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  • 29 episodes
    29 episodes
    • s2010e717Filibustering Recovery
    • s2010e710Help for Vets with PTSD
    • s2010e703A Solar Recovery
    • s2010e626Finishing the Job on Wall Street Reform
    • s2010e619Republicans Blocking Progress
    • s2010e612Fair Pay for Doctors
    • s2010e605Speaking from Louisiana on the Oil Spill
    • s2010e529Honoring the Fallen
    • s2010e522BP Oil Spill Independent Commission
    • s2010e515Wall Street Reform
    • s2010e508Health Reform Starts to Kick In
    • s2010e501Giving Government Back to the American People
    • s2010e424Good News from the Auto Industry
    • s2010e417Holding Wall Street Accountable
    • s2010e410Relief for the Middle Class at Tax Time
    • s2010e403Holiday Greetings
    • s2010e327Two Major Reforms on Health Care
    • s2010e319Time for Action on Financial Reform for the Economy
    • s2010e313Education for a More Competitive America
    • s2010e305The Immediate Benefits of Health Reform
    • s2010e227The Olympic Spirit, the Spirit of Bipartisanship, and Health Reform
    • s2010e220Premiums, Profits, and the Need for Health Reform
    • s2010e213Pay As You Go
    • s2010e206Opening Doors for Small Business
    • s2010e130Reining in Budget Deficits
    • s2010e123Fighting for the Public Against Special Interests
    • s2010e116Getting Our Money Back from Wall Street
    • s2010e109Health Reform---s Benefits in 2010
    • s2010e102Weekly Address: The Fight Against Al Qaeda