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Private Practice: The Real Story Behind the Heartbreaking Death

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's Season 3 finale of Private Practice, including which series regular died.] How do you make the cast of Private Practice cry? Write them a scene in which they learn that their longtime friend and co-worker has died. Kate Walsh needed a moment between takes to wipe her eyes after Addison and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) were tasked with delivering the bad news: Dell (Chris Lowell), Oceanside Wellness Center's midwife, had succumbed to his injuries sustained in a car accident while rushing Naomi's pregnant daughter, Maya (Geffri Maya Hightower), to the hospital. Dell's death was heroic, as he refused treatment while helping to save Maya himself. To Read More Click Here .

Taye Diggs Dishes on Private Practice Season Finale

A major character is going to die on tonight's third season finale of Private Private. It had better not be Taye Diggs. The charismatic actor, after all, has spent all year wooing old friend and fellow surgeon Addison (Kate Walsh), and pregnant 15-year-old daughter Maya is fighting for her life. He's also handsome, right ladies? Taye recently spoke to Us about tonight's big episode. Here's the Q&A with him ... To Read More Click Here .

Private Practice Season Finale Clips: "The End of a Beautiful Friendship"

Below are seven sneak previews from tonight's Season Three finale of Private Practice, airing in just a few hours on ABC. See if you can guess who survives tonight ... and who doesn't. As you can see, it's all hands on deck after Maya and Dell's accident, but there's much more to "The End of a Beautiful Friendship" than just that story line. It looks extremely intense. Without further ado, let's get to it. Take a look and comment below ... Source & Preview

Private Practice Cast Dishes on Tragic Season Finale

Grab a few boxes of tissues, a pint of ice cream or a bottle of wine, because - according to KaDee Strickland - these are things you'll need while watching the season finale of Private Practice . "It's very Godfather-y," adds Paul Adelstein. "Everything gets wrapped up. Today we settle all family business." So what business needs to be settled? Get the scoop on the devastating season finale - which includes at least one death - straight from the cast below: Game on: "There's a battle between Sheldon [Brian Benben] and Cooper for Charlotte's affections," says Adelstein who plays Cooper. "Amidst all of this craziness, Cooper sees Sheldon closing in and also feels scared in the face of what's happening to Maya [Geffri Maya Hightower], so he goes for it." Who wins? "There's every reason to believe these two can make it," says Strickland on Charlotte and Cooper. "In real life, it's the strangest pairings that work out best." To Read More Click Here .

Private Practice Spoilers: The Death is Not ...

The Private Practice season finale is tomorrow night (see promo and photos) and speculation is running rampant as to which character meets his or her maker. One thing we know? It's not Maya. At least she's not the big death that's been teased. It's going to take the entire Oceanside team to treat Maya and her baby after that terrifying car crash, E! Online reports, and while both are considered chopping-block material, neither is the major death that's been teased. That also happens this week, though. Here's what Amy Brenneman said to say about it to TV Guide: "Naomi will irrationally feel that she had a hand in it. There's going to be a hole in everyone's hearts after this." Source Here

'Private Practice' Season 3 Finale: Unexpected Death

The season finale of "Private Practice" will be filled with a dangerous situation, a proposal and a punch in the face. The medical series is winding down in the episode called "The End of a Beautiful Friendship" where Addison, Amelia and Five try everything humanly possible to save Maya and her unborn baby on the operating table. Meanwhile, Sam operates on an incoming crash victim and later makes a grim discovery. Cooper makes an ill-timed but valiant effort with Charlotte, and the staff's world gets rocked by an unexpected death. The finale airs May 13. Sharing a scoop about the finale, Amy Brenneman aka Violet said, "Almost everybody gets hooked up, but not necessarily with who you think they might get hooked up to. It kind of reminds me of a Shakespeare play because most everybody is holding somebody's hand by the end." The fourth season is already in order but Chris Lowell aka Dell will not be returning. This leads to speculation that the unexpected death would be Dell's, as one source put it, a "favorite character will die in the season finale." Source Here

Private Practice: Are Addison and Sam Meant to Be?

Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh) has had quite the revolving door of men on Private Practice, though executive producer Shonda Rhimes says it's all for good purpose: "We're bringing her on a journey to get a chance to have a happy ending." So, is the happy ending with Pete (Tim Daly), with whom Addison has been playing house this season, or Sam (Taye Diggs), whose pining has sent him into an angry tailspin? Although Addison has been in a relationship with Pete for the better part of Season 3, "it's really about the baby," Walsh tells TVGuide.com. "The baby is like the little carrot that's being dangled in front of Addison. She's super torn, but her affection is really about that baby." Her affection also springs from her need to avoid being with Sam, says Walsh. "That tension with Sam is still there and lingering. It's always there, like avoiding the forbidden fruit." "There will always be that kind of tension between these two characters just because of their history," adds Diggs, noting that he's been having fun playing the awkward moments with Walsh. "If you're in love with someone and see they're with someone else and playing family, it can get to you. Even though Sam has his own family, he feels like he's on the outside." And Sam certainly has been on the outside this season, with Pete playing "a really good boyfriend to Addison," says Daly, adding she still has strong feelings for Sam "and it's a big mess." Addison's love life may be complicated now, but Rhimes insists that she has a shot at obtaining happiness in the near future. "I would love to see her in a healthy relationship," she says. "She might put one foot down on the road to happiness," adds Walsh. "Like she dips her toes in the happiness pool, so hopefully in the fall she'll be full-on swimming in happiness." Who should be Addison's swimming partner next season: Pete or Sam? Source Here

Sneak Peek - Private Practice 3.22 "In the Name of Love"

NAOMI BRINGS BACK A FRAIL WILLIAM AND IS DESPERATE FOR FIFE'S HELP, ON ABC'S "PRIVATE PRACTICE" Guest Starring Caterina Scorsone ("1-800-Missing") as Amelia Shepherd "In the Name of Love" Naomi puts Fife in a conflicted position when she begs him to help William's advanced ALS with his still experimental treatment. Meanwhile Violet and Amelia treat a woman with a brain tumor who has to choose between life or quality of life, and Sheldon decides to officially throw his hat into the ring for Charlotte's affections, on "Private Practice," THURSDAY, MAY 6 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. To Read More Click Here .

Photos - Private Practice 3.22 "In the Name of Love"

A new episode of Private Practice will be airing this week on May 6 and we have promo photos and a synopsis for you below from ABC. NAOMI BRINGS BACK A FRAIL WILLIAM AND IS DESPERATE FOR FIFE'S HELP, ON ABC'S "PRIVATE PRACTICE". To Read More Click Here .

Private Practice's Custody Hearing Will Tear the Practice Apart

. After an entire season of Violet (Amy Brenneman) being away from her child, a vicious court battle in Thursday's episode of Private Practice will determine where baby Lucas ends up - with faithful father Pete (Tim Daly) or back in the arms of his healing mother. "It's the process and conversation that we've been waiting for for a year," Brenneman tells TVGuide.com, explaining that Violet never left her child for selfish reasons. "Violet separated herself from her baby because she was afraid she'd do something neglectful or abusive." After last season's finale, where Violet was sliced and diced by an unstable patient who proceeded to steal her baby, Violet has come to terms with her stress, says Brenneman. "It's really satisfying to come around and have her finally say her piece." However, the court case is not just about Violet and Pete. "It involves everybody because everybody takes the stand and has to be brutally honest," says Brenneman. "Violet gets support in surprising places and non-support in surprising places, and through it all, everybody gets beaten up." To Read More Click Here .