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The CW Turns 10: Life Unexpected, Containment, The L.A. Complex and 7 More Underrated Gems Remembered

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'Red Band Society' Stages 'Privileged' Reunion (Exclusive)

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How I Met Your Mother: JoAnna Garcia to Guest Star - Featured

JoAnna Garcia has landed a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother as yet another potential conquest of Ted's. The Privileged alum will play Ted's college buddy, Maggie, in an upcoming episode called "The Window." She's described as the perfect girl next door who every guy wants to marry as soon as he meets her. So sought-after is Maggie that she's always in a relationship, leaving Ted waiting and waiting for his shot at her. When he hears that she's finally single, he rushes to her door in hopes that his "window of opportunity" has not elapsed. Garcia, who has also appeared on Gossip Girl this season, joins Rachel Bilson, Tim Gunn, Chris Elliott and Kenny Rogers as Mother guest stars this season. Garcia is only signed on for one episode. "The Window" airs Dec. 7 at 8/7c on CBS. Source Here

First Look of JoAnna Garcia on Gossip Girl - Featured

Check out out the first pictures of JoAnna Garcia on the season 3 of GOSSIP GIRL which airs Monday, September 14 at 9pm on The CW . This Gossip Girl episode is titled "Reversals of Fortune". Two months ago , we previously reported JoAnna Garcia's casting on Gossip Girl. According to Michael Ausiello, Garcia will play Bree Buckley, an irreverent, slightly evil Miss America-type who hails from a conservative Southern family. Based on these pictures, it also appears that Garcia's character will be a love interest for Chace Crawford. Source Here

Joanna Garcia Talks About Her 'Gossip Girl' Character

It's no secret that Privileged star Joanna Garcia has booked a multiple-episode arc on Gossip Girl a love interest for Chace Crawford's Nate Archibald but her story line is being kept under wraps. Still, that hasn't stopped curious fans from wondering what's in store for her character Bree Buckley, who is being described by various websites as a cheeky politically progressive, "slightly evil Miss America-type who hails from a conservative Southern family." In an interview with, Garcia clarifies something about her Gossip Girl character and dishes on what's it like to kiss one of the show's hunks. Warning: This article may contain spoilers!!! While the Privileged star has proven that she can stir trouble and captivate viewers as a blonde, Garcia insists that Bree isn't a bad girl. "That's kind of a big myth! She certainly is not a bad girl at all! She comes from a different world--from a rival Texas elite family that has a lot of beef with the Archibalds. So there's a lot of tension that comes from that, and there are some interesting stories that are a little dramatic. But there's a great deal of getting along between Nate and Bree," Garcia told Garcia also notes that her Gossip Girl role is nothing like a Carrie Prejean clone. "No. I don't know where that leaked into the press," she said. "She certainly isn't a debutant or a beauty queen or anything like that. She's very grounded, very sweet, and very smart. And she certainly isn't blonde!" Since Garcia has been cast to play Nate's love interest, the two have more scenes and, understandably, spend more time together. "Chase and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time together, and he welcomed me with open arms," Garcia said, adding that kissing Crawford is "everything you would imagine him to be, and more!" At present, Garcia is only in for four episodes on Gossip Girl but the actress is open to the possibility of returning for more. "For now it's four, but there's always the possibility of more. I would love to do more, simply because I love the people. I wish I could claim full responsibility for every decision made in my career. I have a team of people that have very brilliant opinions. The good thing is that the people on my team are in the Gossip Girl family, so hopefully I can talk them into letting me come and play," she said. Source Here

'Gossip Girl' scoop: Joanna Garcia is Nate's new GF!

And you thought Nate Archibald was privileged before. Sources confirm that Joanna Garcia, star of The CW's axed-too-soon Privileged, has booked a four-episode arc on Gossip Girl as a love interest for Chace Crawford's affluent alter ego. Garcia will play Bree Buckley, an irreverent, slightly evil Miss America-type who hails from a conservative Southern family. She'll first appear in the Sept. 14 season premiere. Props to The CW for knowing a good Source

TV Graveyard: The CW - Featured

Privileged - It's really a shame that this charming dramedy did not survive past its first season. I personally thought it was a better show than 90210 ; it just received none of the buzz (though in reality the ratings weren't all that much worse; if you didn't know...every show on The CW gets terrible ratings!). A change in pace from most of the other CW fare, this show was more family-oriented (though still explored issues relevant to young people, from sibling rivalry to sex) and in my opinion, was really something special. All of the last-minute chatter that it might return midseason only made its ultimate cancellation sting more. 18 episodes (1 season) aired. Reaper - Another CW fan favorite, Reaper already avoided the cancellation axe once after it was nearly canceled following the conclusion of its first season. However, it was rescued and brought back as a midseason replacement this Spring, though frankly, the network never put all that much effort into promoting it. Sadly, the series could not escape fate a second time. If it's any consolation, Tyler Labine will be back on TV next season in FOX's Sons of Tucson . 2 seasons aired. Everybody Hates Chris and The Game - The CW had announced earlier this year that they were getting out of the comedy business entirely, so it isn't a surprise then that these 2 shows will not be returning in the Fall. Yet 2 more examples of decent shows that the network never really gave their full due. Neither were show on my regular viewing schedule; did they end satisfactorily? 4 seasons and 3 seasons aired, respectively. Which CW cancellation angers you the most?

The CW Is No Longer Feeling Privileged

Privileged won't return for a second season, series creator Rina Mimoun tells via email, adding only, "It's so sad" and a little frowny-face emoticon. A charming dramedy fronted by the luminous JoAnna Garcia,Privileged struggled in the ratings, but delivered many young women viewers - The CW 's sweet spot. Further bolstering the show's recent comeback buzz was the underperformance of the Gossip Girl spin-off pilot (now considered to be out of contention), the widely rumored cancellation of Reaper, and network execs' warm reception of Mimoun's Season 2 plan. Instead, sources say the CW will plug add to its lineup with Vampire Diaries (starring Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley as blood-sucking brothers), the Melrose Place reboot (with Ashley Simpson-Wentz) and Beautiful Life (about young, fab models living together). Source Here

'Without a Trace,' 'Privileged,' canceled, 'Gossip' spin-off DOA

Several major upfront-week developments to report: * CBS has canceled Without A Trace and renewed Numb3rs . I'm told Eye execs had one slot left, and they went with Numb3rs because it's less expensive to produce. CBS has also dropped Eleventh Hour and renewed How I Met Your Mother , Gary Unmarried , Rules of Engagement , and Old Christine. * The CW will not be renewing Privileged for a second season. There was talk of a possible midseason berth for the much-loved dramedy, but, ultimately, the show was a casualty of the network's strong development. "It's truly heartbreaking," series creator Rina Mimoun said via e-mail. "I'm so grateful to everyone out there who supported our little show and fell in love with Megan Smith. She was the most delightful character I've ever had the pleasure to write and watching JoAnna Garcia bring her to life every day was a gift I will never forget. I'm incredibly proud of the work we did and forever indebted to all the fans, critics and to Warner Bros. for being so wonderful and supportive. I will miss this more than you know." Class act, that one. *Among new shows, The CW has picked up Melrose Place 2.0, Beautiful Life, and Vampire Diaries. Oh, and the Gossip Girl spin-off is officially dead. Exclusive TV News and Scoop | Ausiello Files | (20 May 2009)