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'Project Runway': Tim Gunn weighs in on Gretchen-gate

It’s been four days since the apocalypse. Four days since Nina Garcia and Michael Kors’ nonsensical whims du jour hijacked Project Runway and stuck us with the lousiest winner in the show’s history. I’ve calmed down considerably since writing my post-show recap — I no longer feel the need to type in all caps — but I’m still driving myself crazy trying to make sense of what happened. So many questions! How did Gretchen go from eliciting Nina’s death stare with her "crunchy granola" Birkenstock ensembles in the semi-final to having her "finger on the pulse of fashion" in a matter of days? Because she put her models in some high heels? Put some gel in their hair? Isn’t the point of the show to anoint the most fashion-forward designer, not the one who’s responding to current trends? Did Nina and MK want to punish Mondo for not heeding their advice about the so-called "circus-y" motifs? Did the show’s producers insist on a female winner to appease the Lifetime audience? Or is it more sinister yet: They wanted to create a controversy to keep us talking about the show. If the latter, then, congratulations. Really. Stellar job. To Read More Click Here.

'Project Runway' Winner Gretchen Jones Talks About Being the Season's 'Antagonist'

Before the finale and right up until that heated judges debate during the finale, most viewers assumed that Denver designer Mondo Guerra would emerge as 'Project Runway's' season 8 winner, and the shock of Portland designer Gretchen Jones, the season's "bad guy," winning, left a lot of fans of the show unhappy, to say the least. Check back Monday for our chat with runner-up Guerra, and read on for our post-finale conversation with Jones, who designed her winning collection after returning home to Portland and learning that her boyfriend had moved out of their shared home and that she wasn't going to have a place to live much longer. She tells AOL TV that her personal life has calmed down a bit, that she was confident about the competition all along and that, yes, she's well aware of how she was perceived on the show ... and she's OK with it. To Read More Click Here.

'Project Runway' winner talks surprising victory

If you haven’t seen last night’s Project Runway finale, do not click the jump! Alright, PopWatch spoilerphobes, Now that you have been sufficiently warned, click on to see our chat with the surprising victor. Image Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionNobody was expecting the season-long villain Gretchen Jones to walk away with the coveted first-place spot on Project Runway, but thanks to some heavy duty endorsing by Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, the Oregonian who, er, spoke her mind all season long, did just that.  After a night of celebrating with friends, she called EW to talk about why she should have won, her next move, and how Tim Gunn’s apology to her never aired. To Read More Click Here.

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 10/28

Whether you're in the mood to watch some baseball, get in the Halloween holiday mood, or stick to what you know with some regular programming, this Thursday night is ready to deliver! Check out the family classic It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Scared Shrekless, but don't forget to tune into the hair-raising drama that's bound to ensue on tonight's Jersey Shore reunion and the 2-hour finale of Project Runway! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown  on ABC The Big Bang Theory on CBS Vampire Diaries on FOX Scared Shrekless on NBC 8:30/7:30c $#*! My Dad Says on CBS Community  on NBC 9/8c Grey's Anatomy on ABC CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS Nikita  on The CW The Office on NBC Project Runway on Lifetime Television -- 2-hour finale! 9:30/8:30c Outsourced on NBC 10/9c Private Practice on ABC The Mentalist on CBS The Apprentice on NBC The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia on FX Jersey Shore on MTV -- reunion special! What will you be watching?

'Project Runway': A Sneak Peek at the Final Collections

Since the beginning, Project Runway has always sent the final three to compete with a complete collection at Fashion Week. But in the last few seasons, they've allowed four designers to create a collection, only to eliminate one of them right before the big show. Personally, I think this is horribly cruel. It's one thing to be eliminated after a weekly challenge but to pour your life into a collection, six weeks of work and all that stress for nothing? I think that's why Michael C was so devastated when he was sent home last night. It truly is the worst elimination spot on the series.  To Read More  Click Here.

Project Runway: Who'll Make the Cut?

After eight seasons, Project Runway's Nina Garcia says judging the upcoming finale (part one airing tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime) was her most difficult by far. "I voted to have two winners," she confides. Among the final four designers is edgy Hawaii native Andy South — "an excellent contender," Garcia says. "Great with texture, great with innovation. His aesthetic is very modern. Andy's biggest problem is time management." Confidence is no problem for eco-friendly Gretchen Jones. "She thinks she knows it all," Garcia chuckles. "She's great at making cool, relatable pieces, but I don't think she's used to hearing criticism." To Read More Click Here.

Project Runway - Viva Mondo Guerra!

The Lifetime hit started out with entertaining yet predictable catfights, as the designers ganged up on the less-trained Michael Costello. Yet as the season has progressed, a genuine affection has developed among all the remaining contenders, even the arrogant Gretchen. The warmth peaked with this week's challenge, in which the designers created prints based on personal experiences, and the lovably kooky Mondo Guerra chose plus signs as part of his pattern to symbolize his previously unrevealed HIV-positive status. There wasn't a dry eye on the runway when Mondo told the story he's kept secret - even from his family - for 10 years. His third victory in a row was well-deserved, but as he put it, the real win was the freedom he felt from going public, and how much his bravery can help others. The tears kept on flowing when eliminated contestant Valerie took the time to say something truly sweet to each of her competitors before her exit. This season's award-worthy Runway is proving reality shows don't need to be nasty to be great TV. What do you think of Mondo - and this season's Runway? Source Here

VIDEO: 'Project Runway' Gets Personal

The newest clip from this week's Project Runway sheds a little more light on the crying and the secrets that have been hinted at in earlier clips. We already knew that the designers would be creating their own fabric this week, but the twist is that they must act as their own muse. Tim says the inspiration must be a moment in time that was profound, important and inspiring. Then there's a montage of clips of the designers as kids and I can see where this is going. Watch the clip, then we'll talk. To Read More Click Here .

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 9/30

Tonight, make sure to tune into Project Runway to see the latest designer to be auf ed from the Fashion Week runway running (and a possible cheating scandal!), but don't forget all-new episodes of CBS comedies Big Bang Theory and $#*! My Dad Says! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c My Generation on ABC The Big Bang Theory on CBS Vampire Diaries on The CW Bones on FOX Community on NBC 8:30/7:30c $#*! My Dad Says on CBS 30 Rock on NBC 9/8c Grey's Anatomy on ABC CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS Nikita on The CW Fringe on FOX The Office on NBC The Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo Project Runway on Lifetime 9:30/8:30c Outsourced on NBC 10/9c Private Practice on ABC The Mentalist on CBS The Apprentice on NBC It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX Jersey Shore on MTV What will you be watching?

VIDEO: Cheating, Scandal and Confessions in 'Project Runway' Preview

Have you seen the 30-second preview for the Thursday, Sept. 30 episode of Project Runway? If not, I say, prepare yourself. There's a scream! An "Oh my god!" Sirens! (Sirens?) A scary closeup of pins falling very, very slowly! Mondo crying! Andy crying! Scandal! Cheating! Intrigue! Why is Mondo crying? What was it that was so hard for him to keep a secret? That he cheated? That he knew who the cheater was? That there was no cheater and Project Runway's producers made him pretend like there was a cheater? And why is this season's the most controversial finale EVER? Does someone die? Source & Video