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PRIVATE PRACTICE “Who We Are / The Breaking Point” Season 5 Episode 8 & 9

PRIVATE PRACTICE  "Who We Are/The Breaking  Point" Season 5 Episode 8 & 9 airs Thursday November 17 at 10pm on ABC. Episode Synopsis:  In the first hour or a special two-hour edition of ABC’s "Private Practice,"THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) — entitled "Who We Are" — the Seaside Wellness group stages an intervention for a defensive and volatile Amelia, who has resurfaced after disappearing on a 12-day drug binge with her boyfriend, Ryan. During the intervention, Amelia mercilessly attacks her friends one-by-one, and Addison, in particular, has trouble seeing her sister-in-law in her present condition. In the second hour, entitled "The Breaking Point," Amelia makes the hard decision to enter a rehab facility, and finds strength in an 18 year-old girl, as they both go through the painful detox process. Meanwhile, Cooper’s strengthening bond with his son is tested by his allegiance to a patient in need, Pete and Violet’s marriage  reaches a tipping point, and Addison collapses from her rigorous fertility  treatments . Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/11/17/private-practice-who-we-are-the-breaking-point-season-5-episode-8-9/

VIDEO: Private Practice's Caterina Scorsone Talks About Amelia's Explosive Intervention

Private Practice 's Amelia Shepherd has hit rock bottom and she's about to be hit with a rude awakening when her colleagues confront her with an intervention. "She does not respond well to that," Caterina Scorsone tells TVGuide.com. "She's very defensive and belligerent, and as each one of them confronts her she confronts them right back." //www.tvguide.com/News/Private-Practice-Caterina-Scorsone-1039802.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Private Practice Sneak Peek: An Intervention?!?

Can we talk to you for a minute? Who's we? Private Practice airs a special two-hour episode tonight, one that does not include any patients... unless you count Amelia. This character's addiction will be front and center on an installment star Caterina Scorsone says will be emotionally draining. Bring your tissues, viewers. In the following sneak peek, we watch as Addison confronts her co-worker and exactly what everyone has planned finally dawns on Amelia. How does she react? Not well. See for yourself: //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/11/private-practice-sneak-peek-an-intervention/

Watch: Sneak Peek of Private Practice Season 5, Episodes 8 and 9: Two-Hour Special

Promo for tonight's two-hour special episode of Private Practice.  //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/u_aL3Rgitp8/watch-sneak-peek-of-private-practice-season-5-episodes-8-and-9-twohour-special

Private Practice: Caterina Scorsone on Tears, Exhaustion to Come

In a word: tears . That's what Caterina Scorsone says Private Practice fans can expect from this Thursday's two-hour episode , which will be based around an intervention for her troubled character of Amelia. "A lot of tears," the actress told me today when asked to preview the installment. "And a lot of discomfort. The whole topic of an intervention is uncomfortable for everyone involved." Scorsone adds that Amelia won't exactly be receptive to her friends when first approached about her addiction. "She's not at a place where she's loving herself," Scorsone explains. "She's defensive to the point of being terrified because she's using the drugs to survive. In her mind, they're trying to take her tool for survival away, so she lashes out." And not just in an emotional manner. Scorsone laughed and said this was the most "athletic episode" she's ever filmed. Things will definitely get physical. She also hopes Amelia's struggles will be educational to the audience, as addiction is a problem that "hits home for so many people," she said. "Not just the addicts, but their loved ones as well. Everyone is affected." The actress knows a bit from experience. Her father runs a homeless shelter in Toronto that specifically reaches out to those who suffer from addiction and mental health issues. She spoke to him at length prior to this season and has also consulted with recovery counselors. Scorsone said she's poured over every script carefully with the writers to ensure they treat such an important topic with respect. There have been lighter moments to portraying such a dark character, though. Scorsone said the entire cast was on set to shoot this week's special episode, a rare occurrence that led to the group oscillating back and forth between joy when off camera to serious emotion when the red light switched on. "They laid out the groundwork at the end of last season [for Amelia's addiction]," Scorsone. "But I didn't know how deep they were gonna go with it. Turns out, they've gone pretty much all the way and I couldn't be more excited about it all." //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/11/private-practice-exclusive-caterina-scorsone-on-tears-exhaustion/