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Rundown: Episode 18, "All About a Brand New You"

It wasn't among The CW 's early renewals yesterday, but creator Rina Mimoun is presenting the season two storyline to CW execs this week. So, bottom line: Cross your fingers. This finale - which even ended with the hopeful words "to be continued" doesn't leave me with the kind of cliffhanger that I desperately need to have resolved, but it does set up lots of great material for a second season, if not beyond. I really hope this show gets picked up for another season! Did you catch the finale? To chat about it, read more. * This episode turned on the waterworks for me - I couldn't help it! It's so sweet when Sage and Marco have their heart-to-heart about Luis, ending with Marco telling Sage, "I love you, too." And then there's the actual wedding itself which, come on, it's a wedding! Even Sage cried! And finally, when Sage calls Rose "Rosie" at the end and tells her how brave it is to do her big wilderness trip - tear! * Speaking of which: Rose's decision to grow up and become independent clearly wasn't all talk and no action, to the point that she gets a big box with a knife delivered to her (you can ship that?) for her upcoming Outward Bound survival trip. Not only is she skipping out on Spring Break with Sage in Aspen for it, but she's also alienating her friends with her questionable outdoorsy fashion choices and bug spray scent. * I'm glad we got to see at least a little tutoring in this episode, because it definitely hasn't been the focus for a while. Megan is sweet with Sage, suggesting that maybe she actually try hard on something rather than just squeaking by with minimal effort. Also love this exchange: Megan: "I'm surprised at how quickly you came to that conclusion." Sage: "I'm a big fan of Blink." * For that matter, this episode is one of the quippiest we've had in a while. Sage's "I don't need bullet points to get people to agree with me; I have a black AmEx card for that," "I think it might be too moist for love," and "Fleece, Rose? Seriously? Why not get a perm and call it a day?" are a few of my favorites. * Kathy Griffin as the guys' wedding planner - what did you think? I think she was perfectly cast, though at the same time I'm glad she didn't have any more lines than she did. * With all the growing Rose is doing, it's nice to see some from Sage as well. Dumping Luis must be hard - it's her first real breakup - but she wants someone who's open to new ideas, and Luis's opposition to Marco and Keith's wedding means he's not that guy for her. * All this "personal growth stuff," as Rose puts it, is actually really inspiring! I now have an urge to go on a big outdoor adventure ... or something else spontaneous and challenging. * The dancing scene at the wedding is adorable! I want to believe they just basically turned on some good music, told the cast to dance, and let the cameras roll. * I liked that the episode seems like a very final finale - wrapping up some storylines, including having Laurel love the book Megan's writing about her - but with a fun twist at the end. As Megan talks to Will on the phone and invites him over to talk I was so relieved that she didn't go out with that new guy ... except she did! Having him sit up in her bed and grin, followed by her cute little "Holy crap!"? Super awesome ending. Source here

Rundown: "All About Betrayal"

Wow, this week's Privileged has a lot of fallout from last week's big confessions. We finally learn Sage's big secret, and Rose starts to realize that all her life people have kept secrets from her in an effort to protect her. She no longer wants to be protected, though, and it's interesting how much more grown-up Rose seems by the end of this episode. Meanwhile, Megan and Will are fighting about career issues and Marco longs to get back together with Keith. * So Sage's big confession is out, and no, it doesn't turn out that she somehow murdered her parents or anything like that. But she does believe she caused their deaths by whining and crying so much (about not being able to go to a birthday party with a petting zoo!) that they missed their plane, instead boarding the one that crashed and killed them. Obviously, a lot of other people had a hand in that accident, but I can understand why Sage feels responsible. * Rose's reaction to the confession's super-interesting to me: She's mad, but she's not mad about what Sage did when they were 6 years old. Instead, she's mad that Sage protected her from that and who knows what else? over the years. It's a little sad to see her packing up her suitcase at the end of the episode, but she's not going far, just down the hall. There are lots of reasons why I want this show to get a second season, but one is definitely that I want to see how Rose acts when she's less under Sage's wing. * Robert Buckley is hot, but as the magazine editor, he's also kind of a jerk. He gives Megan a hard time with all of her pitches while making Will photo editor (at his dad's request), then tells Megan he can't deal with having a conflict of interest down the line with his employees dating. * I find it a little disorienting to see Megan so flustered by David. Not that she should be sassy with him, but it's startling to see someone (other than Laurel) shoot her down and talk down to her - and to watch her just take it. I like it more when Megan's all bubbly and overtalk-y. The addition of David is throwing me for a loop. * But the part that got a real reaction from me in this episode was Will's behavior! My gosh, he's so unfair to Megan, jumping down her throat when she says she doesn't want his dad to get her a job. Projection much, Will? Sheesh. * Is this curtains for Will and Megan? I can't remember the last episode that went by without them fighting, and the magazine issue pokes at one of their central conflicts: Megan wants to earn everything, and Will's more or less OK with using his wealth and contacts to his advantage. Not to be a Negative Nancy or anything, but I kind of hope they do break up - or at least take a little breather. * In other love story news: Marco proposes! "Platinum doesn't lie"! * Overall, I'm glad that they're using Marco more and more - and not just for a punny quip here and there. His storyline is actually moving forward and I like it. * Since Keith turned Marco down the first time, does that mean Megan got to eat the turtles? Source here

