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'Project Runway' Recap: You Can Totally Wear That Again - Starpulse

Time for another episode of "Project Runway," or as it's now being called, "Everybody Hates Michael C." Seriously, everyone is still bitching about him? When Wheatgrass (which I'm realizing isn't nearly the derogatory nickname that Gretchen deserves) isn't busy hating on Michael, she's nursing her festering "open wound' left behind by Tim Gunn's well-deserved verbal smack-down last week. Awww, poor Wheatgrass. She may need to go sit cross-legged in the corner and inhale some lavender essence to get over this depression. Damn, this season's pack of designers certainly has its share of whiny, self-important crybabies, doesn't it? Maybe Santino Rice can take a break from road tripping with Austin Scarlett to waltz through the workroom singing, "Lighten up it's just faaaashion." Oh, which reminds me...this show is about fashion! Almost forgot. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Project Runway' Season 8, Episode 6 Recap

Without the hindrance of 'Models of the Runway' we can have a challenge on 'Project Runway' that has nothing to do with the models. This week Heidi announced that the contestants would have to transform a bridesmaid's dress into something fashionable and hip, but not anything wedding related. Everyone was still reeling from the drama of last week, with Michael C. still wiping the truck tire marks off his face. Since the contestants had to use most of the bridesmaid's dress in their new dress, they were given only $50 and a maximum of two yards of fabric. Obviously, the loophole was that they could grab as much trim, feathers, buttons and zippers that they needed. Interestingly, most of the contestants picked the two yards of fabric. Christopher got tossed a wrench almost immediately when his client was changed; ironically, we don't hear much from him the rest of the episode To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Project Runway' recap: The Ivy Tower of Babble Season 8, Episode 6

After last week’s juicy blowout, during which Gretchen committed unintentional hari kari in front of the judges and saw her ego get chopped into tattered little swatches by Tim Gunn, we were all waiting with bated breath to see how the aftermath would play out. Would the designers realize they’d been mere pawns in Gretchen’s scheme to rule the world with an iron seam ripper? Would Ivy stop playing flying monkey to Gretchen’s Wicked Witch of the West? Would Michael C. finally rid himself of the flashing neon PARIAH sign hanging on his forehead? In a word, no. Little seems to have changed since Tim Gunn’s Takedown that Heard Round the World. At the top of the hour, we watched April, Peach, Ivy and Valerie sing the same “Michael C. can’t sew” tune, while Gretchen sputtered about in her fog of denial: “I’m not a manipulative person. It really hurt my feelings to have Tim say that to me. It kind of clouds my vision a little bit.” Clouds her vision of what, exactly? Her opinion of Tim Gunn? (Blasphemy!) I do not know. But I do suspect there’s something else impairing her vision: the bucket load of makeup she once again troweled on her face like cake frosting. Why does she do this on runway day? Why? Does she not realize we all know what she looks like without the Halloween mask? It reminds me of high school when classmates would slather on gobs of makeup for prom, then revert to their normal, 17-year-old selves on Monday morning. Puzzling. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Project Runway' Plays Button, Button Season 8, Episode 6

It was button, button, who's got the button, on this week's episode of Project Runway. Not only did people toss buttons into a fish bowl in order to vote for their favorite, there was also a lot of button-pushing going on between the designers. But this isn't a personality contest, is it? It's about design and it used to be about the ability to sew, but it's looking like that's not a requirement this year. Let's take a look at what went down the runway. NEITHER HERE NOR THERE April, Andy, Ivy, Gretchen and Casanova were all sent through without comments and I'm surprised at that. Once again, I thought Andy did an amazing job of putting together a trendy, original look. He took a bridesmaid gown and turned it into a bustier and short set. April turned out a matching silhouette, a black, form-fitting dress with a very interesting neckline. They both dyed their fabrics but apparently that's not worth anything to the judges, either. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Project Runway' Recap: Always a Bridesmaid

The only thing nastier than a hot pink, polyester bridesmaid gown is this season of Project Runway. Never before have we seen so many glaring eyes, heard so many put downs and now it seems to have spread throughout the whole cast! As if it wasn't hard enough making a wearable garment out of an old bridesmaid gown, now they have to do it with knives in their backs? Et tu, Project Runway! Et tu! Look up the word "awkward" in the dictionary and you'll find a description of this week's episode. It began with the aftermath of Tim's uncharacteristic slam after last week's elimination. He called Gretchen a manipulative bully and she said he hurt her feelings. I believe that, because even the meanest person doesn't like to be called out on their behavior, but several of the designers join the pity party, saying she's just a little controlling and doesn't mean to be mean. And Cruella De Ville loves puppies. The really odd thing is how nearly everyone suddenly has it in for Michael C, whom I find funny and charming. It's not like he won last week. That was Casanova. He was in the bottom and he took hits from every one of his teammates, so if anyone had a reason to whine, it was him. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Project Runway Season 8 Episode 6 "You Can Totally Wear That Again" Preview

This season of Project Runway has certainly flown by. And we are already into the sixth episode of this unbelievable eighth season of the show. And tonight the designers are going to have quite the challenge ahead of them. You can check out the sneak peek clip for tonight's episode "You Can Totally Wear That Again" at the following link: . The designers are going to have to bring out their creativity as they are asked to redesign bridesmaids dresses. Should be highly entertaining to see what they come up with.