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Cancellation Buzz: Earl, Unit, Without a Trace, Privileged Dead; Medium on the Move - Featured

More fate on bubble shows have been announced this morning. EW's Michael Ausiello has confirmed that CBS's procedurals The Unit and Without a Trace are dead (though Cold Case and Numb3rs have survived), as is 4-season NBC comedy My Name Is Earl and CW dramedy Privileged . NBC also passed on Medium for next season, but the show is CBS-owned and may be picked up by that network. Which of these cancellations do you find most upsetting? I am bummed about all of the false hope recently given regarding Privileged. Sources: EW and EW 2

Cancellation Buzz: New Hope For Privileged? - Featured

Here's a piece of good news regarding the future of low-rated, yet charming CW series, Privileged : The network is going to air reruns of the show on Fridays at 8PM throughout the summer. "It's definitely a positive sign", says an insider, because networks don't tend to waste schedule space showing reruns of canceled series. The Hollywood Reporter also noted last week that there's renewed hope for the show, particularly as a potential midseason replacement. Is this just wishful thinking? We shall see... Source: EW

Cancellation Buzz: USA Today Names 21 'On the Bubble' Shows - Featured

Similar to our own Cancellation Buzz section, USA Today has assembled a chart chronicling shows for next season that are either "On the Bubble", "Renewed (or Almost)" or "Gone or Nearly Dead". Check it out here: The early line on fall: What's in, out and undecided Not too many surprises, though it's interesting that the yet-to-premiere Sit Down, Shut Up (Sunday at 8:30PM on FOX), is already considered on the bubble. I was actually thrilled to see Privileged listed as a bubble show and not nearly dead, as I really would like to see that show get a second season. It also stung a little to see Dollhouse listed as "Nearly Dead" as opposed to "On the Bubble". Besides the obvious that we already know are canceled, they are considering Worst Week , Eleventh Hour , Life , Kings and Reaper as "Nearly Dead". Still on the bubble are many new Spring series, including Castle , The Unusuals , Southland , Parks & Recreation , Better Off Ted , In the Motherhood , Cupid and Surviving Suburbia . Also remaining on the bubble include current series Chuck , My Name Is Earl , Medium , Samantha Who? , Cold Case , Without a Trace , Gary Unmarried and more. So...which bubble shows do you most want to survive?

Ratings for Idol, Lost and Other Wednesday Shows

Sorry, folks - no quippy headline today ("Bad Locke for Lost"?). Just the numbers: * 8 pm/ET American Idol averaged 24.25 million total viewers over its two-hour run, dipping just three percent from last week's Tuesday sing-off. A special outing for The Biggest Loser placed second with 8.73 mil. A repeat of the Privileged finale, I must point out to Dawn Ostroff, tacked on another thousand viewers. (Hey, every bit counts!) * 9 pm Placing second behind Idol, Criminal Minds delivered 14 million viewers, down a mil week-to-week. Lost (9.82 mil) dropped 13 percent, matching its previous "Idol-ized" outing. NBC's Life slipped 300K, to 4.87 mil. * 10 pm CSI: NY won the hour with 12.7 million viewers, up 350K. Trailing a Law & Order repeat (and hampered by its lessened lead-in), ABC's Life on Mars fell 250K to 5.55 mil. Source here

Robert Buckley: 'Privileged' Gets a New Hunk

Robert Buckley, who has had back-to-back roles on NBC's " Lipstick Jungle ," opposite Kim Raver, and on Lifetime TV's "Flirting with 40" TV movie, as Heather Locklear's younger boyfriend, is joining the cast of The CW 's " Privileged ." Robert will play David, the new magazine editor at Will's (Brian Hallisay) dad's new start-up magazine -- and there's a very good chance he could cause some romantic trouble for Megan (JoAnna Garcia) and Will. To Read The Interview Click Here .

Joanna Garcia: Privileged Finale Serves Up Love, Alcohol and a One-Night Stand

This Tuesday at 9 pm/ET, The CW 's Privileged wraps up what one can only hope is but the first of several seasons. But what's the reality? Will the charming series get a Season 2 pick-up? And if so, what's on tap for the super-cute and ultra-quippy Megan? JoAnna Garcia shared with us a sneak peek at what's to come. Plus: Is talk of an on-set romance true? For The Full Interview Click Here .

