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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
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2 Seasons, 222 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Popeye the Sailor is a comic strip character, later featured in popular animated cartoons. He was created by Elzie Crisler Segar,[1] and first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929.


Females is Fickle

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Episode Reviews

by Kyokutso

Aug 26, 2017

Not my thing

by Shane Cormier

Aug 25, 2014

WOW THIS DUDE IS THE WORST GUIDE FOR A TRAVEL SHOW. IVE NEVER SEEN A TRAVEL SHOW WHERE THE GUIDE IS SO NEGATIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING. Ok no more caps. But this dude complains and puts down EVERY SINGLE THING HE SHOWS YOU. NOTHING is good enough for this guy. You feel the whole time thinking why did this guy do the show. And who would waste their money buying his horrible video of him complaining all the time. Trust me after you watch it once you will NEVER want to watch it again. And if you do you will want the sound OFF. No Doubt he takes you to some really cool places in Italy but he complains and puts down EVERY SINGLE THING. OH wait. Except when he is watching the boys who like boys try on clothes in Milan and talks about those same boys. Or when he is trying to pass inappropriate comments to the guy who drew him. The artist looked at him like he was mental. Just go download this show for free through a torrent or watch it free on youtube or something. DO NOT WASTE YOU MONEY ON THIS SHOW. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS GUYS STUFF. HE IS A HORRIBLE HOST. In the beginning of one episode he is drinking these peoples wine that is made right there in that town. First he tears it down because of the color. Then he says how the Grand Tourists were spoiled on French Wines and he already knew this wine was going to be horrible. Then he takes a sip and says loud and clear how disgusting that wine is. I feel bad for those people who made the wine. I am not a drinker so I wouldnt know a good wine from a bad one but come on, you dont have to bash these peoples livelihood on your program in front of the hundreds of , maybe thousands of people who will be watching it. And next time you do a show, do something that you enjoy and not to places you will trash talk the entire time. Im going to post negative reviews anywhere I can about this show because this dude is SOOOO HORRIBLE AS A TRAVEL HOST. This dude puts down every single thing he does in this show. And just when you think he is about to say something nice, BAM he hits you with another put down for the whatever it is. He does not have ONE SINGLE NICE THING TO SAY ABOUT ANYTHING on this show except the boys who like boys that made him giggle like a little girl that were trying on clothes in Milan. Dont believe. Look it up on youtube, watch it free and judge for yourself. He puts down some of Itlaly's biggest tourist attractions. If I was the leader of Itlay I would ban him from my country for good.