anything. Theresa tries to find a way to escape Juanita's grasps, but she quickly realizes that Juanita has taken precautions by creating an electric barrier around the doors of the house. Theresa is frustrated about being trapped and wishes that she could have warned Pilar not to come to Mexico. She says to herself, above all, if she dies, she is sad that she never had the chance to say goodbye to Ethan or tell him the truth. Juanita walks in the room, pointing a gun at Theresa, and asks her if she is ready to die. Theresa pleads for her life and tells her that her family has suffered enough. That piques Juanita's curiosity. Juanita asks exactly how the family has suffered, so Theresa tells her about Martin abandoning Pilar and the family, as well as Antonio dying. Juanita seems concerned that Pilar's husband left her and that she lost a son, but her concern is short-lived after asking Theresa to explain what hardship she has been through personally. Theresa hesitates, but Juanita tells her that she has all the time in the world and maybe Theresa could convince her to spare her life. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sheridan is worried that Fancy is getting too close to Marty. Luis jumps to Fancy's defense and tells Sheridan that Fancy is in his life for good, and he wants Marty to be comfortable with her. Pretty is observing Fancy and decides to mess with the device in her head. Consequently, Fancy starts to twitch, and Marty asks if she is okay. Fancy then tells Marty to go to his mom. Luis walks over to Fancy and remarks that she is becoming good friends with Marty. Luis also suggests that Fancy become friends with Sheridan again. She continues twitching because Pretty has activated the device planted in her head. Suddenly, Fancy lashes out at Luis, calling him all sorts of names and yelling at him for sleeping with everyone in her family. Sheridan, Luis, and Marty are appalled by Fancy's behavior. Marty holds on to his mom and tells her that Fancy is behaving like Alistair. Pretty seems be enjoying her little game, she thinks that Luis will be hers in no time. Luis decides it's best to remove Fancy from Marty's surroundings, but Marty is afraid that if Luis leaves, Alistair will come back for him. Fancy laughs and tells Marty that Alistair is probably hiding underneath the bed, waiting to take him away. Sheridan and Luis have had it and want Fancy to leave, but she stays put. Pretty decides to stop playing with the device and goes to Sheridan's cottage where she pretends she has saved the day by helping Fancy to her room. In addition, she tells Luis and Sheridan that Fancy has been prone to having outburst ever since she was a child. Luis is grateful to Pretty for getting Fancy away from the cottage. Marty calls Fancy a bad person after she leaves the cottage. Sheridan reassures him that Fancy will not go near him again and that she and Luis will never leave him. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Monday, January 21, 2008

Eve awakens because Valerie/Vincent is holding a pillow over her head. She seems scared out of her mind because it appears as if Valerie is about to suffocate her. Valerie admits that the thought crossed her mind, but she is not Vincent. Eve is confused because she knows Vincent is Valerie. However, Valerie wants Eve to differentiate between the two, since they want to remain as separate individuals. Eve tells Valerie that she is scared out of her mind because of Valerie. Valerie tells Eve that she is about to meet Julian and spend some quality time with him, since Eve kicked him to the curb. Eve remarks that she gave up Julian because of Valerie, and then she reminds Valerie that Julian is her father, but Valerie doesn't seem to care. Julian appears at the hospital and sees Valerie. They hug each other. Valerie faints and Julian catches her. Julian insists on calling a doctor for Valerie, and she screams at Julian to not call. Valerie tells Julian that she already has a doctor. He tells Valerie that Eve is in rehab and is in no condition to treat her. Besides, he tells her, the hospital suspended her from practicing because she accidentally gave Jonathan the wrong prescription. Valerie knows that she cannot see another doctor because of her male/female condition, so she tells Julian that she doesn't need to see an unknown doctor. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Theresa heeds Pilar's warning and tells her mother she will leave Mexico right away, but Pilar reminds her that her passport has been destroyed. Theresa will have to find another way. At that moment, Juanita arrives at the hotel with her hit man, searching for Theresa. As Theresa is escaping from the killer, she runs smack into Juanita! Pretty is more determined than ever to make Luis hers and knows she has to get both Fancy and Sheridan out of the picture. Pretty and Sheridan are both put off by seeing Luis, Fancy and Marty on TV, bonding as a family at the hockey game. Tabitha is frustrated at doing household tasks the "mortal" way due to Miguel's no magic edict. If she can just find the standby letter Miguel wrote exposing her as witch, she could be done with him and his rules once and for all. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Tuesday, January 15, 2008

