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'Prison Break' Creator Breaks Down Premiere's Mysterious Michael Twist

"What happened to Michael in the last seven years? For me, that's a central thrust and drive of the season," Paul Scheuring tells THR. ...Read More... //

Prison Break: A Slow Premiere Doesn't Bail Out the Franchise

  Prison Break returns to Fox after almost eight years off the air, because... well, because Fox. Fox loves to revive things and work off of established properties, so a new round of Prison Break it is. This fifth season is being billed as an event series/miniseries and will run only nine episodes, so ...Read More... //

Prison Break': 9 of the Most Infamous Real-Life Escapes (Photos)

We all at one point thought Michael Scofields (Wentworth Miller) numerous ingenious jail breaks in Prison Break were too good to actually be plausible. But here are 9 convicts who found their way out of prison some were more creative than others. Ted Bundy Ted Bundy was a notorious serial killer in the 1970s who escaped from jail twice. In 1977, he was at Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen for a preliminary trial when he asked to visit the courthouse library during recess. Once there, he jumped out of a window and was on the run for a few days before being caught. ...Read More... //

How Well Do the Stars of Prison Break Remember Prison Break?

Prison Break is back! The series returns to Fox tonight for season five, or the sequel, or "The Event Series," depending on who you ask, and nearly everyone is back to break out... ...Read More... //

'Prison Break' Interview: Wentworth Miller Says 'Michael Has Been Walking a Very Dark Road'

Sure, Michael was apparently dead, but the revival of Prison Break is going to change that. But can he be reunited with his family? And, as Wentworth Miller put it, when he does, "will he be recognizable?"    ...Read More... //

Prison Break Then & Now Catch Up With the Actors Before the Revival

  It’s been eight years since  Prison Break ’s cancellation and over a decade since its premiere, but the FOX drama is escaping from TV jail with a nine-episode fifth season — starting tonight, April 4. Better yet, most of the original cast is back: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper Rockmond Dunbar, and Paul Adelstein are all reprising their roles for the revival. ...Read More... //

Prison Break: Lincoln Discovers Where Michael Is in This Exclusive Clip

  Did you watch the first five minutes of Prison Break earlier today and now you're thirsting for more? Well look no further because we have an exclusive clip from the premiere that takes place shortly after those first minutes. Since you've already seen Lincoln ( Dominic Purcell ) and T-Bag ( Robert ...Read More...   //

[WATCH] The First Five Minutes of 'Prison Break' Revival Reveal Michael's Survival

The long wait for the much-anticipated Prison Break revival is here. The mere fact that the revival exists told us that the last time we saw Michael and Lincoln, everything was not as it seemed. Michael did not die but somehow survived his grand death scene. A sneak peek of the first five minutes on Prison Break 's Facebook page gives a hint to how the secret of Michael's survival might come out. ...Read More... //

'Prison Break' Interview: Dominic Purcell Says Lincoln 'Can't Keep out of Trouble'

Prison Break is returning to FOX, and while some things will have changed since these characters were last seen, Dominic Purcell previewed that Lincoln still "can't keep out of trouble." ...Read More... //

Prison Break: Watch the White-Knuckle First Five Minutes of the Premiere

  Fox has released the first five minutes of Prison Break 's return on Facebook, and the show is wasting no time getting to the action. The episode begins with Michael Scofield ( Wentwoth Miller ) explaining in voiceover that not all deaths are the same -- sometimes the one who died is still alive. ...Read More... //