Power Rangers

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Power Rangers

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Saturdays, 8:00 AM EST on Nickelodeon
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23 Seasons, 745 Episodes
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Leader of the Whack

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A strange meteorite lands in the forest, gaining the attention of Cassidy & Devin (who were searching for the White Ranger again), Trent (who was on his way out of town), the three DinoThunder Rangers, and Mesogog's newest monster, a weak-willed creature called Rojobot. Exposure to the "space rock" effects brings out repressed personality traits in each of them: Trent's Gem-induced schizophrenia is brought under control, Cassidy becomes an acne-faced geek, Devin becomes a Travolta-Fonzie type Disco ladies man, Conner becomes a brainy nerd, Ethan becomes a competitive jock, Kira becomes a fashion & vanity obsessed carbon copy Cassidy, and Rojobot becomes considerably evil! Can our heroes put aside their differences once more to work together until they can be restored to normal? And does the meteorite hold the key to freeing Tommy from his fossilization?

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