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Shorty Saves a Pit Bull from Being Euthanized on 'Pit Boss XL' (VIDEO)

Sadly, injured dogs don't typically last long in shelters, especially if the required treatment is expensive. It's even worse if that dog is a pit bull. That made things tough on Shorty Rossi and his gang on 'Pit Boss XL' (Saturdays, 10PM on Animal Planet) as they tried to raise money for Patty, a pit with an injured leg for whom Rossi was trying to find a home. The shelter had called Rossi to tell him they were running out of space and might have to euthanize Patty. "So I have to prove my case to the shelter so they will give Patty a couple of more days," he said. He got the extra time, and set out to find a way to raise funds for Patty's surgery. //