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Project Runway Latest Episode: Season 6, Episode 5 - 'Fashion Headliners'

An unconventional-materials contest tasks the designers to create clothes from newspapers. Actress Eva Longoria Parker and fashion luminary Tommy Hilfiger are the guest judges. Watch & Discuss: Watch Project Runway Season 6, Episode 5 - Fashion Headliners'

Project Runway Season 6, Episode 5: "Fashion Headliners" - Sneak Peek

The title of the episode should already give you a heads-up on what to expect for tonight's new Project Runway installment. Yep, heads-up for headliners. The remaining designers will have to use rather unconventional materials for their work tonight. Any guesses? For "Fashion Headliners," the contestants won't need a trip to their friendly neighborhood fabric store because they'll be working with newspapers. I'd like to see them try to get those through a sewing machine. Anyway, they've also got to impress the guest judges - actress Eva Longoria Parker and fashion luminary Tommy Hilfiger. The stress is going to build up if they won't make these headlines meet the deadlines. Still, working with newspapers for clothes doesn't sound so bad. I've actually done that in high-school - use those materials to make a dress. I didn't wear that, of course. It was just some messed-up contest that the administration thought of. But unlike Project Runway, we only had a few minutes to put the whole thing together. Since I don't have any experience in the fashion industry, the dress I worked on looked painfully horrid. We stuck pins and stapled our way through, basically trying to use the least amount of scotch tape. But apparently our design was okay compared to the others, so we actually won. We trashed the project soon after, which is no surprise. Anyway, moving on to more relevant topics. The Project Runway designers would surely do better than I did. They've already proven how well they can handle making party dresses under pressure, on the previous episode titled "What a Woman Wants." With the clients being their models, the designers had to come up with an outfit that would please them and the fashion gurus. Some of them did pretty well, while some just couldn't get along with their picky clients. In the end, it was Althea Harper who bagged the win. Meanwhile, the outspoken Qristyl Frazier was Auf'd. Don't miss the new episode of Project Runway - "Fashion Headliners" - tonight at 10pm on Lifetime Television . Source here