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Political Animals Season Finale Review: Elaine Barrish for President?

Through its limited-series run Political Animals has been a character study about how each and every one of us is flawed. The better you get to know someone, the more their strengths and weaknesses are apparent. Elaine Barrish said it elegantly, "No one is as horrible as we imagine them to be." As we got to know the Hammond family and those around them, it became clear it works the other way too. No one is as perfect as they may appear either. " Resignation Day " started out as a monumental day for Secretary of State Elaine Barrish, but it ended one for entirely different reasons. In last Sunday's review , I speculated that Elaine would not run for President, but would instead join Garcetti in his re-election as his running mate. Read More... //

‘Political Animals’ Season Finale: TV Recap

"Political Animals" wraps up its first season with tonight's finale, "Resignation Day." //

Season finale review: 'Political Animals' - 'Resignation Day'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Resignation Day," the August 19 episode of USA's "Political Animals," in which Garcetti complicates Elaine's plan as the miniseries draws to a close. //

Political Animals Finale “Resignation Day” Review – This One’s a Game Changer

I’m not quite sure how they did it, but the finale episode of  Political Animals  managed to beat every other episode in this very short season in terms of, well, everything. Called "Resignation Day," this episode begins (you guessed it) with Elaine deciding to resign from Garcetti and move on to running her own campaign for presidency. But this is the life  of a Hammond we’re talking about here so of course nothing goes as planned. It seems like the world is out to stop Elaine from doing what she wants  to do and those barriers come in many different forms. Not all of the obstacles to her presidency are necessarily bad things though; there is at least one opportunity that comes her way as well. Basically Elaine has some hard choices to make…and those are before the episode is even halfway over. Read More... //  

‘Political Animals,’ Season 1, Episode 5, ’16 Hours’: TV Recap

The season finale of "Political Animals" arrives tonight, so today is a good time to catch up on what happened in the penultimate show titled "16 Hours." //

Political Animals “16 Hours” Review – Sometimes We All Need a Little Rescuing

In this episode of  Political Animals , called "16 Hours," Elaine deals with a family crisis  and a national crisis, and a few people bond and share secrets. After Elaine fights hard to get a rescue crew sent down to the  Chinese sub, some people in their government make an awful threat to release the warheads. As if this wasn’t enough to have on her plate, Elaine also has a son in the hospital  and she is struggling to share her time between the two crises. I thought that she balanced both situations really well and I kind of love the fact that she threw Susan the sub story as a bone to keep her off of TJ. Maybe some would criticize that but I saw it as a sign of an extremely devoted mother. While Elaine and Bud share duty of watching over and protecting TJ (Bud’s method of protecting involving his fists), everyone else does what they need to do to help TJ in their own way. Those ways also bring about some bonding in places we may not have expected. Granny and Ann getting high while cleaning out TJ’s drug stash was hilarious and also touching in parts, and I was very happy to finally have a scene where Ann didn’t annoy me Turns out Ann hasn’t been hiding her bulimia as well as she thought and I hope that Margaret’s words will encourage her to find help. Read More.... //  

Political Animals Review: "16 Hours"

  It was only " 16 Hours ," but lives were changed forever in that time on  Political Animals  this week. Let's start with the potentially game changing political move. I predict that Elaine will not run against President Garcetti in the next primary. Instead, she will be his running mate. Why? All season (limited as it may be), Garcetti has sided with Elaine instead of Vice President Collier. These 16 hours may have clinched the decision for the president. Garcetti made it clear he wished Elaine had agreed to be his Vice President. Read More... //

Political Animals “Lost Boys” Review – Before and After

In tonight’s episode of  Political Animals , called "Lost Boys," we get a look into TJ’s downward spiral and how he ended up where he is now. Trouble is; this before and after  story doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending. I have to admit that I pretty much had TJ pegged wrong this whole time, though I take some comfort in the fact that I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. We’re led to believe that his dependence on drugs is some sort of rebellion for growing up in the White  House; that he started partying hard to get away from the restrictions of living in a family full of politicians. The truth is that it’s not the story at all. Or even if it wasin the beginning , it isn’t any longer. I never realized that the poor guy was suffering from a broken heart but as we saw each piece of the puzzle fit together, it made more and more sense. What else but lost love could send him that far down the path to destruction not once, but twice? Read More... //  

Political Animals Review: "Lost Boys"

TJ imploded with a push from his family. Out of all the characters on Political Animals , the one that I've been the most curious about is TJ. He's been a mystery, since his story has been told in the most basic terms, including coming out while living in the White House, a drug problem, and an unsuccessful suicide attempt. In " Lost Boys , we learned the truth about his suicide attempt which was integral to understanding this former First Son. Read More... //

‘Political Animals,’ Season 1, Episode 4, ‘Lost Boys’: TV Recap

T.J. relapses. Elaine confronts the president, and Susan and Georgia square off about the future of the media in the latest episode of "Political Animals." //