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Really? Another network blunder would be to cancel this show. The premise is new and full of possibilities, but the real plus are the actors in thisshow. Both are very likable. Good acting and there seems to be great chemistry between them. Is it possible to save this show?! I hope so. I am so tired of the networks cancelling my favorite shows only to admit later that it was a big mistake!

Past Life Review: "Soul Music" Season 1, Episode 3

This show keeps getting better and better! This week on Past life, two star crossed lovers had to overcome their tragic past to find each other. On Soul Music, someone doesn't survive their regression therapy. Kate and her team try unsuccessfully to help Jenny and Kevin. We must say that if one of the patients dies at the end, then the whole case must be considered a failure! As a romantic at heart, this episode was bitter sweet to me, sort of like Romeo and Juliet in a distorted way. Kevin and Jenny's souls reconnect time and time again, to act out crimes that eventually result in their death. What a depressing love story! To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

No. Just no.

Past Life is the most tragic disaster of a show I've seen since the pilot of The Forgotten (apparently that's actually turned out pretty well, but I still don't understand why). I made it through 19 minutes of the Past Life pilot before I had to give up. It is just so BAD. It's not even the funny kind of bad where things are so ridiculous you can laugh at them. The show is nothing short of a travesty. For starters, this isn't even an original idea. It's based on a book. For crying out loud, Hollywood: COME UP WITH SOME NEW MATERIAL. Or if you MUST reuse and recycle, please don't reuse and recycle material this dreadful ever. Past Life is a crime procedural centered around reincarnation/past-life regression. That's a bad place to start, period. Because unless it is done in an absolutely genius and entertaining fashion, it is a ready-made disaster. I don't know what I was expecting in terms of how the regression process was going to work. I certainly was not expecting an office full of scientists who do basically nothing and then film it. (Sidenote: the handheld camera work from "their" filming is pretty much the only genuinely good thing about the show.) The next count against Past Life is its cast. Not only are the four main cast members total unknowns, but it is easy to understand why they are unknowns. To be fair, they are not given a whole lot to work with. The writing is excruciatingly unoriginal. There are actors who can deliver even the most dreadful dialogue with some amount of charm. These are not part of that group. The characters are about as cliched and uninteresting as they could possibly get. There is no reason to laugh at them, no reason to feel for them, no reason to care about them at all. One character seemed to have potential: the former police detective with a dead wife who "doesn't believe in any of that reincarnation crap" (paraphrase). Unfortunately, it turns out a) the character is a superstitious nutjob, and b) the actor is flatter than a tortilla. Said-same detective also seemed like the one chance that Past Life had for some credibility as a procedural show - the one opportunity for some genuine, real-world-possible procedure-y procedure. Alas, no. Yeah, he did sorta solve the case. But in a way that made absolutely no sense (unless you understand the cognitive leap from "Oh, the kid saw a blinking light in his regression" to "Oh, it must be the Washington Monument" to "Oh, here's a fourteen-year-old article from a small-town newspaper that just happens to describe the exact scenario from the kid's regression"). So what is the problem with Past Life, really? It is complete and utter bullshit. There's no logic, there's no style, there's no charm, there's not even any unintentional hilarity. The only thing to recommend Past Life is its reincarnation quirk, and that is terribly handled. I don't know how this show made it onto the air - it's not as though FOX has been exactly suffering the past season thanks to perennial favorite So You Think You Can Dance and the breakout phenomenon that is Glee . I guess the thing to do is just hope ratings reflect quality and this disaster leaves the airwaves ASAP. (This review also posted on my blog at // .)

Past Life Review: "Dead Man Talking" Episode 2

We just LOVE Fox's new show Past Life! An innocent man is set free using the regressions of an addict, on this week's installment Dead Man Talking. This episode has really set the bar high, making Past Life a definite contender in becoming one of the best shows on TV! We are totally hooked!!! We enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster of following an innocent man, who was unfairly convicted of a murder he did not commit. At one point, there seemed to be no doubt his end was near. Fredric even ordered his last meal. There were actual tears in my eyes when Fredric Lamm was released from jail! The heartfelt reunion with his family has made me a fan in this show. We hope all future episodes can fill last night's big shoes. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Past Life - Review

