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Corpse Princess Complete Collection Part 2 Anime DVD Review

The first season of Corpse Princess brought in a familiar but decently done premise about young women who come back from the dead that are special, ones that will hunt down the other undead called Shikabane who have regrets that they can't let go over and go on a rampage about. Giving us these women known as Shikabane Hime and tying them to monks of the Kougan Sect that they would create a contract with that would give them additional healing powers and strength is routine, and there is a certain predictability there, but the execution of it all was competent and there were some interesting changes made at the end of the first season with regards to Keisei, the elder "brother" of Ouri, the ostensible male lead of the series. The second season brings us to the interesting place several months after the end of the first. Ouri has decided to become a monk himself so he can fulfill the contract with Makina that Keisei asked him to handle. Ouri has been working hard at catching up on things but he can go only so far so fast, considering that many monks spend the majority of their lives and only reach so far. While the bond was established between the two, taking it fully to the next level is not something that can happen all that easily sometimes. The process of bringing them together fully is something that does occur, but it never feels like it fully gels together in a way that feels fully convincing. Individually, each of them works well but as a pair their connection is truly tenuous at best. Read More Click Me!

Corpse Princess Complete Collection Part 1 DVD Review

Based on the manga by Yoshiichi Akahito, Corpse Princess (or Shikabane Hime as it's originally known) is a twenty-five episode series with two distinctive halves to it. The first half, made up of thirteen episodes in this set, is known as the Aka phase of the show. This portion of the series does a surprisingly good job of not only introducing us to the basic setting of the world and what little curiosities it has, but it tells a fairly complete first chapter story with some important changes made at the end, causing the second season to be a more clearly defined successor to it. While the season ends strong, it starts off a bit weak as it has a bit of a monster of the week feeling to it. Corpse Princess takes place in the modern world of today, but things are a bit askew. For various reasons, some people's corpses come back alive after they die and they invariably cause trouble of some sort, often through their lingering issues with life. Their bodies take on unusual and distorted forms and they have a lust for killing. It's rather straightforward in its own way, but there are some nicely creative elements to it, such as one corpse that's brought back with the spiritual side is split among the bodies of three young children. Some of them do try to blend into the world as a normal person, though their lingering issues force how they interact, such as one man that ends up front a religion of sorts where he uses his abilities to transform things to make it look like he's the next best thing. Read More Click Me!