While at the Crane mansion, in the living room, Viki receives a call from Alistair ordering her to kill Ethan, and Viki wonders if she can kill Ethan since he has been so nice to her. Alistair left a knife in a box, by the fire place, for Viki to use. As soon as Ethan and Esme enter the living room, Viki hides. Esme discovers her and offers her something to eat. Viki accepts. She imagines Ethan and Esme, making out, and all she wants to do is kill Ethan. Ethan returns from the kitchen with the food, and Viki raises the knife to his back. Esme returns, so Viki has to hide the knife. Esme and Ethan discuss each other's love lives, and Ethan advises Esme to keep to herself. Viki stays close by and watches them and constantly imagines that they are having a make out session. At one point, she drops the knife, and Ethan and Esme hear it, but she is able to hide it. Esme has to go upstairs to fetch something for Ethan and tells Viki to text her if she needs anything. Viki replies by speaking out loud, and Esme is excited to hear Viki speak. Ethan wants to take them to the book café to celebrate, but all Viki wants to do is to kill Ethan. Pretty visits Alistair in the hospital and gives him a few choice words for ordering Spike to kill her. Alistair tries to enlist her help in breaking up Luis and Fancy, but Pretty tells Alistair that she refuses to help him, ever again. Alistair tells her that he never meant for her to get hurt and never expected her to fall for Luis. In addition, he tells her that if she wants Luis, she can have him, but first, she has to help him get Fancy under his control again. Alistair further manipulates her by telling her that Luis is the only man that has made her feel like a woman, and that's all Pretty needs to hear. She tells Alistair that they are partners again, and Alistair whispers, in her ears, his instructions. Meanwhile, Luis, Fancy, and Marty are that the hockey game. Fancy makes sure to tell Luis that she hopes to become close with Marty because she wants to be a part of his life. Luis asks Marty how he would feel if he and Fancy were to get married, and Marty seems to be ok with the idea. While Luis and Marty are engrossed in the game, Fancy sees the lights go dim and suddenly hears a creepy voice that says, "score!" Luis notices Fancy's uneasiness and asks what's wrong. Fancy tells him that she hears the voice of the devil and thinks something evil awaits her. Luis tells her that it's Alistair. Fancy asks Luis to reassure his love for her, and he tells her that he loves her and nothing will tear them apart. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Monday, January 14, 2008

Tabitha is complaining to Endora that she has to make breakfast the mortal way since Miguel has been complaining about her using magic. It appears as if Tabitha doesn't like the excess baggage that comes with being a mortal; for example, cleaning up after cooking and having to physically cook. She decides to use magic to clean up but is caught red handed by Kay. Kay tries to talk Tabitha out of practicing witchcraft. Tabitha tells Kay that Miguel is ungrateful since she rescued him from the pits of hell. She vows to find the letter Miguel wrote giving details to expose her as a witch, and then turns him into a toad. Tabitha is disappointed in Kay for giving into Miguel's demand. In addition, Tabitha accuses her of ignoring the women's movement; Kay is acting as if women have no say in making decisions. Kay accuses Tabitha of messing with her happiness, and Tabitha accuses Kay of betraying their friendship. A war broke out between the two witches. Tabitha leaves to go find Miguel's letter in order to destroy him. Kay strikes her with her magic, and it turns into an all-out witch brawl with spells flying back and forth. Miguel overhears and decides to check it out. He gets on their case about going back on their word re: using magic. He tells them both to live up to their oath not to use magic again. Tabitha and Kay agree, but Endora knows that Tabitha won't heed Miguel's warning. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Passions: Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Sam questions Alistair about who stabbed him in the back, unaware that the killer is in the hospital room with them! As Ivy presses Ethan to finally toss Theresa aside and give Gwen another chance, Gwen goes out of her way to look extra sexy for Ethan, ready to make him forget Theresa for good. Theresa takes a flight to Mexico, determined to confront Juanita and make everything right with Ethan. When she falls asleep on her flight, she fanaticizes that her life is a cheesy Mexican telenovela, where she's able to tell Ethan the truth about everything. To Read More Click Here .