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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Part 2 - Review

The first half of Phantom was a rather curious piece as it worked three arcs into it, something I didn’t expect from a Bee Train show as they tend to really draw things out. The taste of El Cazador and Tsubasa are still on my lips so I expected more of the same. With the end of that set, we saw things change up with what was going on with Phantom as Ein protected Scythe Master from Zwei but ended up causing both of them to die and disappear. At this point in the series though, it’s hard to believe that Ein would be dead since only suits seem to die and stay dead. Seeing her show up just an episode or two into this set, first as a shadowed presence and then as something more, was essentially expected as she’s now going up against Zwei under a plot being orchestrated by Scythe Master to get revenge on Claudia after the way she manipulated him when it comes to the Inferno business in the first set. Read More... //www.mania.com/phantom-requiem-for-phantom-part-2_article_125822.html

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Part 1 - Review

The path of the Phantom franchise is a curious one in North America as we've seen the visual novel game released years ago by Hirameki and the OVA series released by Media Blasters. Media Blasters went on to package the two of those together eventually so you could get the full experience. With this new series, clocking in at twenty-six episodes with animation production done by Bee Train, we get a much more fleshed out and fully realized piece of work that's essentially another chapter in the girls with guns series from Bee Train except that one of the girls is a dude. The pairing would work just as well if both were women I think, though it'd alter some of the interactions the come up over time as there are a few dalliances that would be complicated by it.  Read more... //www.mania.com/phantom-requiem-for-phantom-part-1_article_125821.html