Rundown: Episode 16, "All About Confessions"

This week's episode of Privileged really is all about confessions! Big reveal-y ones, too, from Charlie to Megan, from Rose to Zach (and Zach to Rose!), from a strange blond woman to Rose, and from Sage to a Catholic priest. Lots going on this week in lush Palm Beach - and none of it has to do with Megan's family. Are you glad to get a reprieve from her family drama? Or did they just replace one kind of drama with another? If you want to talk about this week's episode (spoilers ahead!), read more. * Last things first: Just as actress Ashley Newbrough promised, Sage reveals a big secret at the end of the episode - that she feels like she caused her parents' deaths. Yikes! I'm anxious to find out what she means by this. * One of my favorite lines of the episode also comes from Sage as she nervously walks to church with Luis: "It's been a long time since God's seen me. I mean, should I change my outfit?" * Rose's storyline went from sweetly adorable to mega-drama right quick. I love that Zach is touched by Rose stalking his ex-girlfriend (who, to Rose, seems "really lovely"), and that Rose then wants to hurry home so she can watch Battlestar Galactica while talking to him on the phone. But then that blond lady approaches Rose and reveals that Miles is her grandfather. The big drama seems like it's coming next week: Rose getting on a plane, all serious-like, with Sage pleading with her not to leave "like this." * But before the drama kicks in, how cute is it that Zach met his ex at space camp? I also loved Rose saying that she expected her sexual experience would "bend the whole gender-power dynamic" and then confessing that Megan had made her read Backlash. * I couldn't be more grateful for the lack of Lily problems in this episode. I just have such a hard time with that character sometimes. But this week she was practically likable. And I got a kick out of Charlie's line: "So I meant to ask you: How was jail?" * Could've used a lot more Marco, though the image of him wearing um, just a bow, and singing "Would You Light My Candle?" from Rent definitely cracked me up. A dash of Marco in the episode is always better than no Marco at all. * It felt to me like the Charlie-Megan kiss was way rushed, but I guess it was going to have to happen sometime, and it's still up in the air whether or not Privileged will get a second season so might as well speed up the action. I guess? * Will's behavior in this episode infuriated me. What did you make of all of that? The macho posturing that both men exhibit at the bar is just ridiculous. I get that Will feels like he plays second fiddle to Charlie, but the whole beer pong thing is so unnecessary. Then again, I can't believe I'm making an impassioned point about beer pong. * Also, where do you fall on Mandy's statement about Megan? "You play all sweet and adorable, but the truth is, you're completely selfish." I'm generally inclined to take Megan's side over Mandy's, and I don't think Megan intentionally caused anyone harm, but I do think she can be naive. * It's refreshing - though bittersweet - to see Megan and Charlie finally have a frank discussion about their feelings and the nature of their friendship. It seems so real and honest when Megan tells Charlie that he's the most important person in her life because that really has always seemed to be the case. She's not just saying it to make him feel better. * Man, I'm going to miss Charlie. Source here

Rundown: Episode 15, "All About the Big Picture"

