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  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s1e26Pinky and the Castle of Cards/ Daddy's Special Shirt
    • s1e25Think Pink/ Tyler's First Flight
    • s1e24Go to Bed, Tyler!/ Mr. Guinea Pig's Loose Tooth
    • s1e23Pinky and the Pink Phenomenon/ Two Wheel Dreams
    • s1e22Mr. Guinea Pig and the Big Bone/ Mr. Guinea Pig, Superstar
    • s1e21Tyler's Super Family/ Pinky and the Ice Cream Babies
    • s1e20Pinky's Big Talent/ Pinky Dinky Re-Doo
    • s1e19Tyler's Lucky Sock/ Tyler's Best Sleepover Ever
    • s1e18Guppy Training Day/ Pinky and the Babysitter
    • s1e17Boom! Sonic Boom!/ Pinky the Pet
    • s1e16Pinky Dinky Duplicate/I Want That
    • s1e15The Great Big Cheese Chase/ Try It, You'll Like It…Pretty Much
    • s1e14Pinky's Wintery Dintery Doo/ Pinky's Great Big Concert
    • s1e13Pinky's Awful Good Day/ Tyler's Neat-o Tuxedo
    • s1e12Tyler Dinky Doo and the Legend of Twigfoot/ Pinky and the Big Rainy Day
    • s1e11Tyler Dinky Doo's Sporting News/ Dragon Needs a Sippy Cup
    • s1e10Pinky and the Super Spaghetti Knot/ Back to School is Cool
    • s1e9Tyler's Too Cool Game/ Come Home, Little Guinea Pig
    • s1e8Tyler Dinky Doo to the Rescue/ Shrinky Pinky
    • s1e7Tyler Dinky Doo's Big Boo/ Pinky and the New Teacher
    • s1e6Tyler's Tall O'Meter/ Pinky Dinky Doo and the Cloud People
    • s1e5Pinky Dinky Doo and the Pizza Artist/ Pinky Dinky Doo and the Party Animals
    • s1e4Tyler Dinky Doo and the Pirate Crew/ Pinky Dinky Doo and the Missing Dinosaurs
    • s1e3Pinky and the Grumpy Alligator/ The Horn and Antler Club
    • s1e2Tyler's Great Big Solo/Polka Dot Pox
    • s1e1Where Are My Shoes?/Pinky Dinky Doo and the Outer Space Fluffy Buns