On its face, "Past Life" is a respectable enough stab at another Fox-y paranormal procedural (say that three times fast), pairing a believer and a skeptic (now where have we heard that before?) to investigate really cold cases. It's just that after screening two episodes, the rules surrounding the reincarnation hokum remain confoundingly fuzzy, so much so that it's hard to believe the series has enough worthwhile incarnations to remain viable very long before dying and -- unlike its unfortunate guest stars -- staying that way. George Carlin once questioned the likelihood of reincarnation by noting the math didn't quite work out. After all, the Earth went from a few people to billions, meaning that for past lives to be possible, somebody would have to be printing up souls, thus ruining their value. In similar fashion, the past lives here seem conspicuously calibrated to create unsolved cases that are recent enough so as to allow a perky past-life Ph. D. (Kelli Giddish) and a tormented ex-cop investigator (Nicholas Bishop) to dredge up living connections to these mysteries. So much for helping a fellow who used to be, say, Julius Caesar. Or maybe that's for season seven. "I saw the man who killed me!" a confused 14-year-old boy bellows in the premiere, after a jittery "Blair Witch"-style flashback in which he presumably sees glimpses of what transpired back when he was somebody else. Those looking for help seek out Giddish's Dr. Kate McGinn, who has enlisted Price Whatley (Bishop) to assist her, despite the doubts her colleagues harbor about him. Those include "The West Wing's" Richard Schiff, featured so sparingly as their boss (presumably) as to be relegated to a virtual nonentity. To Read More Click Here .

Past Life Review: Pilot Episode

We were impressed by the new Fox show Past Life. On this week's pilot episode, Kate and Price solve an old murder and abduction case involving two missing girls. They are able to use a young boy's past life experiences to help solve a murder and find a missing girl. We love the premise of this show. Reincarnation used to help bring a murderer to justice. What an awesome concept! Justice for the dead in such a radical and exciting way! I just hope there isn't someone in my head waiting for help!!! Have to admit, the visions of Rachel's murder were a bit on the creepy side and hard to watch. Poor Noah, having to live out being murdered over and over like you don't have enough to deal with as a teenager! Thankfully Kate and detective Price are there to help. Kate is not your average psychologist; she is one that believes in using these past life experiences to solve crimes. She is a believer, of all that might be unexplainable. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Past Life' - 'Pilot' Recap (series premiere)

'Past Life' is not a bad show, but I don't know if it will stand out enough to make it past the first few episodes. But who knows, it might strike a chord with viewers and find a spot on the DVR schedules. It's a little bit 'House,' a little bit 'Medium,' and a little bit 'Fringe.' The story follows Dr. Kate McGinn (Kelli Giddish), a psychologist specializing in past life regression -- memories of past lives or incarnations. In the pilot episode, a teenager named Noah has flashes where he remembers something that never happened to him. He sees visions of a kidnapping and murder, and we eventually learn that he's actually remembering something from someone else's life. So Kate has to interpret Noah's memories, put the clues together, and figure out who was murdered years earlier. But she has help, and here's where the team aspect of the show comes in. The Scully to her Mulder is former detective Price Whatley (Nicholas Bishop), a gruff, cowboy-like guy who has a sad story of his own. His wife died and he feels responsible for it. You get the feeling that if the series runs long enough, we'll see him connect with his wife through someone else's regressions. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Past Life: "Pilot" Review

Advance Review: There are procedurals that have a sense of humor and let you in on the joke (see: House), and then there are those that don't intend to be funny but are anyway, in which case the joke is on them. When you combine a gritty procedural format with an out-there supernatural premise, that's how you're begging to be classified. And that's pretty much what has happened with Fox's new show Past Life, in which reincarnation is the device that helps a pair of investigators solve crimes. A strange and somewhat disappointing effort from David Hudgens, whose work on Friday Night Lights has rightfully earned him a sterling reputation as a writer and executive producer. The pilot episode opens, House-style, with a Noah, a teenaged boy who freaks out when he passes by his high school swimming pool and starts having mysterious hallucinations in which he's drowning or running from an unseen pursuer. A few scenes later he and his desperate mother have found the office of Dr. Kate McGinn (Kelli Giddish), an expert on past life regression, and within 30 seconds she's diagnosed him as having regressions and is determined to solve the mystery behind them. Kate's new partner Price Whatley is played by Nicholas Bishop, a man who looks exactly like a grown up version of Ryan Atwood from The O.C. Price is a former police detective, a cynic to Kate's true believer, and before he knows it he's being drawn into the mystery against his better judgment. There's lots of chemistry between Kate and Price as they follow the trail, chasing vague clues until they learn Noah's previous identity and what happened to him/her. And now a spoiler alert: the next paragraph reveals the solution to the mystery, because I just can't help but to share it with you, so please jump ahead if you plan to watch this show. To Read More Click here .