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Penny Dreadful Recap: West and Cursed

Lovers of tortured heroes no doubt swooned while watching this weeks Penny Dreadful, in which woebegone werewolf Ethan alternated between brooding dreamily and making self-loathing proclamations like, The only decent thing about me is the guilt I feel. But around the midway point in This World Is Our Hell, hedid a complete about-face, setting the [] //

Penny Dreadful: "A Blade Of Grass" Review

Based off the scenes they had together back in Season 2, we already knew Eva Green and Rory Kinnear worked magnificently together. And that was when he was a totally different character, and not the three beings he wonderfully inhabited this week in the superb "A Blade of Grass." Where Kinnear played the empathetic orderly, Satan AND Dracula. Just last week, I found myself hoping that an episode like this would come soon. A more isolated, focused episode on par with Penny's previous triumphs "Closer Than Sisters," "Possession," and "The Nightcomers." Time out chapters that help slow the story down a bit while delving into the past. Episodes, with limited locations and characters, that give the show a stage play feel. READ MORE...

Penny Dreadful Review: Vanessa Uncovers The Truth About Dracula

Damn, that episode was great. This episode of Penny Dreadful is unique in the way that it focuses on Vanessa and her relationship with The Creature before he was The Creature. It succeeds in the same ways that ‘Closer Than Sisters’ and ‘The Nightcomers’ succeed. These are the kind of episodes that set the pace for the entire season. And as far as pace-setting goes, ‘A Blade of Grass’ does a marvellous job. Last week, we saw Vanessa hypnotize herself to learn more about Dracula. What she didn’t know was that the orderly in the Banning Clinic was Jon Claire himself. READ MORE...

Penny Dreadful Recap: Misery Loves Company

Well, wasn't that a strange little play-within-a-show?   Read More... //

Penny Dreadful: What Did You Think of "Blade of Grass"?

What unknown terrors await Vanessa as she plunges further into her hypnotic state? Only Patti LuPone knows for sure.   Read More... //

Penny Dreadful Recap: Mental Hopscotch

Set almost entirely in the Banning Clinic, this weeks Penny Dreadful, A Blade of Grass, not only explored Vanessas heartbreaking relationship with the orderly who would become the Creature but also revealed a surprising connection between the two men pursuing her within the white room. What was it? Read on GOD HAS FORGOTTEN ME HERE [] //

'Penny Dreadful' recap: 'A Blade of Grass'

Vanessa unlocks the memory of her institutionalization -- and the unexpected bond that helped her survive it   Read More... //

Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 4 Review: A Blade of Grass

Just give Eva Green all of the Emmys, right now. Rory Kinnear, too. Their performances on Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 4 certainly warrant all that and more. Throw the show a couple for writing and direction, while you're at it. Three seasons into this series, a clear pattern has emerged. One installment per season (always in the early half or at the midpoint) is a significant flashback, an Eva Green showcase hearkening back to a time from Vanessa's dark history. "A Blade of Grass" was just that, the latest in the pattern that we saw begin with Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 5 and continue with Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 3 .   Read More...   //