Preview Episode 18: All About A Brand New You - Season Finale

As Marco (Allan Louis) and Keith (guest star David Monohan) prepare for their wedding with the help of wedding planner Olivia (guest star Griffin), Megan (JoAnna Garcia) discovers that her father Arthur (guest star John Allen Nelson) is drinking again. Megan and Lily (Kristina Apgar) lovingly tell their father how worried they are; unaware that he has received a letter from their mother asking him let her explain in person why she left. Sage (Ashley Newbrough) is upset when Rose (Lucy Kate Hale) reveals she plans to go on a wilderness trip over Spring Break, rather than going with Sage on their annual spa vacation. Zach (guest star David Franco) worries that Rose is changing and won't be interested in him much longer. Sage is shocked when Luis (guest star Ignacio Serricchio) tells her he doesn't believe in gay marriage and refuses to attend Marco's wedding. Megan gives Laurel (Anne Archer) the first draft of Laurel's biography and is relieved when Laurel loves it. Megan and Will (Brian Hallisay) have a fight where all of their pent up issues come out, and they decide to break up. Attending the wedding alone, Megan meets Simon (guest star Julian Morris, ER , a college friend of Keith's, and is unsure what to do when Will calls her the next morning to apologize. David Paymer directed the episode written by Rina Mimoun. For The Preview Click Here . Source here

Cancellation Buzz: Five Reasons to Save Privileged - Featured

With teen hits like Gossip Girl , One Tree Hill , and 90210 , you'd think Privileged would make for a hit as well, but sadly the fate of this newbie is not looking so hot, especially now that The CW has given it an earlier finale than originally planned (now Feb 24th). I admit I am among the guilty who didn't keep up with Privileged despite really enjoying the premiere, but my fellow SideReel TV junkie, RachelL , swears by its adorableness and quality, and so does EW , so check out EW's top 5 reasons Privileged should be saved and comment with your reasons as well! 1. Joanna Garcia As tutor-to-the-rich Megan Smith (pictured, left), Garcia plays cynical and sunny, pretty and goofy, dark and funny. Think Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in one, with a little Veronica Mars on top. 2. The Gilmore vibe Nothing can replace the Girls, but Privileged comes close, with heartfelt family stories, endearing side characters (Allan Louis' chef Marco -- pictured, right -- has his own series' worth of drama!), and sparkling banter. 3. The Twins Megan's wealthy charges, Rose (Lucy Kate Hale) and Sage (Ashley Newbrough), struggle with Paris Hilton urges, date dorks and the help, and might even want to be a little smart. 4. Its Dark Side Megan's mom, who ditched her when she was a kid, suddenly reappeared. She then stole $25,000 from Megan's boyfriend. Who was planning to use it as bail money for Megan's sister. Who was accused of running drugs. 5. Underrated Actors Anne Archer as matriarch Laurel, Sharon Lawrence as Megan's mom, and cougar bait Robert Buckley ( Lipstick Jungle ) as her editor...they've earned their job security! Source: 'Privileged': Five reasons to save the show Check out more cancellation danger alerts: SideReel's Cancellation Buzz

TV Tonight (2/17) - What's On? What's Off? - Featured

Tonight might be a good night to catch up on some reruns off of your DVR (or SideReel), as some of our favorite shows are not airing new episodes tonight. This includes: Scrubs , 90210 , Privileged and Fringe . However, there is also still a wealth of new options, including 2 hours of American Idol on Fox, CBS's full crime lineup ( The Mentalist , NCIS , Without a Trace ), The Biggest Loser and SVU on NBC and Homeland Security USA on ABC. You may or may not know, but today was the original official DTV switch date (read more here ). It turns out that the official date has been delayed until June, though some local affiliates have still gone through with the switch today. Needless to say, with all of the confusion, this is part of the reason why you are witnessing more reruns in the month of February than you have been accustomed to in prior years (last night there was also no new The Big Bang Theory , How I Met Your Mother , or other CBS shows nor new episodes of CW shows).

Lipstick Jungle Hunk Feels Privileged to Keep His Shirt On

This week on the penultimate Season 1 episode of The CW 's Privileged (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET), Robert Buckley - who has been wowing the womenfolk as Lipstick Jungle 's "eight-packed" Kirby - arrives in the recurring role of David, the boss of the start-up magazine for which both Megan and Will work. Does this editor have the "write stuff" to derail Megan's romance with Will? Buckley shared a sneak peek. Plus: Where do things stand with Lipstick? For Full Interview Click Here .