Soooo much family drama in this week's episode of Privileged . Too much family drama? Hmm. There is also some fun Marco stuff (having to do with his dream to open up his own place!) and the twins grapple with the old conundrum: Fame or boys? * There's a lot of interesting stuff in this episode, like Will and Megan fighting over Will's role in the whole Lily/mom debacle and Lily and Megan's minor reconciliation. But I'm not watching the show to find out whether Megan's dad starts drinking again. Is that bad to say? * "You're a billionaire! Isn't there a special hotline for you guys?" Also love Megan's response to Will's cheesy crack about what said hotline would be ("1-800-IM-RICH?"): "That's not enough numbers!" * Rose's relationship with Zach is still adorable, even if it's baffling her friends. "You're dating a mathlete! And you won't even make fun of him!" * Sage's continued giddiness over her new relationship with Luis is also pretty cute. And for some cheesy reason, I find it endearing that the young chef falls in love with a girl named Sage because, you know, Quiche Sage actually makes sense no matter how you mean it. * Marco's stress-organizing post-breakup. Megan wants him to channel his energy into other things, like changing his hair. His response: "I'm not 16, or a girl, or white." * Will's mom cooks? * I love that Pete Wentz shows up and then gets totally overshadowed by gross Max. Max first acts all squicky and intimate with Rose, then Sage tells him that Hugh Hefner wants his nasty plaid jacket back. * Ack, Lily is just nothing but trouble. She raises hell over not knowing her mom was in town, then about her mom skipping town, and then she has to go and kiss Will! I have such a hard time sympathizing with her. At all. Read more here

Privileged Rundown: Episode 14, "All About Tough Love"

Holy drama, Privileged fans! Last week's episode was all synchronized swimmers and sex in hospital supply rooms. Now in this episode we've got jail visits and arguments about posting bail and agonizing thoughts on what sisterhood truly means - and that surprising and totally sad ending! Well, we also got some shirtless Will and snarky Marco, so it's not all high drama. There's also the Luis-Sage romance that continues to be adorably entertaining. * I love jaded Marco in this episode, always supplying the droll comedic relief. "Young love," he scoffs at Luis and Sage. "Makes me sick." Later he sums up why their young romance won't last: "One of them will choose MySpace, the other one will choose Facebook and they'll never speak again." * So, Lily's in jail for drug possession, though she says she "didn't do it." Will offers to pay the $25,000 bail but Megan tells him not to, and Megan's dad decides that nobody should post Lily's bail. This is a tough one for Megan who's having trouble just leaving her sister in jail. I could see their dad's point about Lily needing to hit rock bottom, but it did seem a little harsh to leave her there. What do you think about this storyline? * Sage and Rose's classmate says that Sage is dating "a domestic!" Wow. My favorite part of the school scenes, however, is the dig they get in at the CW's new 90210 when Sage says the rich/poor love story is so lame "they did it on the first 90210." * Oh, gratuitously shirtless Will? Why, thank you. Don't mind if I do. * I love dorky little Zach (with a "chah," not a "kah")! When he delivers a poem to Rose (because, as he overheard Rose saying, "it's a nice way to show someone you care about them"), she thinks he wrote it and he doesn't correct her. Problem is, Rose can't understand the poem! I love that she goes to "" to look up the words she doesn't know so she can figure out "Zach's crazy hard poem about our sublimary love!" * Charlie's super down on the whole Luis-Sage thing, thinking that it will lead to Luis getting fired. But Luis says you "always gotta follow your heart." Read more here

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Episode 12, "All About the Ripple Effect"

On this week's Privileged , Megan's family situation gets a little more complicated when her mom swings into town for the first time in, oh, 17 years. That dredges up a whole host of other issues, including some conflict between Will and Charlie. Meanwhile, the twins are cute and flirty and provide some levity in an otherwise pretty heavy episode. To see some of my thoughts and add your own, just read more.

Episode 11, "All About Love, Actually"

Well, the title doesn't lie: This episode of Privileged is indeed all about love (actually) - and specifically, the trials and tribulations of dating long-distance. Laurel goes off to meet Miles, Megan and Will talk about the whole Brazil issue, and Charlie and Mandy have to decide whether they're really going to live together. But that's not all - there's a little something-something between Sage and Marco's new kitchen helper, Luis, too. There's really no limit to what a good cassoulet can do. If you missed this episode, it repeats tonight at its regular time, but if you're ready to talk about it now, read more.

PRIVILEGED "All About Love, Actually" Episode 11

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Episode 10, "All About Overcompensating"

So, on this week's show, things are heating up between Megan and Will, but the two of them don't seem to have an easy path ahead. Also, there's a scheming, bad-girl Baker twin in the house, and for once, it's not Sage. To chat about this episode, [// just read more.]]