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Jason Crafts Another 'Unfinished Mess' on 'Project Runway' (VIDEO)

Running out of time on yet another task meant curtains for arrogant competitor Jason Troisi on this week's 'Project Runway' (Thu., 9PM on LIFETIME). During this week's Marie Claire challenge, the hat-wearing reprobate employed "user-friendly" safety pins instead of buckles on his spacey silver "infinity" dress and left gaping holes both in his outfit and in the audience's confidence in his sense of fashion and good taste. "It's not working," said Marie Claire editor in chief Joanna Coles during the photo shoot. "It looks like a mistake, or a hole in the dress." Still, the designer from Greenwich, CT, insisted that these place-holding pins merely allowed the dress to be styled in many different ways, and fiddled with the negative fabric space while his model appeared to be wishing herself into oblivion. Despite these setbacks, his self-assuredness remained high: "The judges have to look past these little closures because I'm not prototype Jack," Jason maintained. "I can't pop things out." Nevertheless, Jason landed in a poorly-constructed heap down at the bottom two, and ultimately was swept out of the competition. "We were hoping to see more from you -- something more impressive," tsked Heidi. "But again, we got an unfinished mess." Source & Video

'Project Runway' Gets Personal

Now that Project Runway has been supersized, does it seem like they're spending more time with the personal stuff? We got to see more designers eating, dragging on their clothes in the morning and sobbing. Yeah, there was a lot of sobbing. For Crying Out Loud When Nicholas was eliminated, he couldn't contain his tears and that's understandable but what's up with Mondo? His voiceovers made it sound like he preferred to be by himself but then he curled up in the fetal position and sobbed when he wasn't included in after dinner drinks. I'd get it if he was Jason, but Mondo seems like a nice guy and considering this is the fashion business, he can hardly be called weird. Besides, the other guys didn't bar him from the kitchen, he simply chose to wallow instead of make friends. Mondo fears that he's only loved for his talent which is both a blessing and a curse. Hey, it's better than never being loved at all (Jason), right? To Read More Click Here .