Power Rangers

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Power Rangers

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Saturdays, 8:00 AM EST on Nickelodeon
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23 Seasons, 745 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Operation Lightspeed

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Power Rangers S5E1
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Accidentally freed from 5000 year long imprisonment, a band of Demons, led by a creature named Diabolico, return to the city of Mariner Bay, built upon the ground they once called their homeland. They seek to revive their ruler, Queen Bansheera, and plot wipe out the humans to reclaim their rightful property. Prepared for their return, a secret government agency known as Lightspeed recruits a team of five young adults, each an expert in a specific field (a firefighter, a stunt pilot, an extreme sports enthusiast, a diver, and a nurse in training), to become the team of Power Rangers to rescue Mariner Bay from this menace.

Episode Reviews

by BaxterV

Dec 09, 2016

Vague starting point. Everyone just accepted that it is this way, pretty strange. Nobody asked how to morph. But it Power Rangers so yeah.