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Project Runway Reunion Recap: Claire Backpedals on Her Cheating Scandal

Thursdays Project Runway reunion offered the perfect opportunity for Claire Buitendorp she of the tape measure cheating scandal to admit her wrongdoings and redeem herself in the eyes of her fellow designers. Instead, the disgraced twin decided to pull a Donald Trump. Despite previouslyadmittingto having a tape at home and using it to []

Project Runway Finale Recap: Did the Right Designer Win Season 16?

The time has come, Project Runway fans. Every challenge, every sacrifice, every impromptu funeral for a dead cat found on the street has led to this, the Season 16 finale. With the sting of Kenyas elimination still thick in the air, the remaining four designers Ayana, Brandon, Kentaro and Margarita presented their final []

Project Runway Recap: The Final Cut Plus, Who Was Inspired by a Dead Cat?

Thursdays Project Runway, the last episode before next weeks Season 16 finale, presented the remaining designers with one final twist. But first, we need to talk about Kentaro. More specifically, we need to rehash Tim Gunns trip to Los Angeles, during which Kentaro revealed theb-a-n-a-n-a-s inspiration behind the song he composed for his runway show []

Project Runway Recap: Which Designers Are Headed to Fashion Week?

Following her near elimination last week, Margarita was determined to rebound on Thursdays Project Runway only to immediately find herself back in the danger zone. The contestants final challenge, which would determine the designers showing at New York Fashion Week, was to create a high-fashion look for a woman braving the cold.And unlike Brandon, []

Project Runway Recap: Which of the Final Five Came Ready to Fight?

The workroom became a war zone on Thursdays Project Runway, as the five remaining contestants were tasked with designing high-fashion editorial looks inspired by warrior women. Some of the designers, like Kentaro, took a more literal approach (warrior woman = samurai!), while others, like Margarita, went with a more high-concept design only for the final []

Project Runway Recap: Whose 'Tacky, Hooker-ish' Look Got Them the Boot?

Heres some advice for your next challenge, Heidi Klum told the remaining six designers atop Thursdays Project Runway. Proceed with caution. Heeding the hosts cryptic prophecy, the designers met Tim Gunn by the water, where he revealed this weeks challenge: We want you to think outside of your safety zone and deliver looks that do []

Project Runway Recap: Which Designers Shopped 'Til They Dropped?

If you thought Project Runway would become less dramatic once those cheating allegations were cleared up, you were absolutely right. Since the twins left, this is like a whole new place to work in, Margarita said on Thursday. This is exactly how it should be all the time. And its a good thing the designers []

Project Runway Recap: 'There's No Fairness in This Game'

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but on Project Runway, its also the biggest source of drama. Following Shawns controversial forfeit on Thursdays episode, thenine remaining designers were tasked with creating patterns to use in ensembles for the friends and family members of the shows crew. In addition to banking $25,000, the winner []

Project Runway Recap: Double Jeopardy

ThursdaysProject Runwayended with a twist ofsib-lical proportions. Yeah, I know sib-lical isnt a real word, but nothing currently existing in the English language can properly convey how excited I am for next weeks Claire/Shawn showdown. But before I gettoo ahead of myself This weeks challenge was to design looks inspired by menswear. More specifically, pairs [] //

Project Runway Recap: Which Designer Shot Her Selfie in the Foot?

You know, Im starting to smell something, Detective Zac Posen declared during Thursdays Project Runway critiques. I dont like whats going on. He arrived at this conclusion (of sorts) after Tim Gunn told the judges that the reason Claires look appeared unfinished complete with a pair of way-too-short shorts that Heidi Klum did not [] //