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'Perception' Series finale didn't even try to win back fans

TNT's "Perception" said goodbye Tuesday, March 17 and fans seemed to be less than thrilled about the way the show ended. After three seasons of the series following Doctor Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) as he helped his former student F.B.I. Special Agent Kate Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook) solve cases one would think the show would want to go out with a killer storyline. Unfortunately, this was far from the case.The series chose to end things with a very average story arc with everything wrapped up in a bow at the end. All the characters seemed to be at peace except for Pierce, who even while sitting at Moretti's wedding seemed pensive, but didn't take action. His feelings of uneasiness would be intriguing if there were to be a Season 4. However, because that was the end for the series, his behavior just seemed pretty annoying.RELATED: 'Perception' Season 2 finale: 'Obession' - Pierce accused of stalking... //

Perception Review: Sex, Lies and Murder

The  Perception  Season 3 summer finale was no ordinary case of the week all while providing some major shockers to start and close the hour. And while we’ve seen the Donnie and Kate relationship hit some rocky waters over the course of the season,  Perception  Season 3 Episode 10  was where it all seemed to come to a head for the two. But I was truly surprised to find the recent flirty and attractive Shelby dead with Donnie as the lead suspect. Right at the top of the hour no less. Read more:  //

Perception Review: Code Breaker

Technology, phones, computers, Twitter. They do seem like such commonplace things in today’s world, that the real silence that Daniel lectures about does seem truly foreign or even imaginary. How often do most people use some sort of screen? When’s the last time you checked your phone? Probably not that long ago. So to find out that there’s a place called the Quiet Zone, once again for this show, a real thing, was fascinating. Read more:  //

Perception Review: Return of the Past

It’s easy to find a certain fun in Daniel solving cases and the collection of hallucinations that aid him along that path. Joan of Arc? The devil? What creative vision will appear next? And yet, it’s easy to forget that Daniel’s schizophrenia, which causes him to hallucinate, also can make him paranoid. He has a brain disorder, and one that could cause the brilliant mind to unravel. We’ve seen it happen before in  Perception  Season 1 Episode 9  and  Perception  Season 1 Episode 10 . So to listen to Daniel lecture on the past repeating itself makes you wonder if he’s headed for another breakdown. Read more:  //

Perception Review: Anything For Love

You’d think Daniel Pierce would get at least a little luck with the ladies. I mean sure he got “lucky,” but he can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the women that walk into his life. There’s Miranda, who broke his heart in Paris on  Perception  Season 3 Episode 1 . There’s Natalie, who’s his imaginary love. And then this time, there was Josephine, the beautiful “Reclining Muse” that caught Daniel’s eye and wound up connected to a murder and art heist. Read more:  //

Perception Review: Gone Baby Gone

Got babies on the brain? I’m always a bit apprehensive when it comes to baby-focused episodes because they can turn overly cheesy as the lead character often ends up having to take care of the kid, with unfortunate yet endearing mishaps along the way. And yet,  Perception  Season 3 Episode 6  was able to touch upon the characters own thoughts on children, delve into a murder that kept me guessing and introduce me to the (strange?) concept of reborn dolls. Read more:  //

Perception Review: Judgment Day

Who doesn’t love a locked door murder mystery? While  Perception  has always done a pretty good job of illustrating, or at least making me more aware, of various real neurological disorders, I wasn’t sure quite how factual the “L-Dub” project was. I’m sure there is work on artificial intelligence programs, but one that could easily do something like call Daniel a prick or heck, even commit murder? Read more:  //

Perception Review: The Devil You Know

The Devil made her do it, right? The exorcism, dominatrix and mysterious murder connections may have piqued my interest in  Perception Season 3 Episode 4 , but it was the way the follow-along case maintained a sense of intrigue amongst the outrageousness - some humorous levity was mixed in and a devilishly good hallucination capped it all off - that made this installment a winner. Perhaps the next  Perception  Season 3  episodes might take note? Read More... //

Perception Review: Unforgiven

Sometimes, I wish  Perception  didn’t need to get so twisty all the time with its reveals as the story of the hour progresses. I was already invested in  Perception  Season 3 Episode 3  with the bank robbery (although I was a bit disappointed that the FBI agents dropped their guns) and I was looking forward to watching Daniel and Kate hunt the thieves down. It was even kind of wild that after easily capturing the sick robber, the duo learned that he could possibly be ill because of eating human flesh. What? Is this going to turn into some  Hannibal  story? Read More... //

Perception Review: Superhero Justice

Stockholm syndrome. Congenital analgesia. Superhero justice? Perception  Season 3 Episode 2  was an hour that seemingly introduced the killer of the week, only to continue on the journey and take so many sharp turns that it would be hard to imagine the final outcome, let alone the actual killer. Which in some respects is a good thing because it keeps you interested enough to want to see where Daniel, Donnie and Kate’s case leads them - but it can also feel a bit ridiculous by the time the story gets to the final arrest (or arrests in this case). Read More... //