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Poyopoyo Episode #37 Anime Review

Shedding season has arrived and it’s a tough time for animals and people alike all around. With the various pets that we have here, seeing how they react to a late summer heat that comes in and hits everyone is certainly cute. Poyo’s the weakest of them all in the episode as we see him shedding, but it covers some of the other pets as well which brings in their owners for some good if brief fun. Where it spends a lot of its time though is with the Sato family as we get a good look at Hide’s glistening hair and the problem the family has as they’re all like Papa Sato, though we don’t get to see a bristly Moe. It’s definitely cute to see such a different version of Hide though! Read More... //  

Poyopoyo Episode #36 Anime Review

With Moe being all about Poyo ever since she found him, it’s no surprise that her life revolves around the cat heavily. What we see here is the kind of tracking of her relationship with him that only a younger brother like Hide could do, as he plants fake Poyo’s around to see how often she’s fooled. The whole concept runs with the idea that she loves round things and we see that it’s pretty darn true. She has some really cute moments here as everyone piles on with her love of round things, excluding boobie pudding apparently, but it also runs in some other areas as we see just how much Poyo influences others. Read More... //  

Poyopoyo Episode #35 Anime Review

With the fall season arriving in the show, there’s some mild changes going on. One of the things that’s focused on here is a particular flower festival in which Papa Sato has some of his best showing off in it. This has everyone doing their best with it, but the focus turns to how some of the flowers, Ping pong mums, look a lot like Poyo does. And we see this with other pets as well as we get the cute bit about how owners see their pets in everything. The fun works well, especially when the animal doctor shows up with an amusing group of animals he’s walking, which freaks out Poyo. His fear of the doctor is well played here and leads to some good panic on Moe’s part. Read More... //  

Poyopoyo Episode #34 Anime Review

The fun of summer is something that the show has focused on a bit lately, but it’s also one where it can be problematic as we see here with the weather. While it starts off pleasant with some cloud gazing that shows off some amusing Poyo-ness, it changes fairly quickly as the heat rolls in, the thunder starts and the heavy rains come down, which sends the animals into a small panic. Including Tsuku, who shows up with his owner all drenched, which leads to some very cute moments between her and Hide. Of course, it doesn’t take long for Hide to become the butt of some Poyo jokes which makes Hide into little more than a minion…. //  

Poyopoyo Episode #33 Anime Review

Cats and baskets and boxes is always a favorite thing of mine, though I have a cat that has no interest in either which is just bizarre. We get some cute stuff at the start here with Poyo being all part of a basket design for a bit, but it then shifts to Kuro’s owner who talks about how her cat handled baskets when she was a child. Since that was back during World War II, it has an amusing twist to it with why she didn’t like baskets. The show also shifts gears well to spend time on the festival that’s coming up and some of the silliness of it with the song that’s sung and how dangerously addictive it can be. Seeing the men freak out over it once Moe starts to sing it is priceless since they know it’ll be stuck in their heads. Read More... //  

Poyopoyo Episode #32 Anime Review

As the summer part of the season continues, we get to see some very comical aspects of how Poyo fits into it. His getting involved with a night time test of courage is fun, but it also goes further as we get a new character introduced. A monk makes his way onto the scene and Poyo is pretty much instantly attracted to him. It surprises everyone and Poyo’s closeness gets to be a real problem since he’s always on the monk and the monk is freaked out by cats due to an old accident. Poyo’s not like other cats though so that helps a little and things also get put into perspective since Papa Sato was friends with the monk when they were younger, which leads to a comical smackdown. Read More... //  

Poyopoyo Episode #31 Anime Review

After seeing the cast deal with the summer heat previously, this time around we get a look at other parts of summer, such as the growing season. This means more fun with food as we see one vegetable marked up to look like Poyo, which is then kept in the fridge and freaks Hide out beautifully. While we do get some food bits, there’s also the general heat that comes back into play, such as Tsuku getting a very cute scene and Poyo getting completely freaked, a real rarity, with what Moe does to try and help him. Poyo’s abilities and demeanor can go either way at times it seems and seeing him go from scared witless to ultra killer in the blink of an eye is hilarious. R ead More... //  

Poyopoyo Episode #30 Anime Review

When you get an episode that feels like the way you are at that time, it tends to resonate more. Such as an episode like this where it’s a heavy summer for Poyo and the gang, much like it’s quite hot here. Seeing how they deal with it is comical, especially with Moe wearing a Hawaiian style skirt to have fun with and the cats hang onto it. While she can play up being cool during the day, the nights are hot. And cats, being how they are, know where to go during the day to stay cool but even they fight over it. Whether it’s day or not, it’s the little things that become more than they would be otherwise and seeing them cope with it all is quite amusing. Read More... //  

Poyopoyo Episode #29 Anime Review

With the show moving quickly around seasons and the like, it’s back to the summer now and everyone is doing the best they can. Amusingly, Hide has had Kuro get a lot closer to him, to the point where the cat is practically humping his arm. For Moe, she’s having trouble with trying to cook noodles while Poyo sees them which leads to some danger for her. The hot days lets it run through a lot of different things and once again it’s easy for guys to be jealous of girls who get to wear skirts and get cool in ways only they can. The show shows the pain of summer for everyone, especially when it comes to just how brutal it can be with cats. Particularly for Hide and sleeping, an experience I had just minutes before getting up to watch this show…  //  

Poyopoyo Episode #28 Anime Review

If there’s one thing that has to be difficult for cats, it’s summer. The heat, the fur, the inability to really sweat it out easily. Of course, with someone like Moe, it can be ever worse as we see she comes up with a hilarious rainbow catwalk for Poyo. The summer in general is just filled with her trying to do the usual fun activities and being oblivious to the kind of trouble Poyo gets into. There’s a hilariously short blip of a bit that talks about how cats sit in the summer and it is just spot on in a comical way. With the cats dealing with the heat, it’s not much better for the people, but they at least have a few more ways of getting cool. Read More... //