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On 'Persons Unknown,' Joe Dangles Janet Over the Edge (VIDEO)

What would you do if your lover had his mind erased? And then what would you do if he flew into a murderous rage every time someone touched him? It would kind of mess up a relationship, right? This is the issue on 'Persons Unknown' (Sat., 8PM ET on NBC). [Spoiler alert.] During the latest episode, Joe (Jason Wiles) gets his mind "reprogrammed." Unfortunately, this has some serious side effects. Such as erasing his memory. ... And also making him psychotic whenever he comes in contact with another person. Sadly, this doesn't work out too well for his blooming love affair with Janet (Daisy Betts). When Janet comes close to him, Joe grabs her and is about to toss her over the edge of a building. Not good. See? We told you that this whole thing could be problematic. Source & Video

PERSONS UNKNOWN Episode 9 ''Static'' - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of NBC’s PERSONS UNKNOWN “Static” Episode 9 which airs on Saturday, August 7 2010 10:00 PM ET/PT. Episode Synopsis: After returning to town, Joe’s troubles worsen as he suffers from frightening side effects caused by his reeducation. The rest of the group is left wondering whether they would simply be better off without him. Concerned by the chaotic mess the town has become, the Director of The Program sends a surprising new night manager and second-in-command, Liam Ulrich (Alan Smyth) to restore order. Meanwhile, Renbe (Gerald Kyd) and Kat (Lola Glaudini) get raided by local South American police, which ends in Renbe’s arrest. Also starring Jason Wiles, Daisy Betts, Alan Ruck, Sean O’Bryan, Tina Holmes, Chadwick Boseman and Kandyse McClure. Source & Preview