‘Penny Dreadful’ S3E3: Good and Evil Braided Be

★ ★ ★ ★ There comes a time when every vampire in a horror movie preying on some poor soul must make the attempt to prove some level of humanity to this person by relieving his/her fears and passing a task any "vampire" wouldn’t be able to do. In this case, Dracula took Vanessa out to a Hall of Mirrors, passing that urban legend with flying colours. Dracula’s lead henchman (well… not anymore. Too soon?), for whatever reason, decided it was best to go against his master’s orders and followed Vanessa into the Hall of Mirrors, giving Dracula’s sweet secret identity a not-so-secret status. We still don’t have any idea how long Dracula has been residing in England, posing as Dr. Sweet, but it should be noted that the "love" he had lost only a year before could be no one other than Nina, Vanessa’s former closest friend. Much unlike his brother, Dracula’s not one to announce his entrance into Vanessa’s life with a lot of bravado. He’d much rather seduce her night after night until he has the opportunity to disclose his guarded secret double life. Again, the mythology of the show needs to be explained in more detail. For the time being, the vagueness of the situation's backstory leaves open-ended questions needing to be answered, but hopefully John Logan will get to that soon enough. Dracula’s a terrifying presence and not just because of the character’s famous mantel to uphold. Every one of his actions dictates a cruelty only his brother can obtain and his more passionate approach to the situation will be interesting to see play out in the future. As Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll work on the serum, it’s clear how much of Victor’s characteristic ego is infecting the situation. He claims, despite Jekyll’s years of research on the subject, that he’ll be able to accomplish what Jekyll hasn’t: get the formula to last longer. I expect something to go awry in the future to cause Jekyll to become his own test subject. It’ll be fun watching him go through that process. They’re unlikely friends. They don’t only bring the best in each other, but their scientific and egotistical worsts. The same thing goes for Hecate and Ethan. The murderous Bonnie and Clyde are experimenting on their own, albeit they’re both testing the limits of each other’s sense of morality. It’s not just Vanessa who’s being torn between two sides of herself, but Ethan, who’s being wanted by both Kaetenay and Hecate for entirely different reasons. Hecate wants Ethan to be at her side when darkness takes over the world and Kaetenay wants to make sure that Ethan never gets to that point. The parallels between Ethan and Vanessa have been apparent since Ethan’s werewolf-dom was discovered. Both characters struggle to find the good in their abilities and blame themselves for the uncontrollable wreckage left in their wake by the actions of others. Vanessa was able to prove the existence of the supernatural by churning up a dark secret of Dr. Seward’s and inadvertently confirming that Dr. Seward is who she says she is and not the Cut-Wife attempting to trick Vanessa for Vanessa’s own benefit. Seward’s disbelief was guaranteed. As a woman of science, it’s no wonder she views Vanessa as a prolific test subject for her psychological studies, but just how will Seward influence the storyline at the end of the day? What is the purpose of having her around? It’ll be interesting to see just how Penny Dreadful uses this character in the distant future. (A problem frequently run into with several characters.) As a psychosexual drama, passion dictates much of Penny Dreadful ’s conflict. Exploring the consequences of desire, Penny Dreadful ’s characters struggle with their own internal conflicts that command their lives. John Clare, ever the outsider, is having a conflict of his own as he remembers more and more about his past life as a sanitarium ward. That attraction to Vanessa has far more background in an elegant manner and the reveal that there may be more to their connection than just chance encounters. John’s "Phantom of the Opera" allusions never seem to stop and now he acts as a guardian angel for the family he once had. If things go as they usually do, John’s inevitable meeting with the woman he loved will go as badly as you’d expect them to, just like Vanessa discovering John’s connection to her. Lily’s war on mankind has gained one more follower: Justine. Most likely based on the character Justine from Marquis de Sade’s Justine (or The Misfortunes of Virtue ), Justine (if Penny Dreadful hasn’t made itself clear) will probably go down a brutal path of vice and destruction before it leads to her own downfall. Luckily, none of that’s going to have to do with any jealousy between her and Lily. Lily’s dynamic with Justine is more than just motherly, it’s akin to a general preparing her for battle. Lily looks down upon Suffragettes, claiming that their fight for equality was misguided. It’s not a battle they’re trying to win, it’s an entire war and Lily needs her acolytes to play the long game and end with a triumph over man. That being said, it’s unclear how Dorian’s fitting into Lily’s endgame. All he has to offer them is someone to desire and vice versa, so just what does he expect to gain from all of this? Dorian and John have the unfortunate problem of being the only two characters in Penny Dreadful who have yet to gain a clear purpose on the series. Though it’s interesting to watch them go about their daily lives, it’s questionable whether they’ll be drifting into Vanessa’s storyline and the greater mythology arc. Along with that, just how long will it be until Lily becomes the season’s Big Bad? Playing the long game isn’t just something Lily’s acolytes are going to have to get used to, several of Penny Dreadful ’s smaller story arcs seem like they’re going to be on the sidelines of the action for an extended period of time. So get cozy. p { text-align: justify; }

'Penny Dreadful' S3E2: Predators Far and Near

★ ★ ★ ½ Sorry, guys! I was stuck in the middle of finals and final projects. The usual college stuff! Dr. Sweet really isn't all that sweet. It's a rare occurrence to see a character be written into Penny Dreadful without there being some ulterior motive. As normal as their addition to the series may seem to be, you have to hedge your bets that John Logan has a trick up his sleeve, and this trick turned out to be one hell of a frightful treat. Steering away from Vanessa's trysts with the Devil, Dracula's appearance not only heightens the stakes (ha) the characters must face coming back into the course of Penny Dreadful 's third season, but begins answering all of those pesky questions you might have about the show's complex (and upheaving) mythology. So far, what we know about the mythology that is setting the foundation for the show is that Vanessa is the prize in Lucifer and Dracula's eternal quest for a queen to rule beside one of them during the end of the world. Vanessa has help, of course, and that's the wolf of god: Ethan. As simple as this all may sound, there are several unanswered questions regarding how the Egyptian mythology figures into it or just how Lucifer and Dracula's dynamic will function if they were to ever meet. With Dracula in the picture, things are going to quickly become complicated for the Dreadfuls. Vanessa's sessions with Dr. Seward are blending the world of science and logic with that of the supernatural. Meeting at the demimonde, I'm sure it's going to be fun for Vanessa to explain the details of her romances with an immortal being, a werewolf, and, now, a vampire. That being said, while the trip to America has always seemed to have had some form of ticking clock on it, it seems even more likely that that trip will be shorter than we would like. (Much like John's trip to the Arctic or Malcolm's quick stop in Africa.) Ethan and Hecate's dynamic continues to be one of the more curious additions to the series. What exactly is this sneaky witch up to? Why follow Ethan to America? It's odd seeing Hecate appear so quickly after her mother's death and it's interesting to see her being used so soon after her coven went up in flames. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll have begun collaborating on Jekyll's experiments and we have the opportunity to see the terrifyingly famous concoction that turns Jekyll into Hyde work, surprise, in reverse! Penny Dreadful 's frequent revamps (ha) of classic horror stories is always something to look forward to when watching this series. While Frankenstein and Jekyll plan on domesticating Lily, Lily and Dorian are taking the world by storm with a plan of their own making: vigilante justice. The murderous pair broke into a torture club and saved a girl from meeting a brutal fate. As a new character on the show, this young girl will probably bring a whole storm of her own. A lot of this season's endgame is still up in the air as new storylines are introduced and characters find themselves in a state of transition. While Dracula's arrival will bring about much of the storyline's thrust this season, the same can't be said for characters out in the Wild West and Lily/Dorian's storyline. Dorian, much like John Clare, has always resided on the outside of Penny Dreadful 's story, never involving himself with any of Vanessa's problems by mere coincidence and it will still be interesting to see how they decide to use him in the future. p { text-align: justify; }