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'Project Runway' Eva Longoria, Tommy Hilfiger read all about it

I have been waiting for when this season would present the designers with a challenge to create a look out of a non-traditional material. So why did ' Project Runway ' disappoint me? Part of it might be that this season seems to have more grating over confidence than any other I can remember. Usually there's one standout and maybe a runner up that moves into the EGO spot. This year, there seems to be a collection of snotty upstarts with the idea that everyone else is beneath them. And they all seem delusional, frankly. Starting with Irina, who believes that Althea didn't deserve to win because she did. Then there is Nicolas, who doesn't think Irina or Johnny even deserve to be on the show. But the only thing I know Irina for is her poor attitude, and Nicolas only stands out because his hair always looks greasy. Anyway, to get to the challenge, the designers had to create a dress using noting but paper from the LA Times. And dye, markets, brushes and muslin if they needed a foundation for their garment. As they all get to work, Irina makes constant noise - mostly the nonsensical chatter you get from any pre-teen girl. It's annoying enough when they do it. Someone from someone well past that stage of development, it's downright antagonistic. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now