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Person Of Interest Bosses Tease Season 5 Finale: Its More Emotional Than We Anticipated- ATX Television Festival

Fans are gearing up for the end of CBS cult-favorite Person Of Interest after five seasons. Tonight at the ATX Televison Festival Executive Producer Greg Plageman was on hand to introduce the penultimate episode, titled .exe that also marked his directorial debut, on which he got some advice from another of the shows Executive Producers, JJ Abrams."He said, Make sure you do one thing.    Read More... //deadline.com/2016/06/atx-person-of-interest-bosses-talk-season-5-finale-1201770885/

Did Person of Interest Just Create a Potential Spin-off?

Maybe it's not the end for  Person of Interest . Hey, we can hope, right? With just three episodes left in the series' run,  Person of Interest  peeled back another layer of its complex mythology to reveal that everything we've witnessed over the last four-plus seasons was just the tip of the iceberg. It turns out the Machine was protecting a lot more than just the irrelevant numbers in New York City. I've always thought it was odd that the Machine operated only in New York City if its ultimate goal was to stop innocent lives from ending too soon and criminals from preying on others. Sure, the Big Apple is where the Machine's admin lives, and Team Machine would waste too much time waiting for a bus to Duluth to make it worth the trip to save people across the country, but with such an advanced artificial intelligence able to digest so much information at once, the Machine must have realized that there's plenty of trouble beyond the five boroughs. Read More....     //www.tvguide.com/news/did-person-of-interest-just-create-its-potential-spin-off/?rss=breakingnews

Person of Interest Mega Buzz: What "Terrible Solution" Does Finch Come Up With?

Time is running out on Person of Interest , so what is Harold Finch ( Michael Emerson ) going to do? For those of you thinking that Finch is going to take extreme measures in the wake of Root's ( Amy Acker ) death in last week's episode , well... you're right. The only question is, what's the cost going to ... .  Read More...   //www.tvguide.com/news/person-of-interest-spoilers-finch-machine/?rss=breakingnews

Person of Interest Releases Series Finale Photos, 'Suicide Mission' Teaser

Its all (remaining) hands on deck, as Team Machine launches its final suicidal? offensive against Samaritan, as seen in the first photos from Person of Interests Season 5/series finale. In return 0, airing Tuesday, June 21 on CBS, The team must embark on one last suicide mission to prevent Samaritan from destroying The [] //tvline.com/2016/06/02/person-of-interest-season-5-episode-13-series-finale-photos-preview/

Person of Interest: A Friend's Death Sets Finch Off

It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?  Person of Interest  continued its full-speed hurtle towards the end with a whopper of an episode in "The Day the World Went Away," which represented the two biggest character changes not just for the season, but for the entire series. It also happened to be the milestone 100th episode for the techno-thriller, which celebrated the only way it knows how: by ripping our hearts out with a painful death and paralyzing us in fear over what's to come and how it relates to our real world. Ahhh, good old  Person of Interest .  Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/person-of-interest-root-dies-finch-revenge/?rss=breakingnews

Person of Interest's Amy Acker: Root's Bold, Selfless Move 'Makes Me Happy'

The following contains major spoilers from Person of Interests 100th episode. With just three episodes left to air in its fifth and final season, CBS Person of Interest, with its milestone 100th episode, made it painfully clear that Team Machine will need to make ultimate sacrifices in the name of battling Samaritan. Cases in point: [] //tvline.com/2016/05/31/person-of-interest-season-5-root-dies-amy-acker-interview/

Person of Interest Bosses Spill Secrets Behind Episode 100's 'Avalanche of Grief and Loss,' Share One Regret

The following contains major spoilers from Person of Interests 100th episode. The 100th episode of CBS Person of Interest did a real number on fans, bookending a thrilling action sequence with two tragic blows. Having blown his cover identity by unwittingly frequenting the same cafe he visited with Grace 10 years ago, Finch was stashed [] //tvline.com/2016/05/31/person-of-interest-season-5-episode-10-root-dies-elias-killed/

Person of Interest: Is Finch Finally Ready to Let the Machine Run Free?

In a recent  Buzzfeed  article,  Person of Interest  showrunners  Jonathan Nolan  and  Greg Plageman said that even though their show wasn't definitively canceled when they were writing the current season, they saw the writing on the wall and approached this fifth season of  Person of Interest  as though it were its last. And "Sotto Voce" sure felt like they knew this was the endgame, didn't it? There was a trio of major events that happened to Team Machine in "Sotto Voce," two huge neon-lit ideas for fans of the series, and one subtle but incredibly important development for Harold Finch ( Michael Emerson ). Let's start with that one, which may not have been as crowd-pleasing as the other two (we'll get to them later), but has monumental ramifications for the final four episodes of the series and answers the big question looming over Finch's relationship with the Machine.  Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/person-of-interest-sotto-voce-finch-shaw-root-voice/?rss=breakingnews

PERSON OF INTEREST: Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel on Shaws Return

Shaw is officially back with Team Machine on PERSON OF INTEREST after a virtual reality reunion in episode 4 but whether she can be trusted is still a big question mark. Well, it would be like if someone in your family you thought was dead suddenly turns up again, only theyre not quite [] //www.givememyremote.com/remote/2016/05/31/person-of-interest-michael-emerson-and-jim-caviezel-on-shaws-return/

Person of Interest Bosses Preview Finch's Big Turn, Episode 100's Action Sequence Five Years in the Making

CBS Person of Interest receives an especially meaningful number this week as in Episode 100. But first, a team member must overcome a warped sense of reality to make her way home. First up, in the episode Sotto Voce (airing Monday at 10/9c), the criminal mastermind known as The Voice returns and traps Reese [] //tvline.com/2016/05/30/person-of-interest-season-5-preview-episode-100/