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Is Priviliged really able to compete with 90210 and Gossip girl?

Priviliged has been up for a while and now its time to see if the show is really going anywhere. How long can a show like priviliged last? when the show is really only about a tutor taking care about rich kids. The show itself is funny to watch and has a good storyline but can it really compete with the other shows? Reasons The show could work? - Priviliged has rich kids that are spoilt and have a glamorous life. - (similar to gossip girl) Reasons it might not work? - Can the conflict between a tutor and rich kids really go on longer than 1 season? - What happens when the Kids get into Duke will they still have a tutor. - Megan is too inoscent and could have a greater sence of humour.

PRIVILEGED Episode 13 "All About What Lies Beneath"

Watch a preview and sneak peek from PRIVILEGED Season 1 Episode 13, "All About What Lies Beneath" airing this Tuesday, January 6, at 9pm on The CW.

Year in Review: 10 Best Newcomers, Part 2

90210 - Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Duncan Whenever Shenae Grimes squints her little eyes or opens her mouth on 90210 , I kind of want to tear my eyes out. Luckily, there's also characters on the show like Adrianna, as played by Jessica Lowndes. The Canadian actress has recently been upgraded to a regular, and it's easy to see why. Her drug-addicted wannabe-actress poor-little-(not?)-rich girl routine is actually believable; Lowndes has quickly turned Adrianna from one of the show's villains into a compelling and likable character. The actress previously appeared briefly on Greek and in the film The Haunting of Molly Hartley, but I can already tell that 90210 will be her big break. Privileged - Lucy Kate Hale as Rose Baker I commented how much I enjoyed Hale's performance when Privileged premiered, and my feelings have remained the same. Her performance as the more vulnerable of the Baker sisters is definitely one of the stronger ones on the show. Hale seems to have the "little sister" role down, as she previously appeared as Lena's little sister in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, as well as Jaime Sommers' little sister in the defunct Bionic Woman . Chuck - Ryan McPartlin as Captain Awesome Granted, Chuck premiered in 2007, but in 2008's Season 2, Ryan McPartlin's role as Captain Awesome has been gradually expanding, and I couldn't be happier about it! In the small scenes that McPartlin has, he demonstrates a charming screen presence (and not just because of his big smile and pretty abs) and skillful comedic timing. He's a great addition to Chuck's supporting cast and a talented actor in general, so I am glad he is receiving bigger roles these days than his previous credit of "Gentleman" on an episode of Mad Men . The Secret Life of The American Teenager - Shailene Woodley and India Eisley as Amy and Ashley Juergens I have many issues with The Secret Life of The American Teenager , including some of its wooden dialogue and implausible teenage interactions. However, one thing I will admit is that both lead Shailene Woodley and India Eisley as her sister Ashley have done a great job with the material that they have been given. Both have proven themselves as talented actresses. Amy's tearful confessionals could drive me to laughter if they were being delivered by someone less talented, but Woodley makes a pregnant, confused band geek as believable as that character could be. I also love the spunk that Eisley adds to the show as Amy's surprisingly insightful kid sister. The Big Bang Theory - Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar as Wolowitz and Koothrappali TBBT is also a show that technically premiered in 2007, but this season supporting characters Wolowitz and Koothrappali have really evolved into "part of the gang". Much like Ryan McPartlin on Chuck , I think that both Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have superb comedic timing. They have done a lot with small supporting roles and its a great contribution to the show. Nayyar really shined in the episode where he got drunk, lost his inhibitions and invited Penny to his awards ceremony and I love any scene where Helberg yells at his unseen mother. Have more awesome newcomers to discuss? Share in comments! 2008: Year in Review

Privileged Scoop: Ciao, Charlie

For you lone 5 (myself included) Privileged fans out there, here's some scoop for you: Creator Rina Mimoun has revealed that Michael Cassidy's Charlie will be making his last appearance (this season, at least, though this season very may well be the show's only one) in Episode 15. The most recent episode to air was the season's 12th. The departure is due to both creative and budgetary reasons. However, if the show survives, Mimoun said she's certainly open to a Charlie return (the character will be leaving to finish college). So...sad to see Charlie go? Frankly, I understand the creative reasons, as the Megan-pining can only go on for so long without seeming a little pathetic. However, Cassidy seems like a nice enough guy (both on the show and in reality), so I am sorry to see him out of a job. Source: EW

Sneak Peek to 'Privileged' Episode 1.13

The CW's teen series 'Privileged', will return with a new time slot on January 6 and a funny twist in Megan's love story. Read more.

PRIVILEGED Season 1 Episode 12, "All About the Ripple Effect" airing this Monday, December 8

Watch a promo from PRIVILEGED Season 1 Episode 12, "All About the Ripple Effect" airing this Monday, December 8, at 9pm on The CW.

Reaper Gets a Return Date

Reaper fans, I have the news that you have been awaiting! The CW has finally set an official return date for the series - March 17th. The show will air in this Tuesday timeslot at 9PM, following 90210 . ( Privileged fans, that show will finish its 18-episode run at this time) Source: THR

PRIVILEGED Season 1 Episode 11, "All About Love, Actually"

Watch a sneak peek from PRIVILEGED Season 1 Episode 11, "All About Love, Actually" airing this Monday, December 1, at 9pm on The CW.

Interview: JoAnna Garcia & Brian Hallisay from PRIVILEGED

Check out how they got their roles on Privileged and what we can expect from the show

CW Orders More Privileged, Take 2

First, The CW ordered a few more Privileged scripts about 3 weeks ago and now they've gone and ordered 3 more. This isn't a full season pick-up (seems that they like to do things piecemeal), but it's pretty close - the total number of episodes ordered now stands at 18. Furthermore, the network is going to give the show two Monday night trials on December 1st and 8th, airing after Gossip Girl ( One Tree Hill will already be in repeats). The show will also air in its normal Tuesday slot on these nights. Are you watching this show yet? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised... Source: TV Guide