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Private Practice “In Which We Say Goodbye” Series Finale Review

Private Practice  fans, the time has come  to bid farewell to  the series. Let’s review where we left our favorite doctors as the series came to an end . . . Addison Addison was a pretty  busy woman this week. She got married, she played matchmaker and continued in her role as the voice of the  show. After watching Addison spend time on both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice  with quite a few Mr. Wrongs, it was nice to see her and Jake get married in the finale. Charlotte, Cooper and the mini-Coops It was business as usual for the newly expanded Freedman family. Cooper struggled at home with his Mr. Mom duties, while Mason was proving to be a great big brother. I think we can be assured that with the addition of a much-needed nanny, this family will be just fine. READ MORE...

Private Practice Review: "In Which We Say Goodbye"

Seaside Wellness and St. Ambrose have closed their doors for good. Tonight’s spectacular series finale of Private Practice featured Addison finally getting her happily ever after. For the majority of us, we’ve been watching since Grey’s Anatomy . And like most of you, I’m just so glad that our girl, Addie, finally has the fairytale ending that she so rightfully deserves with Jake and Henry. It’s hard to believe that six seasons have come and gone. We’ve had an ample amount of time to prepare to say goodbye to our favorite doctors. Yet, I found myself not entirely ready to do so since last week’s strong showing of " Full Release ". Read More... //

Private Practice “Full Release” Season 6 Review

The penultimate episode of  Private Practice  finally returned to the traditional format after several weeks of character-centered episodes. The writers still managed to work in an individualized touch as viewers saw each doctor having a personal "chat" with Georgia, as she waited for her mom to give birth to her sisters. The episode picked up with Charlotte going into labor. Cooper reassured Georgia that she would not be left alone while her sisters entered the world, as her "aunts and uncles" would be around to keep her company. Coop also tried, to no avail, to get Georgia’s aunts and Uncles to cast votes on the names for the soon to be born mini-Coops. Unsurprisingly, Charlotte vetoed their opinions and declared that the only people eligible to vote, including herself, were "Mason and those who provided genetic material." That’s you, cooper. READ MORE...

Private Practice Review: Labor Day

It’s hard to believe that we are now only a week away from the last Private Practice episode ever. Although we’ve had plenty of time to prepare, it’s just now finally sinking in for me. " Full Release " reminded me just how much I am going to miss our favorite doctors. The second-to-last episode was full of drama and centered on Charlotte finally going into labor with the rest of the Cooplets. Unlike most of Private Practice Season 6 , the penultimate episode wasn’t character-centric by any means. In fact, every character’s storyline was intertwined delivering one heck of an installment. Read More... //

Private Practice Season 6 Review “Good Fries Are Hard To Come By”

. . . and the character-focused episodes of  Private Practice  continue. I haven’t been the biggest fan  of this concept, but I was happy to  two of my favorite characters  were featured back-to-back. First, Charlotte. This week, Amelia! I’ve missed Amelia a lot this season and this week’s episode shed some light on why she’s been largely out of the picture for the past few episodes. In particular, I was hoping she’d be a larger part of Sheldon’s episode. We learned at the top of the hour that Amelia had officially reached a year of sobriety. The contrast between Amelia giving her speech at her AA meeting was quite striking as it paralleled with her personal reality. As she stood before the group, self-assured and seemingly enjoying her freedom and great apartment, we learned that Amelia was feeling quite along and had yet to unpack her terrific new place. READ MORE...

Private Practice Review: Really, Really Good Fries

The winter break is over, as Private Practice prepared for its sendoff this week with a special episode focusing on Amelia. " Good Fries Are Hard to Come By " was the perfect mix of fun and spontaneity, giving us a better understanding of where Amelia’s been and where she’s going. Recently, we've seen a lack of our favorite neurosurgeon on the west coast. It was like a breath of fresh air to have her front and center on the screen again. I have sincerely missed her spunkiness. Read More... //

Private Practice Season 6 Review “Georgia On My Mind” – Down But Not Out

At last , it was time for an episode all about Charlotte in the character-centered final episodes of Private Practice . Even though I’ve grown tired of the character-focused episodes, I knew that an hour of Charlotte would at least bring a few really good laughs. Whereas Cooper’s episode featured more reality tv-like personal confessions, Charlotte’s episode was a journey inside  witty, outspoken doctor’s mind. As expected, being confined to a bed plus an onslaught of annoying visitors resulted in Charlotte’s understandably cranky disposition. If there was one consistent theme of the entire episode, it was that Charlotte might be lying down in a bed but she is certainly not out of it. The first person to learn that lesson was Cooper, who wanted to name their first triplet. Charlotte was adamant about not naming her daughter until she had an opportunity to meet her. A less than well-intentioned hospital suit also learned this lesson when suggesting that Charlotte relinquish some of her Chief of Staff  duties. Read More... //

Private Practice Review: A Lot Like Charlotte

Ah, finally! It was Charlotte’s turn this week on Private Practice to take front and center. I’ve been sitting tight and anxiously waiting for the focus to be on KaDee Strickland’s Charlotte King as we’re winding down on the final Private Practice season. The Charlotte-centric episode definitely did not disappoint. I’ve said it numerous times before, and I’m saying it once again: Shonda and company, please consider a spinoff featuring the Freedman family! Charlotte was absolutely spectacular. She was vivacious, over-the-top, and kept me laughing throughout the entire night. By the way, how amazing did she look in all of the dance sequences? I bet filming those scenes was a blast. Read More... //

Private Practice Season 6 Review “I’m Fine”

The character-centered episodes of  Private Practice  continued this week with a closer look  at Sheldon. I’ve always enjoyed Sheldon and felt that the writers under utilized the character. I was hoping that this week would finally give us more insight into the character and clue viewers in on why he’s been a bit out of the loop lately. The episode  returned to the night of Sarah’s disappearance, which coincided with a hospital visit by Sheldon’s troubled patient Nick. After Nick’s disturbing revelation about his sexual feelings for young girls, Sheldon has been understandably conflicted between helping his patient and ensuring that his patient does not harm anyone. Read More.... //

Private Practice Review: Sheldon's Story

Fans of Sheldon were in for a treat tonight as Private Practice put the psychiatrist front and center. Since the beginning of Private Practice Season Six , I've honestly wondered if there would be a Sheldon-centric episode. I've always liked the friendly and helpful doctor; however, it’s just that we know so little about him. Blame it on the writing, but the problem was never that Sheldon wasn’t likeable. It was simply that that we never had the opportunity to really get to know Sheldon. I was afraid that he wasn’t a strong enough character and wouldn’t be able to carry the entire show. Read More... //