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The original Pokemon series, titled Pocket Monsters, followed the storyline of the original Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Blue, in the region of Kanto. The protagonist of the series, Ash Ketchum, began his adventure from his home, Pallet Town, where he received a Pikachu, differing from the games, where only Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle could be chosen. Watch Pokemon online with SideReel!


Lost at the League!

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Pokemon S16E8
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As the Unova League rages on, Ash, Cameron, Virgil, and Stephan all manage to progress through both the second and third rounds. With a day of rest ahead of them, everyone decides to relax and prepare for the fourth round. While walking through the stadium, Axew wanders off from Iris and becomes lost. Bianca and Virgil join Ash, Iris, and Cilan as they begin to search for Axew. Even the Pokémon begin searching for Axew. However, Oshawott's appetite gets the group in trouble with a Garbodor and some Trubbish. Meanwhile, Axew ends up being caught up with a group of over celebrating league fans.

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