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Prison Break Exclusive: Has Michael Finally Been Outsmarted by Jacob?

  Michael Scofield ( Wentworth Miller ) has tangled with his fair share of bad guys over his many years of prison breakin', but he always gets the drop on them at some point. But Prison Break Season 5's big bad Jacob ( Mark Feuerstein ) aka Poseidon aka Sara's husband aka that guy from Royal Pains aka the ...Read More... //

Prison Break: Poseidon's Identity Is Revealed

Prison Break: Poseidon's Identity Is Revealed.... //

Prison Break: Poseidon's Identity Is Revealed!

  [Spoilers for this week's episode of Prison Break follow, read at your own risk...] On Tuesday's episode of Prison Break , "Wine Dark Sea," the identity of mysterious bad guy Poseidon was finally revealed. And that man is... Jacob ( Mark Feuerstein )! Yeah, yeah, it was the guy who we though it was all ...Read More... //

Prison Break & 24 Legacy: Whats Their Future Hold?

Fox unveiled its 2017 schedule earlier today, with changes on every night, but Prison Break and 24: Legacy are still awaiting word on whether they will be back for additional seasons. Fox bosses, Dana Walden and Gary Newman opened up about the fates of both series as the network's upfront presentation got underway. We would definitely consider doing more episodes, Walden answered. I know [the producers] are thinking about it. ...Read More...

Prison Break 'Definitely' Could Continue On, Says Fox As for 24: Legacy....

Michael Scofield may have yet another great escape in his future. But will 24: Legacys Eric Carter have to face another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? As Foxs Upfronts presentation day got underway on Monday morning, Fox Television Group CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman were asked if Prison Break might continue on [] //

Prison Break: The Desert Nearly Claims the Life of a Hero

  Good news for people who love sand! It was everywhere in this week's episode of Prison Break . The action-jammed "Phaeacia," Episode 6 of the season's nine episodes, set Michael ( Wentworth Miller ) and Lincoln ( Dominic Purcell ) loose in the desert as they escaped Yemen and looked for a way home. With ...Read More... //

'Prison Break': Rockmond Dunbar Discusses C-Note's "Heartbreaking" Choice

The actor also opens up about his sudden exit from Hulu's 'The Path'. "This isn't the right way to do business," he tells THR. ...Read More... //

Prison Break Video: Lincoln Demands Answers From His 'Dead' Brother!

This week on Foxs Prison Break, Lincoln asks his brother Michael the 10 million rial question and demands an answer! In this exclusive sneak peek from Episode 5 of the nine-part revival (airing Tuesday at 9/8c), ISIL bombs are bursting not far from where Lincoln (played by Dominic Purcell) and the Ogygia Four are [] //

'Prison Break' Creator Breaks Down Surprise Fan-Favorite Death

"I knew that at least two characters had to die this season," Paul Scheuring tells THR about the latest deadly twist. ...Read More... //

Prison Break: Who Is Poseidon?

  You know it's an exciting episode of Prison Break when there's a prison break-out and a prison break-in in the same episode, and that's exactly what happened in "Prisoner's Dilemma." With ISIL setting Yemen on fire with shells and explosions, the entire country was shaking in fear as the ISIL ...Read More... //