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'Project Runway' Designers Say the Darndest Things

The Season Eight premiere of Project Runway was an hour and half long, which meant that the designers had an extra thirty minutes in which to say something ridiculous. Move over Art Linkletter, it's not always the kids who say the darndest things. "I know this sounds totally vain, but I think Project Runway is the Ivy Show." Really Ivy? Confidence is a good thing, except when you think it means you're indestructible. Considering you landed on the elimination ledge, you should have taken a tip from A.J.. He knows better than to brag the first day out. To Read More Click Here .

'Project Runway' returns tonight: It's Nina vs. Snooki!

Good afternoon dee-zeye-nehs! While fans of those crazy, tanorexic kids from Jersey are GTLing in anticipation of another big premiere tonight, I’m sure we can rustle up a modicum of (infinitely more chic) excitement for the return of Project Runway. Yep, the eighth season kicks off tonight on Lifetime at 9 p.m. in its new, 90-minute form. What will those extra 30 minutes mean? More time to assess the garments as they float down the runway? Sorta, but you won’t notice a drastic change in that regard. Mostly, the extra 30 translates into even more opportunity to pimp out Brother, Hewlett-Packard, L’Oréal, and Piperlime, which takes over from Bluefly.com as the accessories wall to be dealt with thoughtfully. Which of the two reality-show premieres are you most excited about? Are both programmed on your DVRs? I’ve never seen a single episode of Jersey Shore - even though EW continues to write my paychecks - and I don’t plan on starting, so there’s no question about which one will be providing the entertainment in my living room tonight. Besides, Snooki is no match for Nina Garcia. Uh-uh. Source Here