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Penny Dreadful: Why The Shows Cancellation Is Unjust

Last nights Penny Dreadful was heartbreaking. It was obvious that Eva Green wouldnt be coming back for the next season but then this happened. And it is the absolute worst. I had a nasty feeling that something like this would happen after watching the episode but definitely not the show getting cancelled altogether. Even now, I think that the show must go on. But John Logan seems to think otherwise. After all, the shows a work of art. Its arguably more unique than every other TV show. But now, I guess its time to say goodbye to another beloved show.  Read More.... //

Penny Dreadful Creator Confirms That the Show Has Come to an End

Horror of horrors!  Read More... //

Eva Green Reacts to the End of Penny Dreadful: 'I'm Going to Miss Vanessa'

Eva Green went to hell and back during her three seasons playing Penny Dreadfuls Vanessa Ives, and yet the actress admits that parting ways with her tortured alter ego will be far from painless. Im going to miss Vanessa, the actress confesses in the above behind-the-scenes video, which was shot during production of Sundays stealth [] //

Penny Dreadful Season 3 Finale Was Also Series Finale, Showtime Confirms

(Spoiler alert: Do not keep reading if you did not see the Season 3 finale of Penny Dreadful) Penny Dreadful fans will no doubt feel, well, dreadful upon learning that Showtime is ending the show after three seasons, TheWrap has confirmed. Sunday nights Season 3 finale will serve as the official series finale for the supernatural drama, which starred Eva Green and Josh Hartnett .    Read More... //

Penny Dreadful Declares The End As [SPOILER] Dies In Season 3 Finale

SPOILER ALERT:This story contains details of tonight's Penny Dreadful Season 3 finale. To paraphrase The Doors, this really does seems like the end my friends as Penny Dreadful concluded its bloody, bawdy and vampiric third season with the death of one of it major characters. And when I say the end, I mean literally there was an on-screen card that said The End which can only raise 19th and 21st century eyebrows that the John Logan created Showtime series may have....    Read More... //

Penny Dreadful Finale Lead-Up: The 10 Most Memorable Moments of Season 3

As the third season of Showtimes Penny Dreadful draws to a close Sunday with a two-part finale starting at 9/8c we cant help but feel for the series. Brilliant as John Logans monster mash is, its a bit like all the broken and shunned creatures with whom Dracula identifies. How so? For starters, [] //

Penny Dreadful Photos: Vanessa and Ethan's Reunion, a Wild Party and More

If, like Penny Dreadfuls Vanessa, youd been abandoned by the werewolf who once swore to protect you, the first words out of your mouth upon his return would likely be, Bad dog! But Miss Ives is apparently a more forgiving soul than either you or I, because in this photo from Ebb Tide, the June [] //

Penny Dreadful Video: Behind the Scenes in the Wild West Er, Spain

Since Season 3 of Penny Dreadful was to follow wolfman Ethan (Josh Hartnett) home to the States and across the New Mexico territory, series creator John Logan set out to recreate the authenticity of the West by taking the production to Spain, he reveals in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video. Turns out, the city of Almera [] //

'Penny Dreadful': Shazad Latif on Jekyll and Frankenstein's dynamic

'There's a lot of history and it's quite intense,' the actor tells EW...   Read More... //

'Penny Dreadful' season 3 sneak peek teases 'a terrible end'

The end is nighin the latest sneak peek of Penny Dreadful s third season. Says Wes Studis Kaetenay, one of the new faces on the scene,The beast will feed. The darkness will overcome the Earth. A terrible end awaits us all of us. Josh HartnettsEthan Chandler, Eva GreensVanessa...   Read More... //