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Preview Season 2 Episode 20 ''Do the Right Thing''

Cooper struggles with a patient's mother, who is allowing her 12-year-old daughter to be sexually active. Meanwhile Pete begins dating his patient's fun and outgoing mom, causing a bit of jealousy in Violet; Sam has to take the stand during a malpractice trial for a colleague, and Addison continues to fight her feelings for a very persistent Noah, on Private Practice , THURSDAY, MARCH 26 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

Preview of Second 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Private Practice' Crossover

Another dip into the crossover event between " Grey's Anatomy " and its spin-off " Private Practice " has been given. Things got complicated not only in the medical cases but also the relationship among Derek, Meredith and Addison. The two-hours event will be kicked off with a "Grey's" episode called "Before and After". Addison, Naomi and Sam rush the ailing Archer to Seattle Grace and reunite with old friends Derek and Mark to help save his life. Meanwhile, Izzie employs her fellow doctors in a medical game designed to help teach the interns, and Owen runs into a significant someone from his past. Moving on to the second hour, "Private" will air "Ex-Life". As Archer recoups from surgery, Derek has Addison work with his pregnant neuro patient. After Sam suffers a sudden asthma attack, Bailey and Naomi work together to find the root cause of Sam's sudden attack, and at Oceanside Wellness, Cooper, Violet and Pete work together to treat a mother suffering from postpartum depression. The second crossover event this season will air Thursday, February 12 at 9/8c. For Preview Click Here . Source here

Multi-Episode Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover Is in the Works

Talk about a delicate operation. Sources tell TvGuide exclusively that ABC powerhouse Grey's Anatomy and its spin-off, Private Practice , will be embarking on a multi-episode crossover story come February sweeps. Though at this very early stage the number of episodes and the sum total of actors involved has yet to be nailed down, it can at least be confirmed that Kate Walsh's Dr. Addison Montgomery will again be walking the halls of Seattle Grace, as she did for one episode last spring (several months after Private Practice made its debut). read more from: TvGuide