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Prison Break: Michael's ISIL Pal Has Got Whip 'Twisted,' Says Augustus Prew

Tonight on Prison Break (Fox, 9/8c), Whip can only share in the audiences befuddlement, having witnessed ISIL bigwig Abu Ramal emerge from solitary confinement at Ogygia to immediately embrace escape artist Michael Scofield. Or is Michael (gulp) in fact no more? Has Kaniel Outis taken over? Augustus Prew spoke with TVLine about Whips adverse reaction [] //

Prison Break Mega Buzz: Did Prison Turn Michael to the Dark Side?

  The formula for the Prison Break reboot seems pretty simple: Michael ( Wentworth Miller ) is in a prison, and Lincoln ( Dominic Purcell ) and pals have to spring him. Simple, right? Nope! In true Prison Break -style, things are going to get a lot more complicated, starting with Tuesday's episode.  ...Read More...   //

Prison Break Exclusive: Watch Lincoln Chase a Street Rat Through Yemen

  We've only seen one episode of the new Prison Break , and Lincoln Burrow's ( Dominic Purcell ) short time in Yemen has already been pretty terrible. He's been ambushed, set up to be murdered, swindled for his passport and found out that his brother doesn't even remember who he is. (Does the Yemeni  ...Read More... ...   //

Prison Break: Will Sofia Make a Return to the Series?

  The Prison Break revival currently underway at Fox brought back much of the gang from the franchise, but due to its miniseries format, wasn't able to get to everyone. One of those characters who hasn't showed up yet? Sofia ( Danay Garcia ), who began dating Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) in Season 4. Will ...Read More... //

24 Major Prison Break Characters Ranked From Worst to Best (Photos)

Not all prisoners are created equal some we like more than others.Theresbeen eight years between the end of the original Prison Break ending and the revival beginning.Its too soon to decide where the new folks from the revival rank among the original cast, so for now well settle for ranking said old folks. ...Read More... //

Prison Break': Is the Ogygia Prison in Yemen Real?

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if you haventwatched Tuesdaysepisode of Prison Break) In Tuesdayspremiere of the Prison Break revival on Fox, its revealed that Wentworth Millers Michael Scofield is being held captive in Ogygia, a Yemeni prison reserved for heavy hitters, political prisoners. So where did Ogygia get its name? Not locally, thats for sure. ...Read More... //

'Prison Break' Creator Breaks Down Premiere's Mysterious Michael Twist

"What happened to Michael in the last seven years? For me, that's a central thrust and drive of the season," Paul Scheuring tells THR. ...Read More... //

Prison Break: A Slow Premiere Doesn't Bail Out the Franchise

  Prison Break returns to Fox after almost eight years off the air, because... well, because Fox. Fox loves to revive things and work off of established properties, so a new round of Prison Break it is. This fifth season is being billed as an event series/miniseries and will run only nine episodes, so ...Read More... //

Prison Break': 9 of the Most Infamous Real-Life Escapes (Photos)

We all at one point thought Michael Scofields (Wentworth Miller) numerous ingenious jail breaks in Prison Break were too good to actually be plausible. But here are 9 convicts who found their way out of prison some were more creative than others. Ted Bundy Ted Bundy was a notorious serial killer in the 1970s who escaped from jail twice. In 1977, he was at Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen for a preliminary trial when he asked to visit the courthouse library during recess. Once there, he jumped out of a window and was on the run for a few days before being caught. ...Read More... //

How Well Do the Stars of Prison Break Remember Prison Break?

Prison Break is back! The series returns to Fox tonight for season five, or the sequel, or "The Event Series," depending on who you ask, and nearly everyone is back to break out... ...Read More... //